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  1. kaj41354

    New to the AP Forms

    Welcome to the forum Sean. Nice looking Mini
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    Welcome Kevin! Nice rides
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    New Member who sent all his money to Adams

    Welcome Josh! Nice looking ride
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    Welcome Scooter
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    Welcome Brenden
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    Welcome Ruben. You will find a lot of great advice here to go along with the products!
  8. kaj41354

    Door Jambs

    I should have probably also stated it depends on the material ....I have a spray bottle of Diluted (32:1) APC that I use on all the jambs...and then if it is just light dust it gets WW, DS or RW for the metal also VRT on any rubber inserts. I treat painted metal outside and inside the same as well as trim made from plastic or rubber
  9. kaj41354

    Door Jambs

    Depends on current condition. I have used diluted APC, WW, DS, or RW (diluted) depending on the amount of dirt.
  10. Welcome to the forum Eric
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    NC New Guy

    Welcome Tony, with a black vehicle you will really enjoy the shine
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