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  1. I decided to be nice to the son-in-law today since between him and my daughter they are almost living at the restaurant being temporarily short two managers. The truck has CSC on it and today it was washed, dried with Ceramic Boost and then I went over it with Brilliant Glaze to make it pop. As painful as it is to do a non-red vehicle, the Ford Blue does look pretty good.
  2. Ouch - 58 here and heading for near 70. Unfortunately, the cold front is on the way and we're only expected to be 48 on Wednesday, which 10 degrees less than our normal January temps.
  3. Not only have I not switched entirely, I need to reorder some of the non-ceramic items. So far, I have 4 vehicles done with the ceramic line and five others that I maintain that are non-ceramic. That doesn't even count on the ones that show up from time to time. Also, there are plenty of non-vehicle uses for the non-ceramic products from washing vinyl fences, siding, screen rooms, appliances, etc., plus picking up quick wash jobs from the neighbors, coworkers and friends.
  4. Happy Veterans Days to all my fellow Veterans.
  5. I applied it when it was about 40 in a garage and the vehicle had been in there all night so it was about the same temp. As @Rich stated, make sure the Buttery is kept in the house overnight and if you take a break, take it in the house with you. Keep the coat as thin as possible when applying it and you should be good to go.
  6. I've thought about this a bunch over the last day and I'm not sure about the answer: If someone gave you as a Detailer a Black vehicle, is that a Gift or a Punishment?
  7. Welcome to the Forum. What part of Florida are in you? We have multiple members in Florida and I am a regular Florida visitor going to the Ridge Manor / Dade City area.
  8. The local Chevy dealer has been so good to me from a service and deal standpoint, that I would be willing, if they asked nicely, to do them the favor of advertising for them in a black Vette. However, I reserve the right to use selective adjectives while attempting to keep any black vehicle shiny and clean, including my full bird Colonel Uncle's SUV.
  9. It is SIO2 Infused as a hybrid product, which leads me to believe yes, but I do not know that as fact. I would question why would you want to? If HGG does a wonderful job on White, it lasts for many months and is easy to apply and make White look absolutely beautiful, skip the CSC and stick with HGG. It comes down to what the vehicles owner/maintainer chooses to do. I do not use CSC on all my vehicles nor those that I maintain for others, but it is a choice, for some it is financial for others, I just think other products are sometimes better suited for that vehicle and the usage of the vehicle.
  10. Check with your local Chevy or GMC/Buick dealer. Many of them are Adam's dealers and the ones near me have a decent stock and will give me a discount when there is a sale online. I'll admit that with driving a Chevy and a GMC that use Adam's products, I'm an advertisement when I show up to get Adam's supplies. I've had more than one person ask about the products when they see my vehicles and I'm more than happy to tell them about the products and pick up some side work. I just don't understand why the Chevy dealer won't give me a Red Vette to advertise with, I'd even let them keep their dealer sticker on it.
  11. I did that 20 years ago and don't like when it gets to the 50's. For the topic on hand, the ambient temperature can be taken care of with a portable canopy with sides and a propane heater, ensuring that you have proper ventilation. A three sided canopy usually works fine until it gets really cold. The bigger challenge is getting the vehicles body temp up to where you can work with it. The metal takes a while to get warm and while not required for a wash, except to be above freezing, it needs to be reasonably warm for Paint Sealant, Waxes and CSC to work properly.
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