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  1. Welcome Nate - Nice Truck
  2. Welcome Chris! Sounds like you are on the right track
  3. kaj41354


    Welcome Back Kyle
  4. Welcome Juan, nice looking cars
  5. Thanks everyone for your comments. It is a labor of love.
  6. +1 on what Jake said. Only thing I would add is that you watch the videos. Start with least aggressive polish first and some things depend on car and paint. Im speaking from a Classic/Antique Car side. You always have to err on the safe side
  7. kaj41354


    Welcome Trevor! only 3 orders in the first month? You must have amazing self-control!
  8. Bought this car a couple months ago and finally have had some nice warm weather where I could tackle the first detail on it. I was told that the paint may have been original but it was definitely at least 42 years old. The car had swirls everywhere and showed some oxidation. Taking the recommendations of some of the more experience detailers here on this forum, after washing and claying this beautiful beast, I tackled it with Revive. after several cleanings of my 2 applicators and making my hands and coveralls the same color as the car, the car looked pretty good. I think that previous owners must have only washed and waxed without any time of detailing. I then hit it with Paint sealant and at that point was a little disappointed. It was starting to get dark and my 65 y.o. arms were sore so, I waited til the next morning to complete the job. My disappointment turned to joy after using Brilliant Glaze and Americana. This is my first time using Revive and despite what I have read, at least 80% of the Swirl marks are gone and the oxidation appears to be either gone or at least not visible. Spent at least 9 hours total but I have to say, it was worth it!!! Thank you Adam's for another great product and to those forum member who gave me the advice
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