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  1. Welcome to the Forum. One of the best things that I have found for large vehicles and for those instances when I have to work outside is to use a portable canopy. For something decent and in the 12 foot wide by 16 foot long will run a couple hundred dollars. These are generally sturdy enough to live up to plenty of use over the years and mine has a nice case that it gets stored in. If you need it to be easily movable, you can add wheels to the feet, just remember to get locking wheel's so it won't roll away. The sizes are allow over the place and I use the 10x12 more than any
  2. Myself, I like the smell of the Waterless and convenience of having it premixed. I keep WW in my travel kit and it works great to scrape the bugs off the front of the vehicle when traveling, especially the Love Bugs in Florida.
  3. Welcome to the Forum Andre
  4. What Dave and Dan said above and it can even be different between series and models. The Chevy Colorado and Chevy Silverado have different characteristics on their parts. The Ford F-150 can have differences between the XL, Lariat and Limited in some places. I've learned to not take chances and always level, especially on front air dams and anything that is black plastic on the bumper or pickup boxes. One more piece of advice, the prep can do some weird things to some of the plastic pieces. I've found that Adam's Prep is more forgiving than the home mixes, if nothing else it i
  5. Hi Dan, No worries, we live and we learn. In this case, I had the bonus of teaching a lot of other people at the same time As for the Tire and Rubber cleaner, I only used that on the rubber mat portion, not the entire running board. I love my Revive hand polish and I do have a couple of bottles on hand and will most certainly give it a try. Revive is the best thing there is for tail lights, marker lights and golf carts and I'm going to find out about running boards. Either way, I'm pretty sure that I have an excuse to redo my truck before I redo Mary's Terrain
  6. This may not be the best place for this discussion, but given that is about Wheel & Tire Cleaner vs Tire Cleaner and their effect on a body part, I'm starting here. I'm going to start with a picture of the Running Boards right after I coated them with Ceramic Spray Coating, September 2nd 2019. I thought they looked fantastic and I received multiple compliments about then and I cleaned the running boards just like the rest of the body, which one exception. The rubber step pads always had Tire Cleaner applied to them and it would keep them nice and black and looking good. I w
  7. HI Joey, Dan provided some excellent information and one of things to keep in mind is that rain can have a lot of contaminants in it. The fires in the western states and affect rainfall hundreds of miles of away and same goes for other pollutants. While the water runs off or dries, it does leave some of the particulates on the vehicle. One of the worst things is sprinklers hitting a vehicle if they are on a city water system.
  8. I use the Adam's Glass Cleaner on my entire helmet, shield and all. It just makes it easier to go over the entire helmet in one shot. If I get into the heavy bugs, then I'll use Waterless Wash on them and then I go over them with Adam's Spray Wax, including the shield. Just be aware that it does make them a bit slippery when you grab them. I have not tried HGG, but do not know of any reason why it wouldn't work with the exception that I get challenged with streaks once in a while when using it on white vehicles. I just went out and took a picture of how it looks
  9. @Dan@Adams Does this have any adverse effect when used in conjunction with the Adam's Glass Sealant? If no, it is a win since the stuff you get in the stores tends to diminish the longevity of the Glass Sealant. The price point makes it a product that I will get a gallon and give it a try anyway.
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