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  1. i think ill try clay first. honestly ive never clayed anything before so this will be a good learning experience. after they claying, as stated above paint sealant?
  2. every time i was the car i do the vinegar treatment on the WHOLE passenger side (thats the side my sprinklers hit) including the wheels. and its helped. that pic was taken AFTER last nights vinegar bath and full wash/dry. so they are really at the point of no return LOL
  3. thats what i was thinking too!! clay isint soo expensive that i cant have 2 anyway if needed. figure maybe ill do windows first them wheels... and keep it just for wheels after. i fear the hard part will be the lug holes!! not looking forward to those.
  4. technically grit as in spots where the hard water sat for a few days and calcified? that's the best word i can think of. heres a pic of the wheel........
  5. revive instead of clay on the wheels? its pretty bad i can feel the grit of the hard water in some spots where it sat instead of ran off.........
  6. hello guys, quick question. i have HARD WATER from our sprinklers. VERY hard water. anyway my paint is spotted to hell. it'll need a full decontamination. i wash it often to get that crap off fast but its too late. my main question is can you use clay bar on the windows? all the hard water is on my passenger side so i only have 3 windows to do. and 2 wheels. if i can clay the glass, do i need to seal it afterwards? i already have some adams glass sealant from my last MB. or do you need to use something else? thanks for your input!!
  7. So my wife just pick me up a couple bottles of detail spray and I got to be honest the American Detail spray to me anyways does not smell like apple pie. it smells good but to me it kind of smells like a minty version of Bengay back rub. Not complaining but my nostrils don't smell apple pie at all. And it smells exactly like the Canada spray too. But I also got a bottle of pumpkin spice and yeah that stuff smells delicious
  8. your talking adams revive yes? dumb question i know
  9. my wife's new van has chrome trim around the windows. the chromed trim also has water spots!!! anyway how does the metal polish 1 & 2 work on a mirrored chrome trim? id hate to buy it if its not too good for that trim...
  10. i do use the red tire brush thanks! ill start using less
  11. really? well damn i was saturating the tire then scrubbing. is that wrong? so your just misting the stuff on THEN scrubbing? i figured it had to be soaked and stay wet then scrub.
  12. ive only used it 2 times so far......(brand new car) the 1st time it was brown foam all over, the second time was less. ive used the whole bottle so far basically 8 tires. so ill be buying the gallon jug and maybe every other wash since its summer.
  13. just got my foam cannon too!! trying it out tomorrow if the rain stops..............
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