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  1. @thomasfxlt first let me welcome you to the forum. As @Rich indicated, the top should be cleaned and conditioned and whether you go with the Ragg Topp kit or 303 Convertible kit, they will both do an excellent job. From the picture your top looks to be in pretty good shape, so I think you'll like the results of either. With both products medium humidity and the sun are your friend to get it smooth. My preference is to put the product on in the garage and then move the car into the sun for a few hours. I try not to let the top get wet, even from dew, for 24 hours after I condition it and I don't put them down for a couple of days. As for the wax, I have used Americana, Patriot and Ceramic and after working with Ceramic a couple of times, I'm sold. I wax entirely by hand and the Ceramic takes a little more work, although not much more, but the results are fantastic. No matter which wax you go with, when you are taking the car out for a Sunday drive or to a show, knock the dust off with Detail Spay and then go over it with Brilliant Glaze and it will really pop. To the see the results of a top clean and condition and Ceramic wax, there are plenty of picture in this thread on a Mustang restoration I recently completed. The Mustang took 3 coats to get from Grey to Black and a paint job to actually make it Red again.
  2. I get laptops and computers that I recondition and donate to students in need. I've found a little WD-40 followed by Waterless Wash and Interior Detail spray will make it look like new and smell good. The GooGone tends to be a little harsh on many of the laptop boxes and APC will leave some residue that takes a bit more work with WW to get evened out. For the sticky spaces, just put some WD-40 on a cheap cloth and then rub the area. You shouldn't need much force, but you may need to do it two or three times according to thickness of the sticky stuff and roughness of the case. Packing tape used to cover a business card, especially gorilla tape that has been on there for a few years is usually the worst to get off. Don't be afraid to use a plastic razor blade with WD-40 or WW as the lube if you find something really stuck on there. Once the sticky stuff is gone, I do the entire case and keyboard with Waterless Wash and using a Waterless Wash towel, always spraying WW on the towel and then wipe the area. The screen gets two cleanings, first with Glass Cleaner spraying the towel and wiping the screen and then with Brilliant Glaze. Finally, I go over the entire case and keyboard with Interior Detailer, spraying the towel and wiping it down. The interior brush works good for getting between the keys and if you don't have one of them, a real soft 1/2 inch paint brush works. The most difficult place is where the screen closes and for that I use Interior Detailing Swabs as they tend to fit in there perfect - I wish I had of found them 10 years ago just for this purpose. Since I am a Mac person, the cleaning technique for a Mac is a bit easier with the standard, slick case. Pre-2017 with the illuminated Apple on the back, all I ever needed was Interior Detailer and then GC and BG on the screen. 2017 and newer Mac's react better to WW for the body and then the screen still does good with GC and BG. On some Pre-Retina Display Macs where you see the keyboard marks on the screen, they will clean up with GC, but you also have to clean the keys. The marks aren't indents, they are the dirt and oils from your fingers that are sticking to the screen. Following these steps, the systems come out looking new, minus any real abuse, and there is no residue left over that is sticky. For those who dilute Rinseless Wash to make your WW - I cannot confirm whether or not that works the same, since I have never tried it.
  3. Like @falcaineer I have had some good luck with Auto Trader and more recently with carvana, https://www.carvana.com/
  4. Although the pollen count was at 10.5 today, I had to knock to get the vehicles back to being Red instead of Pollen Yellow. The pollen is already accumulating again, but I know they were clean earlier. The truck was so bad it required a 3 bucket wash - I had to change the rinse bucket during the wash. The Range Rover and Malibu were not that bad.
  5. As a former resident of Kodiak, Ak - Welcome to the forum.
  6. Welcome Andy, What are you keeping Shiny? We do appreciate pictures.
  7. When you really want to make it pop for a weekend, top it off with some Brilliant Glaze - you'll be amazed at how it will look. Also, doing the inside of the windshield with Brilliant Glaze helps keep the dust particles from sticking when you're running with the top down.
  8. I think the difference us function is so close, you won't notice the difference as long as you dilute it at the right amounts. As for the smell, that is where WW wins in my opinion. I bought a gallon of WW on sale that was in a kit with 2 towels, which you'll still want to use the WW towel with diluted RW or actual WW. Since I generally do a fully 2 bucket wash and the WW is for the rainy or cool day that I am just touching up the wife's car and I keep it in my travel kit, the gallon should last me a couple of years.
  9. Welcome. That is a sharp looking Caramo that I would fit right in my stable.
  10. After using the Spray Wax a few times after a Waterless Wash, I added it to my travel kit. When the weather isn't the nicest or I need to do a quick cleanup on the car, going over it with WW and then Spray Wax makes it look good and the garage always smells good. I also used to use a Spray Wax from a different vendor before Adam's started selling their own. The other Spray Wax did a good job and was little bit cheaper. What I have noticed is that when I used Adam's vs the other is that it is consistent when used on top of WW. The other brand, which is a well known vendor, was less cooperative according to temperature and humidity. As for the price, since I buy these type of products when there is a sale and I use it selectively, the small difference in price is within a reasonable difference.
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