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  1. Actually,๐Ÿ˜Š just bought 8 over time and peeled a label off a 16 oz and stuck it to one of my empty gallons
  2. won a white shirt on ebay for $9 ... bottle of purple dye from walmart
  3. I have used it on my glass inside the house,just added a sprayer and wipe off,it does work pretty well
  4. ok if I don't have the ceramics.what's the 2nd best๐Ÿ˜
  5. after I get all the winter garage dust off,Rinsless wash,clay,polish,etc....my car sits in garage but I DO drive it to work in the heat a couple times a week and it sits out in the lot. Would PS,HGG or americana be best or any combo you would advise to use,,,
  6. got it in my cart ready for the next order
  7. Rinseless it is thanks everyone
  8. This has probably been covered,but...my Charger has been sitting in the garage getting REAL dusty I get it out to drive but have not detailed it in awhile,I usually waterless wash in the summer,but it's SO dusty should I go ahead and wash/rinse the dust off? or spray a heavy amount waterless wash and wipe as usual as usual? thank you,Mike
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