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  1. PointMan, I kinda went all-out to replace all of my supplies so I'd be ready for anything, but I only really needed a few things for now. Here's what I did: Wheel cleaner Strip wash H20 Guard & Gloss VRT on the tires Leather conditioner I was honestly surprised by how well the H20 G&G worked. The application process is so easy, it's hard to believe. Of course, as I was drying the car, I picked up a little piece of bark or something and put a fine scratch in the rear bumper, but only I will notice it. When the pollen season is completely over and I have a day to spend on the car, I'll strip it again, polish out the scratch, spray for iron, clay, use sealant, clean and condition the leather, clean and seal the glass...basically everything. It'll still be overkill, but isn't that we keep buying black cars? So, all the advice I receive to just get the Daily Driver kit spot-on...but I just couldn't help myself.
  2. Both of my cars got sone much needed love this weekend. Thanks again for the advice! Btw, Guard & Gloss is amazing!
  3. This forum is kinda blowing my mind with all the helpful info. Thank you! I just ordered all of my supplies and am looking forward getting started!
  4. This is really helpful! Ok, for now, I think I'll stick with a non-ceramic protocol. Would this work? Strip wash (is Dawn still good for this?) Remove any rail dust from paint (recommended product?) Regular wash Clay bar Guard & Gloss Brilliant Glaze Is there any benefit to using the Paint Sealant instead of/in addition to the Guard & Gloss? For maintenance - Keep it clean with detail spray After washes, apply Guard & Gloss and Brilliant Glaze This car doesn't need to be show car perfect, just above-average awesome. Thanks!
  5. Thanks! In terms of goals, I guess I want to spend less time maintaining the finish than I have in the past. Would the Adams Ceramic Coating be a good move in that direction?
  6. When I moved 2 years ago, I had to leave all of my detailing liquids behind. I just bought a new Golf R (black) this weekend and want to make sure I'm up to date on the best kit to keep this car shining. I was looking at having it ceramic coated and a PPF applied, but it's just not in the budget. Supply-wise, I've still got my Cycle polisher, clay bars, foam gun, some good shampoo (can't remember the brand) and mf towels that might need replacing. Basically, I'm starting over and need to build my kit. My new car looks great, was only washed by the dealer once and doesn't appear to have any noticeable swirls. It's garaged, but has been in some rain. I'm sure a lot has changed in the last few years, so I'd love your recommendations for what I should get to make sure my new car has many, shiny years ahead of it.
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