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  1. These applicators work great for Brilliant Glaze and the Glass Sealant/Boost:https://adamspolishes.com/shop/accessories/buffing-pads-applicators/adam-s-microfiber-applicator-pads-2-pack.html. For the actual Glass Cleaner, I use: https://adamspolishes.com/shop/accessories/microfiber-towels/adam-s-microfiber-glass-cleaning-towel.html
  2. Hi Nick, I stopped spraying the CB on the wheels when I realized how much was getting onto various parts, including the fabric wheel wells. In addition, I found that my coverage was as complete as I'd like, so I have some Borderless Grey towels dedicated to CB and I spray the product on the towel and then wipe down down the wheels. It eliminated any high spots and ensured that everything was coated without having extra items coated.
  3. I'm in South Carolina and have vehicles that sit outside 24/7 and deal with a lot of heat and cool temps, although we don't get to the negative numbers. For the inside of the windshield, nothing beats Brilliant Glaze, here is a video on doing the inside: This method helps keep the inside of fogging up and truly does leave the windshield much clearer overall. For the outside, if the windshield is heavily soiled, then I use the green glass cleaner which is equal to the aerosol in my opinion in quality, but has a lower price point. Once the windshield is clean the first time, then I use the Glass Sealant followed by monthly touch ups with Glass Boost and then about every 3 months I go over it again with Glass Sealant . If you use the cleaners as the gas stations you'll probably have to use the boost a bit more often. For the outside the mirrors, you can just use Glass Boost and the morning dew tends to come off the much quicker. The rest of the windows just get washed with the regular Glass Cleaner and of course the correct Glass Towel.
  4. Brilliant Glaze on Mirrors and Stainless Steel Appliances Interior Detail spray for the blades on your ceiling fans Ceramic Boost for your porcelain sink basins
  5. I have quick connects and quick shutoff on all on hoses and sprayers. It does make it easy to go from the Foam Gun to the soaker or pressure nozzle and even the pressure washer. When I purchased two hose reels from Eley last year they were running a special and got a quick connect for the hose and four for the accessories with each hose reel. The quick shutoff was purchased separately, but very glad we did so, it make the vehicle care and lawn care much easier.
  6. The Spray Wax works great and when used after a Waterless Wash it adds some good luster to the vehicle. Waterless Wash, plus Spray Wax can be accomplished almost anyplace, whether it is your driveway, an apartment parking lot or garage. If the vehicle is too dirty for a pure Waterless Wash, you can go by a Pay & Spray to knock the majority of the dirt off and then go over it with the Waterless and/or Spray Wax.
  7. I've found that about every 4 weeks for a vehicle that stays outside and about every 6 weeks for a garage kept vehicle. After hitting them with boost, it looks as good as the day you put the Ceramic Paste Wax on it.
  8. The grey one does look nice, the question is whether or not it is too warm for the South Carolina winters to be outside working in.
  9. I have one of the Jumbo Gray Drying towels and can tell you that it works very good on Red vehicles and is just as effective on as the Ultra Plush Drying towel. I can say that when I do it on my Red truck, I can toss it across the hood and it pretty much covers the hood completely and seems to drink the water that is always behind the bug shield. The same for when I toss it across the tonneau cover, but it does get heavy when it gets saturated. Create a thread in the Introductions and share the details on your vehicle(s) and everyone on here likes pictures.
  10. From the picture it looks like the center cap is clean, which tells me that they are a different material and therefore it is a chemical reaction and not something stuck to the wheel. If my eyes are deceiving me, then you might want to reconsider my recommendation. You need to get anything put on the wheels off without doing additional damage and I have found APC to do a good job on that, you can start with a 50% dilution and go stronger if needed. If you are using Eco APC, it is your choice on whether or not to go full strength or try diluting it first. Pick a test area and try the APC, then I'd suggest using Revive on the same spot and a separate spot and check the results. Then as a last resort you may need to go to Metal Polish. If you go to Metal Polish, I recommend following the advice on the product page: Pro Tip! Many factory wheels finishes are called "polished" by the manufactures, but in reality are clear coated. To determine what kind of finish you have on your wheels take small amount of metal polish #1 on a clean applicator and gently rub on an inconspicuous area. If you get a black residue you're wheels are raw aluminum and can be effectively treated with our system. If you don't then the wheels are clear coated and should be polished using our Revive Polish for paint. There are so may variations to wheels, whichever methods you try, I would find the least conspicuous place you can to do your testing. Maybe some others have other methods to try or a way to tell which might be the most effective. Good Luck.
  11. I had the problem earlier, but didn't really notice what caused it and then I did a couple other replies without a tag. I have tried both themes, Adams Forum V4.2 Theme and the Default theme and both get the error when I tag someone, but no error without the tags.
  12. The rule of thumb is that ceramic based products should be used with other ceramic based products. However, I have used CB and HGG on vehicles prepared the same way and found both of them to work very well. I will say that when it comes to white cars, where I have no experience, the pictures tend to gravitate toward tHGG unless you are going full ceramic. I have used CB on vehicles right on the paint, after Paint Sealant and on top of Ceramic Paste Wax. With the non-sealant vehicle and the one with Paint Sealant, when using the dry method, I found that it would streak rather easy if I applied too much product or the towel started to get saturated. Generally two sprays is plenty of product for a panel, the hood may take an additional squirt. When using CB as a drying aid it is must more forgiving and have not had any streaks. I always use two towels, one for the initial wipe down and then a dry one to go over the panel a second time. When the dry towels starts to get wet, then I toss it in the bucket and grab another dry one. For the vehicles with Ceramic Paste Wax, I have always done the wet method.
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