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  1. I have a boars hair which is a rather stiff and gets into the cup holds and such rather well. A horse hair which is medium and works well on the vents and around the knobs and the anti-static soft, fake something, that I used on the instrument cluster.
  2. I'm on my last bottle of Orange Correcting Polish and have now reserved it just for my personal vehicles. I don't know what the outcome will be when I run out and have to tell Mary I'm not using the best on her vehicle - Either Chris or I - maybe both, will be in trouble. I have also been using the Scratch and Swirl Remover using the Machine instructions on the product web page with my Orange pads and it works very nicely. It is about as close as you can come to the OCP in my opinion. The Scratch and Swirl Remover also excellent by hand for the small areas that you need to get t
  3. The Foam Gun works with just your garden hose, you can't use a pressure washer with it. The Foam Cannon requires a pressure washer for it to be used.
  4. I have a foam cannon and foam gun and have found that I use the Foam Gun much more than the foam cannon. The foam gun is quicker to get set up and to clean and both put out plenty of foam. For very dirty vehicles, then the foam cannon comes out along with the pressure washer and extra stuff required. The same goes if I am doing multiple vehicles in the day, the foam cannon becomes worth the extra setup and clean up time. The one thing that I have done for all my hoses and nozzles is to add quick connects and a shutoff valve on the end of the hose. This makes it real easy to swi
  5. Hi Jack, glad to see that I'm not the only one that does the door jams. The clarity of the finish is fantastic, you can see the individual stars in the reflection of the flag. Nothing looks better than a fully polished and shiny red vehicle and you nailed this one.
  6. The reflections show plenty of depth, so it should look great once you can get it outside in the light. The second picture sure makes the color look different from the other two and it really looks good.
  7. Welcome to the Forum Michael. Headlights can be a finicky thing to work with between the different materials the vendor use and the amount of contaminants that they end up in contact with. @falcaineergave some good advise and you can also use #0000 steel wool on them just like you would your windshield. The regular white toothpaste, not any of the gel's can be used as a compound with or without the #0000 steel wool.
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