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  1. See you guys on Saturday Eric and Calvin!
  2. zeps7784

    Brand new snub nose attachment for trade

    Price to sell?
  3. zeps7784

    Need info on promo guys

    Here's a good read! http://67-72chevytrucks.com/vboard/showthread.php?page=37&t=512270
  4. zeps7784

    Need info on promo guys

    He's a good dude. Went to high school with him. I'm sure he'd love to chat about it. It's a beautiful truck. I'll send him this link.
  5. For what its worth, I only have the wheel coating and thought to do the same. Use on paint. The conclusion I ran into is the wheel is thicker, rated higher for heat and ideally probably not the best for the application. The amount of time taken to install a proper ceramic coating isn't worth the $100 or so dollars to buy the bottle of paint correction. IMHO If anything, you may be better of $$$ wise to buy the paint and do the wheels too, but know it won't hold up as long.
  6. I have 3 rubbermaid totes in my storage shelf. 1. For brand new in plastic pads and towels (backups for when the current rotation expire) 2. For unopened and used towels and pads - whats used when washing my car 3. For the dirty towels used during a wash. Once I get a load I wash and separate the polish and drying towels from any heavily soiled towels like for wheels, exhaust, engine.
  7. zeps7784

    limited editions

    I've got a bottle of Untamed Tire Shine
  8. zeps7784

    Items for Trade

    Ideally looking for a detail seat, trunk organizer, hard shell protective case (like mystery case), snug nose pressure washer nozzle or metal 6 bottle organizer. Clay bar mitt Waterless wash 16 oz Pumpkin Spice Limited interior spray Drawstring bag Can add cash too
  9. zeps7784

    Brand new snub nose attachment for trade

    I have the following for trade and can add cash if needed Pumpkin spice interior spray 16 0z waterless wash drawstring bag clay mitt
  10. zeps7784

    Brand new snub nose attachment for trade

    I'd be interested in it - also buy it too - PM a price since it's not a chemical
  11. zeps7784

    Bug and tar remover

    Dan, would this process be safe on clear bra's too? Obviously using the pressure washer needs to be taken lightly around the edges to not peel it back.
  12. zeps7784

    patriot wax storing

    Why keep it in the fridge over the garage?
  13. zeps7784

    Help Us Help You

    I like the chat button that pops up but I think it can get too much when you cycle through various webpages. Give me one chance to talk then don't ask again. The biggest thing I struggle with these last few months is when I call it's usually for a question pertaining to an order or application and more often than not, the call goes unanswered. I understand the growth and on boarding but I would like to see more dedicated phone staff to pickup when someone calls. Some of the product descriptions and what's included could be better, an itemized list if you will. Along with more details pictures and video demos (chemical guys does a really good job at this). Either way, it's always good to hear from the audience and know what we think. I appreciate the effort here and look forward to the future of Adams.
  14. zeps7784

    Paint Sealant Longevity

    I used the paint sealant and applied with my SK last weekend and must say its been a little sticky compared to other items I've used. I washed and clay bar'd and then applied. Not sure if I'm just hitting a week of heavy dust and pollen but it's holding on tight.
  15. Scratch that, looks like it sold out from last night to today