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  1. Are you using a Tack Cloth after you hit it with the Abralon pads? If so, did you rub it or set it down and lift it up? On several of my wood projects I found the Tack Cloth pulled all the microscopic particles off that were preventing the full shine from coming through. I have a saw big difference in the appearance after using the Tack Cloth when blotting vs rubbing - with blotting being my preferred method.
  2. I found a thread on the topic from not to long ago: There are comments down in the thread about not using heat since it will melt the candy more. My resident expert, "wife", said to use the cold method for getting it out.
  3. I was using another product (pre-Adams) that was supposed to make the car look like glass and it needed to air cure. I was working on the hood and during the curing phase a swarm of gnats decided to land on the hood. Of course the product was a bit sticky during the curing phase so what seemed like thousands (probably a hundred or so) were stuck. The product was cured just enough that it couldn't be wiped off easily and I found out they smear nicely if you try to just use a towel. I have also had a incident where a sudden gust of wind came up and blew dust into the product. Finally, bird's are trained at an early age to use vehicles in the process of being cleaned, sealed or just completed as target practice. All have resulted in utilizing colorful adjectives and my being educated enough to know that anything that can turn sticky or you don't want messed up needs to be done inside the garage.
  4. @shane@detailedreflections Thank you for the write up and I'll echo what @pirahnah3 stated about Customer vs Client - well done. I did notice one thing that you left out of the pricing that falls between supplies and employee's, but has to be accounted for. Every business has paperwork, financials, taxes, human resources if you have employee's, they all add up in time and costs. If you do not feel comfortable doing the books and such, make sure you hire a reputable company to do it for you. The government does not care whether or not you are good at tracking things, they will take what they believe you owe. My wife is an accountant and I can't tell you how many business owners come to her with a box full of stuff that they never had time for or they planned to get to later. I can tell you it is much more expensive both from a tax liability and accountant aspect to fix things once they have gotten out of hand. Make sure you are prepared from day one on the books to cover your start up expenses and set your processes.
  5. @mc2hill notd Brilliant Glaze and then provided a picture of a beautiful Chevelle, plus two more Red cars in the background... Thanks. With Buttery, I applied Brilliant Glaze under it and then two days later added BG on top as an experiment and it was beyond Wow since it was a driveway car. I would imagine with a garage queen, BG under America and then maybe BG on top would look amazing and last more than a few days. The question becomes maintenance since the extra pop would not last very long, but you could sell them a bottle of BG or DS for maintenance until it is ready for a full detail again.
  6. RayS

    Hello from Alberta!

    Welcome. I see white stuff on the ground behind that beautiful Red truck - I sure hope that is from last winter.
  7. RayS

    Hurricane Florence - Evacuation Offer

    Honestly, if there were enough motorcycles that needed cover to warrant putting the wife's car in the driveway, we'd both agree to it. We believe in giving back and helping others as we know there are good people out there that would help us if needed. 35 years ago when we met, we were both in US Coast Guard and we've never wavered from our desire to help others which at the time was the primary missions of the USCG. Edit: FYI: Just to be clear, my bike would remain in the garage, so I do have limits...😁
  8. To all my coastal friends, I wish you and your property safety during the storm. For anyone who is evacuating the coast and coming to Columbia, SC - I have space for multiple cars and/or an RV or two at my house. If you are coming to Columbia, SC for your evacuation location and want to have your vehicle parked someplace other than a hotel or shelter (school) parking lot, please send me a PM. Be safe.
  9. RayS

    Food Thread

    For all the members around Austin, I want to point out that I think you are being mean. I have had many trips to Austin and could pretty count on being there for at least one week per quarter, but it has been close to a year since my last trip. Between the Tex-Mex and BBQ I never had to worry about going hungry and the best French Toast I ever had was in Austin and the hotel used Bread Pudding to make it with. Now for my actual contribution to the thread. My favorite cook books are: Texas Home Cooking: https://www.amazon.com/Texas-Home-Cooking-Comforting-Down-Home/dp/1558320598/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr= Next is: The Border Cookbook: https://www.amazon.com/Border-Cookbook-Authentic-American-Southwest/dp/1558321039/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1536497633&sr=1-1&keywords=The+Border+Cookbook The first picture was taken for my Chef daughter, it is the French Toast from the Driskill in Austin. The second picture of the Alaskan Sockeye Salmon that my daughter made with a Honey-Lemon glaze. While we don't get fresh Alaskan fish very often, it sure worth it when we do. After living in Kodiak, Alaska for multiple years, there is nothing that compares - you just need to time it right and be willing to pay for the transport.
  10. RayS

    New cars, swirls and lighting...

    @shane@detailedreflections I am always impressed by your work and willingness to share with the members of this forum. When it comes to black vehicles, I did some years ago (pre-Adam's) and they were Ok and it frustrated me when I saw what others could achieve on a black vehicle. Seeing what you have done with this truck, it reaffirms my believe as an amateur to know when to send things to a professional.
  11. RayS

    New cars, swirls and lighting...

    If you search Amazon for Sunco LED shop lights, you will get a lot of size options and some different models. If you prefer something other than Sunco, there are plenty of other manufacturers. I personally like the linkable ones and for a 1.5 car garage getting the 6 pack works well with having 2 lights going length-wise and 1 light going sideways. Different brands offer different hanging options, some are hung by chains and others can be directly mounted. For the ceiling you can go either way, but you need to make sure they can be directly mounted if you are going to hang them on the wall. You can purchase the lights from singles up to a 16 pack with Sunco and I see similar quantities from other vendors. The more you purchase the lower the price per light, but you should plan on between $20 and $30 per light according to which brand, model and quantity you are going with. I suspect your local big box hardware store (Lowes, HD, Menards), Costco , etc., may have them also. I will recommend that you select the 5000k as @shane@detailedreflections recommended. I currently have the 4000k and my son-in-law has the 5000k and there is a substantial difference. On the electrical, I recommend you have a way to turn them on or off in sections or individually, I have nothing to close to what Shane does and they can still be overwhelming at times. Here is the model that I plan on putting in my shop on the ceiling before winter. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B078T3LL7W/?coliid=I2IR8MD61OEFZN&colid=1H9IU21L8JAFN&psc=0&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it
  12. RayS

    Leather Conditioner

    The saddle bags get a two stage treatment. The first stage is the conditioner and the second stage is the sealant, both by the same company. While I would think you could use the product on the vehicle, I never considered it due to the cost and effort involved. It is a purpose made product and no it does not come from the bike store. The leather jackets range from about 40 years old to a year old and I have used the same product on them all since the original purchases. The leather is as soft as a baby's bottom and there are no cracks or marks of any sort on them. The product is a conditioner and works as a water repellent. The ~30 year old custom made for me Australian Lamb Skin jacket is my prized possession. Even though I don't wear it very often, it gets conditioned twice a year, in the fall and in the spring along with the other jackets and still looks as good as the day it was handed to me. The product is only used on the leather jackets. I do appreciate the feedback on the leather recliner, leather desk chair, wife's purses and I'm sure my wallet and few other leather or leather like items will be well served with Adam's Leather Conditioner. I hadn't even thought about using it on them and have been using an off the shelf product when we clean them. Now, I've got more work to do this weekend.😓
  13. RayS

    Amazing Transformation

    Amazing what you find when you start going through your pictures. What is more amazing is when you look back a year and 10 days and see such a difference in a vehicle. When I bought my truck, I was using a competitors products and while I knew it was a good product, I was pretty sure my truck could look better. I have a picture of the first full detail I did when the truck was barely a month old. The method used on truck for the August 16, 2017 picture is basically the same method used on the August 26, 2018 picture. The time of day was within 30 minutes of each other and it happens that the truck was parked in the same spot. The truck was a full detail, wash, clay, fix all the funky spots, seal, wax and I was happy. I received some compliments on the truck, the water beaded, I had no complaints. The question was how and by using what, could I get it to look better. I knew I was good at detailing, yet I saw way too many vehicles that told me there were better products, methods and Detailers, so I knew I had room for improvement. The question was what did I need to change, learn and work on to up my game. I started researching, reading, asking questions, more reading and watching a few video's. It came down to 3 consumer grade products and I made the choice to go with Adam's because of the information available on the product site and this forum. I started with a few basic products to test the waters and was impressed with the ease of use and outcome. Over the next several months I continued to read, learn and listen to the users, "this forum", to continue to improve on the quality of the job. Now we jump forward a year, add 7,000 miles and 12 months of being parked outside and multiple months of using Adam's and you end up with a depth and glow that blows away the original products that I was using. I am looking forward to seeing what another year with bring with talking with the forum members, experimenting and working on improvements. I am confident that if I continue to use the Adam's products and learning from Expert and Master Detailers on this forum, I'll be able to achieve a higher level. A big thank you goes to all the members who share their stories, provide feedback and to the Adam's team for the products they produce.
  14. RayS

    New garage FINALLY happening

    That will be a huge transition, but I'm sure it will be a welcome one. Good luck on the build.
  15. RayS

    Leather Conditioner

    The current trend of the Leatherette as GM calls it almost feels like leather even though it really isn't, but the importance is that it still dries out and needs moisture added. Chris is spot with the statement about using it on things that are not 100% leather. I have vinyl, leatherette and real leather between the vehicles and I use LC on all three materials and like the results across the board. The first time I used it on each vehicle, it did take a couple of passes reapplying with the towel to get it to even out. Subsequent applications have required less effort and product since they had some moisture in them. I have multiple leather jackets and leather saddle bags and I would not use it on them, but they have different usage and conditioning method. For the interior of a car, it works very well and is comparable in price, effort and longevity to other products that condition and moisturize interiors.