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  1. do you need to apply glass sealant as often to glass that doesn't see rain often or at all? Just usual drive around, use glass cleaner to get dust and bugs off...the same as daily driver that see quite a bit more wiper use? Didn't know if depended on how much rain the windshield sees or if it wears off equally
  2. took an old pump spray off another bottle I had,just happened to fit
  3. yes still smells grape but it IS a little different smell too,label is different too.was the FREE thing in the BOGO sale
  4. Just got a new bottle of Undercarriage Spray,it's a little darker purple, was gonna use it to top off my Gallon,is this a different formula? and would it be ok to mix it with my old or keep it separate?
  5. Actually,๐Ÿ˜Š just bought 8 over time and peeled a label off a 16 oz and stuck it to one of my empty gallons
  6. won a white shirt on ebay for $9 ... bottle of purple dye from walmart
  7. I have used it on my glass inside the house,just added a sprayer and wipe off,it does work pretty well
  8. ok if I don't have the ceramics.what's the 2nd best๐Ÿ˜
  9. after I get all the winter garage dust off,Rinsless wash,clay,polish,etc....my car sits in garage but I DO drive it to work in the heat a couple times a week and it sits out in the lot. Would PS,HGG or americana be best or any combo you would advise to use,,,
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