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  1. Did you get your banner? I have this one..
  2. haha you just type it the same time I was asking.. ? BTW here is a helpful dilution ratios.
  3. Hello, They all have the right answers. I use APC or ECO APC diluted with a dedicated microfiber just for door jambs. How dirty is it?
  4. It was a gift back then gaming mouse cost 129.00 so she needed one I had some in stock sent with ups. Upon delivery she had to pay 29.00 crazy. Apparently it has to do with customs. Other time I sent her some books the only things she got was ripped taped up padded envelope. I told her sorry not sending anything to you. She said yeah canada sucks..lol .. Not bashing any Canadian's..❤️
  5. Damn Canadian's .. On time I shipped my friend in Canada a Logitech gaming mouse she had to pay to receive because of customs . Nice! You do have a very limited bottle.
  6. Thank You. Yes, it was. She feeds my addiction..haha
  7. Thank you @ObsessedDetailer ☺️. I remembered when I wanted to be older then 18 couldn't wait. Now I'm like getting older ugh..haha. It's part of life and we got to enjoy every moment. ?
  8. wildcatz80

    SEMA 2018

    They posted this picture in IG. Displaying them bottles.
  9. I do both. I buy a bunch of soft T shirt and my wife print the logo of Adams Polishes on them.
  10. lol Jim. I knew someone would type it. Now it comes to car washes..
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