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  1. I love to experiment and have plenty of red vehicles to experiment on to get a good comparison, and no I do not experiment on the clients vehicles. Also note that my goals may differ from yours, so take your own objectives into consideration before using any of the following. First of all, I'm not worried about the longevity of a product when it comes to my vehicles, it is all about how the vehicle looks. However, I do track the outcome for longevity so I can determine whether or not something can be used on vehicles other than my own. For my vehicles, I have applied BG on top of the Original Ceramic Paste Wax and Ceramic Spray Coating. Applying BG on top of the Original CPW added a depth and made the vehicle pop the same as applying it over Americana, Patriots and even the regular Spray Wax. The Mustang had BG applied about once a month and the CPW lasted 10 months before it was time to strip it and redo the Mustang with CSC. My truck also had BG applied when it had CPW on it, but I used a different technique from the Mustang. I only applied BG after a wash that resulted in using Ceramic Boost as a drying aid. I felt like this gave a layer between the BG and CPW, but to be honest I can't say that it resulted in the CPW lasting any longer, but the truck sure did look good. I'm using the same technique now that the truck, Mustang and Terrain are all done with CSC in that I'll do a wash and when I'm apply Ceramic Boost, add the final touch of BG. I generally do Ceramic Boost between 3 and 6 weeks according to which vehicle and how the weather has been. My next experiment as soon as pollen season is over and I can truly see the effect is to use BG on the Terrain after going over it with CS3. I have no idea how it will turn out, but I suspect that as good it as it looks after having CS3 applied, that extra pop will still be there with adding BG as a topper. If not, I won't do it again...
  2. Welcome to the Forum Ammond. FYI, I resorted to copy and paste since the autocorrect couldn't make up it's mind on your name.
  3. I used CPW on multiple of my vehicles including my 1998 Mustang and I put it directly on the paint after correction. It lasted a good 10 months and looked great.
  4. RayS


    Welcome to the Forum Derrick
  5. RayS

    The two word game.

    Red vehicle (know anyone who has one?)
  6. Another good video. As @Bscott94 said, I've never noticed that much color change. I'm not sure if it was because the vehicles I've used it on didn't have that much iron or if I wasn't quite getting it right. I'll watch this video again when I'm going to use Iron remover and see if I need to modify my method of use.
  7. RayS

    Adam's Online Car Show

    At least you had a pretty sunset to watch and it is hard to complain about that.
  8. While I loved my '69 Blue Nova it was outclassed by the '71 Red Mach I, which didn't come close to the Rust Red '56 Chevy Pickup, that someone was not smart enough to keep - be right back .... Sorry, I had to go look in mirror while I slapped myself for selling that truck. The oak boards in the box were hand cut, sanded, stained and polished to a high gloss. The box rails were also oak and were all from the same tree. The bolts in the box were all chrome, as where the chains for the tail gate. It was all the little things that were right about the truck and I really should have put it in storage for the three years that I was going to be in Alaska, but someone offered way more money than it was actually worth at the time so I sold it. Way too often I think about getting another for a project vehicle, but I just don't think I could get that level of perfection or at least what is still in my mind 35'sh years later as perfection.
  9. RayS

    Adam's Online Car Show

    I think @Dan@Adams may have more Blue vehicles than I have Red vehicles. We just need to find someone with a bunch of White vehicles and then we could have a patriotic show.
  10. Thanks Rich, I was trying to figure out what to do next since I'm out of vehicles that need anything above a wash to for the pollen. It's time to wash, polish and ceramic coat the Red Riding mower. I've don't the underside of the deck with ceramic boost for a couple of years and it really helps to keep the grass from sticking. Between washing the bike this weekend and doing the mower, that should cover me for at least one of the two days.
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