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  1. I really do like the new site, but ran into a challenge building my next order. The first two orders I did on the new site where simple and before the accounts where online and they worked like a charm. As I previously commented, the loss of Wishlist - hopefully only temporarily - makes it a bit more difficult to track what is needed. I started putting the items I planned on ordering today, starting with the 15 mm Swirl Killer and some new pads into the Trunk. I wasn't done and the wife wanted to go to dinner, so I signed out and when I signed back in to add more items to the order, the Trunk was Empty. @Kyle@Adams My ask is to either get the Wishlist back online or can we keep from clearing the Trunk when a member signs out. The old site would let me start an order, sign out and then go back in and the data was still there. I do systems for a living, so I know it takes time to get everything setup, so don't take this as a complaint, it is a request. I can go with the pencil & paper method for now.
  2. RayS

    Daughters Ride

    It isn't a dislike for any color, it is more of a preference for Red vehicles.
  3. I have used BG under and over paint sealant and various other products with no loss in longevity. BG is good at hiding minor flaws and swirls, the keyword is minor and it does add depth and clarity. When I want the vehicle looking especially sharp for the weekend or a show, I go over with BG using a red pad, this includes going over Paint Sealant, Butter, Americana, Patriots and Ceramic Paste Wax. It is amazing how much extra Pop it gives to the vehicle, but as @Yo-Yo Ma's Cousin said, it only last a couple of days. Waterless Wash followed by BG makes for a quick cleanup and is a staple in my travel kit. From the Ceramics side, I won't put BG underneath since the last thing you want to do is use Surface Prep and then coat the vehicle. Then there is the inside of windshield, which I couldn't believe how well it works on a windshield. As @falcaineer noted on the use of Wheel Cleaner for a decom, it does work, but smells pretty bad. However, I can tell you Eco Wheel Cleaner is great for sensitive wheels, it doesn't do much for a decom on the body, so check to see which version you have and don't let it sit or drop on the vehicle, it really is painful to get off - I speak from experience...
  4. The Ceramic Paste Wax is easily in my top 5 products from Adam's that have amazed me. My oldest daughter bought a blue car and while I thought about disowning her, I didn't and I was even nice enough to polish it and put CPW on it. Here's a link to the Blue thing:
  5. I don't know of a substitute for BG, maybe someone else can give you an alternate method. My recommendation is that if you do not have any BG, to check the web site for any local Adam's dealers or call your local Chevy dealer. There is a link on the Adam's Polishes for the dealers: https://adamspolishes.com/apps/store-locator/ My local Chevy deaerl carries the basics and BG is a must have product just like Detail Spray and they've always been nice to me and given me the same discount that is on the Adam's web site at the time just for asking.
  6. If you hover over the item, it will provide the full name, which in this case is Brilliant Glaze. Here's a link to an older list of them all:
  7. I'm paying for it today, old equipment and body... I'll get my replacement equipment ordered this week. I just have to decide between the battery operated and electric. Given that my old equipment was 20+ years old, it was question of when not if it would die. The only concern I have about the battery operated swirl killer is whether it will last 20 years, like a plugin model should. I always have to think how often it will be used, maybe once a month, so that is why I'm leaning toward the electric since I know batteries have a more defined life expectancy.
  8. While I am an advocate and look for items that are North American Designed, Built by North Americans from North American Parts, it is very difficult to find them. When you want items of particular specifications, it is even more difficult. This has lead to the outsource of manufacturing, mostly to China and the continued growth of rebranding. I'm sure Adam's could have spec'd an electric pressure washer from an North American company and got it built, but how many would be sold that the price they'd have to charge? What I do appreciate about the rebranding is that it takes the guess work out of picking out a pressure washer that will work for the tasks I want to do and it is backed by a reputable company who's outstanding customer service is in the US and not outsourced to India. Research and Development is expensive and it takes steady funding to continue to improve and innovate. The non-chemical products contribute to the available funding for continued R&D to make our chemicals better and product testing. Just thinking about Ceramic Boost and the effort that had to go into getting from the 1.0 to the 2.0 version and the time, money and scientific effort that get us a significantly better product, when the first version was not bad at all. That includes when you go the grocery store and see 5 different brands of canned green beans - that came from one or two manufacturers. One of the best writeups about rebranding is written by Amazon about AmazonBasics: https://www.cpcstrategy.com/blog/2019/02/amazon-basics/
  9. As @falcaineer VRT on the trim before you polish, just keep it thin so it doesn't run. I've found that VRT protects better than the in those areas since the tape tends to not stick to the rubber very well. If the suggestion from @Yo-Yo Ma's Cousin doesn't work, then you can use Eco Wheel Cleaner on the faux chrome. Just make sure it is the Eco series as the regular wheel clean may had adverse effects. If neither of them work, then you can try Brilliant Glaze.
  10. Thanks Shane. After you posted your video's about the steamer a few weeks back I put that on my list of items to get.
  11. Welcome John. There are multiple members with white cars that know how to make them pop, one being @falcaineer. For the reference the Lexus I take care of is 1993 and just happens to be Red.
  12. The 2009 Range Rover ended up covered in tree sap and needed some overall love. There are multiple pictures and I used the opportunity for some experimentation since I know I have more work to do later. The first picture is how it looked when it was delivered to me just after sun up this morning. The second picture is of the wheels and they are always nasty on the Rover and we're hoping the new ceramic brakes and new rotors will help the situation. The wheels and tires are always first, then the vehicle gets washed and final touch up on the wheels, so the third picture is after the full wash and touch up of the wheels and I'm showing the products and tools used to get them cleaned up. The picture in the garage doesn't do them justice, you'll be able to see the actual shine clearly in the final picture. The Rover has a full glass top, which has a lot of etching and was covered with tree sap also. I forgot to grab a picture before I washed it, but I'm sure you can imagine based on the hood in the first picture. The first picture of the top is after the rinse and the next one is the after using CB 2.0 as a drying aide. Even with all the etching, it came out very good and the CB added clarity and reflective properties that had not existed before. This is my first time trying CB on a sunroof, so I'll see how it does before I try it on the Terrain. For the scary picture, the next one is after the wash and dry with the Rover in the garage and looking at the hood. I'm very thankful for APC, Plastic Razor Blades and Car Shampoo. While most of it came off with diluted APC, there were some tough spots that required a little extra lube and the plastic razor blade. For the windshield, I used straight APC and one place had to use a plastic razor blade. Now that the worst is over, it's time to start polishing - not so fast... Good news is that I'm finally going to get a 15 mm Swirl Killer, the bad news is that I ended up doing the entire Rover by hand. I knew I was going to be in trouble or very sore, maybe both, so I went with One Step Polish. I did do a test spot with Revive and it just wasn't quite enough and the test spot with One Step Polish looked good. No doubt it was a shortcut to get it good enough, with a plan to do a full correction later this summer. I also knew I couldn't go with Correcting Polish and Finishing Polish by hand and do any better. I must say that it came out better than I expected going with One Step Polish, then Paint Sealant followed by Americana and topped with Brilliant Glaze for the weekend Pop. For reference, when I started this morning it as 76 with a heat index of 80 and right now it is 94 with a heat index of 105. I'm sure glad that I'm done for the day.
  13. I also received an order today that I placed on the new site and received both emails, one stating it was out for delivery and other that it was delivered - I agree that is a nice touch.
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