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    Love detailing more now that I have Adam's Polishes
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    Built Gaming Computers, Online Gaming Servers
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  1. wildcatz80


  2. wildcatz80

    Adam's HQ Sticker Wall!

    Thank You 😍. You made my day just to know that I'm on that wall. I appreciated so much for what you are doing for us.
  3. wildcatz80

    Shaving Cream Foam

    I had the same issue when I got my foam cannon. It wasn't like what it looked in adamspolishes video. I order this ordered 1.1mm orifice. Made a huge difference I have a electric pressurewasher. https://www.mtmhydroparts.com/collections/pressure-washing/products/copy-of-replacement-orifice-foam-cannon-nozzle
  4. wildcatz80

    Gift cards

    My wife bought me 4 $50 gift cards. They all came with a single plus towel and a small DS.
  5. wildcatz80

    Gift cards

    That was only for Father's day special.
  6. wildcatz80

    Old CG user converted!

    Welcome Bob! Nice looking rides..
  7. wildcatz80

    New From ND

    Welcome Susan, Here you will find Good people with lots of knowledge helping you out with any questions you may have. When you have time you can show us them rides.
  8. wildcatz80

    Garage signs

    Here's a update got my garage banner made.
  9. wildcatz80

    please delete

    Hi, I have both items. Pm me if you want to trade. I'm like you have all the standard adams stuff. But we might agree on something.
  10. wildcatz80

    Hey Guys! New from Central FL

  11. wildcatz80

    New from AZ!

    Welcome Trent!
  12. wildcatz80

    Labor Day Weekend Labor; 2017 BMW X3

    Hi Tom, You can get some from Detail Giant an authorized dealer of Adams Polishes. Sales@detailgiant.com email him. He's located in NY fast shipping.. Instagram is @detailgiant don't have Instagram click on top right of forum page to take you to Instagram type detailgaint in search and it will take you to IG page. Rubber Mat & Liner is great I have some. Once cleaned it gives a matte finish to rubber mats.
  13. wildcatz80

    First Timer Here! New to the detailing Addiction.

    Hi Mike, Welcome. I think I we follow on IG. Here you will find lots of info.
  14. wildcatz80


    I use Eco APC.
  15. wildcatz80

    This what I have for trade.