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  1. Bryman312

    soft red wheel brush?

    so i got the wheels wet first, then sprayed on the eco wheel cleaner let it sit for a short time, id say 3 mins maybe? then sprayed on the tire cleaner and scrubbed tires with the red/black brush. then cleaned the wheel with the soft red brush. as stated im guessing sprayed the wheel cleaner on freshly watered down wheels was my mistake. still ill probably get the wheel mitt. and now that its summer ill be cleaning those suckers at least weekly.
  2. Bryman312

    soft red wheel brush?

    yes i did in fact clean the rubber first...then sprayed the wheels. so it works better when dry??
  3. Bryman312

    Weather Tech mats

    my closest dealer is Adams headquarters LOL........looks like im goin shopping today....... dirty mats in a brand new van make a wife NO HAPPY. and lets face it.......happy wife happy life!!
  4. Bryman312

    my gloss black wheels are NASTY!

    just finished up. i REALLY need a wheel woolie. after fighting with that soft red wheel brush and realizing its not the tool for me, i had to bust out the utility towel and use my fingers. this was the first cleaning of the wheels and tires too so they were BAD. the worst part is............now that they are clean i have noticed 1 wheel has a dam rock chip in the paint and what looks like a rock scratch!!! not a happy guy. my eyes are saying (with tears in them) my precious sweet brand new 19"s are ruined!!! my brain is trying to figure out how to repair them....... they look great (minus the inside of the wheel is garbage since i cant get my hands in there hence the need for woolies) i think ill be investing in the wheel mitt and giving away the wheel brush!!
  5. so i cleaned the wheels and rubber today. it was a pain to keep scrubbing those tires.....SOOO MUCH BROWN NASTINESS!! so much so that when rinsed off the tires were whitish. but the VRT made em look all nice!! then i did the wheels. i have painted glossy black wheels and i have to say, im not sure if it was because this was the first wheel cleaning they have ever had or not BUT i was NOT impressed with the red soft wheel brush AT ALL. it was like it did nothing. i had to saturate the wheels with the cleaner then use my hand with a grey Adams utility towel. was i doing it all wrong? or is this just not a wise usefull tool to use?
  6. so yeah.......my beautiful gloss black wheels are really nasty. ive got my wheel and tire cleaner and brushes ready to go, but i was wondering, id want to get the Adams blaster anyway but until i do what do you recommend i use to dry the wheels? i have some of the grey utility towels and figured id use those in the meantime...unless of course i just happen to drive by adams tomorrow for some reason and get that darned blaster!! im not sure i want to ceramic coat the rims, im usually out there weekly cleaning them so drying goes along with that HAHAHA
  7. so i got some weather tech mats for our new van. we have 4 kids and they are a must. anyhow i got them in cocoa brown to match the door trim & dash. i wondering what you all use to clean these mats/ maintain them? on our old van we had the same mats but in black so id just clean them and use a mild wipedown of some type of armorall. i dont want them to be super slippery but whats Adams got to work with on these? especially them being brown?
  8. Bryman312

    Sticker pack

  9. Bryman312

    Orange Towels

    id like 1 or 2 please!! if you still have any left. how do we pay? paypal? edit.. and on a side note, would you say these towels are better for wiping off wax vs. drying?
  10. Bryman312

    Good Evening from Denver!

    thank you for that info!
  11. Bryman312

    Good Evening from Denver!

    thanks for that.........do they usually announce the mystery bucket? ot is it a look every day to see if its there kind of thing?
  12. Bryman312

    Good Evening from Denver!

    i know their old warehouse was about 17 miles away. im so glad they moved closer HAHAHA thats good to know you can pick it up at their place!!
  13. Bryman312

    Good Evening from Denver!

    pics added in the original post...2017 Dodge Journey & 2017 Chrysler Pacifica. they aint no sports cars lol but with 4 kids the sports cars will have to wait till after the youngest moves out. LOL thanks everyone for the warm welcome! below youll find what i got from our visit!! waiting for that mystery bucket to be put on the site so i can get one! i REALLY want a black bucket hahaha
  14. Bryman312

    Good Evening from Denver!

    Hello. im brand new to the site and the brand. ive always enjoyed washing my cars....but now that my family has 2 brand new vehicles i felt it was time to up my game!! we actually live about 6 miles from Adam's new warehouse, actually visited it today. got a nice bag of stuff to start with. anyway i look forward to learning from you all. i really have nothing to share however except personality!! im really looking forward to getting my first mystery bucket too!! i think they are a weekly thing? talk you all soon!!