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  1. mexiking2365

    100k Detail Spray Value

    RETAIL OR BUST ... was my motto when i was a sneaker head. am practicing that same motto with adams products (DS).i dont knock people who pay extra i just couldnt do it. happy hunting boys.
  2. mexiking2365

    What Did You Wash, Shine, and or Polish Today

    used 3 oz of ULTRA FOAM CS with about 2/3 warm water in a pf22 mtm foam cannon.it foamed better than i expected but the foam didnt cling as long as i hoped for.still would recommend though IMG_5614.mov
  3. geeezzzz travis thats dope... this makes me want to fly out to HQ from dc
  4. mexiking2365

    Hello from Frederick Maryland!

    whats up charles, adam car shampoo is awesome and smells amazing. i mostly use it in my bucket(i shoot CG Honey dew out of my foam cannon as that suds like crazy) just south of you here in pg county.good to see fellow marylanders on here.
  5. mexiking2365

    'Noobie' from Upstate NY.

    welcome to the addiction gary
  6. mexiking2365

    Hey from VA

    welcome to the addiction dustin.... where in va if you dont mind me asking?
  7. mexiking2365

    20% off Select Items

    yup.. thats pretty much how i can place multiple orders in a month is if her car gets 1st crack at what ever i buy 😂😂😂
  8. mexiking2365

    Food Thread

    lawd jesus that looks AMAZING ... whats the stuff in the front center ??? rice?
  9. mexiking2365

    Hi from North Jersey

    Nice ride man.... welcome
  10. mexiking2365

    New from Indiana

    Welcome to the forum...
  11. all depends on god knows what... but the cinco de mayo DS was super limited. it release friday noon and by 9pm that same day it was sold out.
  12. mexiking2365

    Adam's 4th of July Sale Starts Now!

    that 10" wash pad was just gliding back and forth when used with the car shampoo.made it easy to wash. i was washing a 2 week old new car but if you stay on top of your wash regiment i dont see how a wash pad could introduce swirls. both great products.
  13. mexiking2365

    Why Do I Even Bother!

    you must live in the northeast cause thats what our crappy weather has been like here in DC....going on 2 months now
  14. mexiking2365

    Hello from Northern Maryland

    thats an amazing machine...👌🏼 am 5 mins away from dc. good to see fellow marylanders on here
  15. mexiking2365

    Multi Foam Cleaner is Amazing

    niceee... i just received mines today. did you just clean it with a cloth or a mechanized tool?