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  1. RayS

    What Did You Wash, Shine, and or Polish Today

    In preparation for an activity on Saturday, I started very early this morning preparing the truck, let's just say there was light when I started. After I hit the tires with Tire & Rubber Cleaner, the wheels with Eco Wheel Cleaner and the tire wells with Under Carriage Spray, I started with a Strip Wash and was prepared to do a Claybar, but after inspection it didn't need it. It had only been ~3 months since the last clay and the truck had been well protected and had less than 300 miles put on it. If you are wondering why I went with a strip wash, I wanted to improve the base and it was an opportunity put to practice everything I was learning from reading, viewing video's and forum member feedback. Step #1: I made sure it was spotless and I put it in the garage Step #2: VRT or 303 all the trim. Note: VRT works wonders on the Aeroskin II bug guard, air dam and a few other places. 303 is used on the tonneau cover and window trim. Step #3: I did one panel at a time with Brilliant Glaze - checked the truck twice for any missed spots Step #4: one panel at a time with Paint Sealant - repeat checking pattern Break - Lunch: Fried egg sandwich, the daughters dog was happy, she got scrambled eggs Step #5: check for misses again (none) - put Buttery Wax on the entire truck Step #6: Removed Buttery Wax from the entire truck Break - After break - checked the entire truck for white spots, misses, etc.. Found a few white spots, easily taken care of Step #7: One panel at a time with Ceramic Boost and then the rims last Step #8: Windows Step #9: pulled it into the drive and took this picture I have one place that I am not happy about with the results and am hoping someone can assist. The running boards are Westin HDX's and are black steel. The step pads clean up nicely, but I cannot seem to manage to get any luster into the running boards themselves. Any suggestions? As always, I appreciate feedback on ways to improve the outcome in the future.
  2. Very informative video, thanks for posting the link. I have all the towels in the segment, except the drying towel and that is in my wish list. I add a couple of towels into every order as I'm trying to replace all the various vendor towels. Of course, I took advantage of the 24 stack borderless grays when they were on sale. The one thing missing from the video, is the microfiber blanket. My oldest absolutely wants one and when/if they come back, she will get one. No, she is not spoiled - she is just developing an addiction and I'm trying to help cope with it. She is the daughter that helps me with the vehicles.
  3. RayS

    No Love....

    I thought I got a bonus mint in my box that arrived Thursday. Honestly, I didn't know that I getting your mint and mine, but I will tell you it was good. As for the sticker, someone else must have gotten it, but I only had one. Of note, if your box page crumpled paper in it, shake the paper - I have had one mint in an earlier box that had slid into the paper during transport.
  4. RayS

    New house/garage

    I looked at the Lowes site and they are no longer available and I checked the Utilitech site itself and they are not listed. I found a very similar setup on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/OOOLED-4800LM-Daylight-Worklight-Fixture/dp/B078BX42XS/ref=sr_1_3_sspa?s=lamps-light&ie=UTF8&qid=1532079300&sr=1-3-spons&keywords=led+shop+light&psc=1 I know mine are a lower output than the ones I found Amazon, I believe they were 4000, and I have had them about 4 or 5 years and they have worked without an issue. I know they were more expensive at the time, I think they were around $60 for each light. Similar to you, I had to go from a single bulb that I changed to a box to having a set of lights that I could control. That is where the linkable lights with the chains came in handy. If I get to where I can remodel the garage, I will have better lighting wired with multiple switches. The garage comes after the 2 bathrooms and kitchen.
  5. RayS

    New house/garage

    I went to Lowes and got the 4' Utelitrich LED's with the chain so I could select how many I want to have on, because as you said they can get very bright. Then good thing is when you have mustang ripped apart and are trying to line up engine and tranny at night, you can get some real light in the garage. It also helps when you need to get light angles to see different spots on the car, just turn off a light and it changes the optics rather well. Look for one with a lens cover since it helps disperse the light.
  6. RayS

    Favorite place(s) to eat - and why

    I have two places of preference. My daughters house and my daughters restaurant and I will enjoy them even more when I finish paying for her 6 years of school. Should I mention her specialty is pastries. She can cook anything: salmon, brisket, beef tenderloin and did I mention salmon and lets not forget the desserts. Now, I'm getting hungry again and we just finished eating. My all time favorite place is the Rendezvous in Kodiak AK. My second favorite is Belgo Centraal London - I never knew there were so many kinds of Schnapps until I went there the first time.
  7. RayS

    Adam's Forums Post Milestone & /Anniversary Thread

    An added Thank You for all the assistance and knowledge sharing you have given me since I joined this forum - I very much appreciate it.
  8. RayS

    Butter wax on camper

    I did my 30' motorhome once and it took days to complete. I always worked on the shade side and to keep track of the block I was working on, I used painters tape. My method was to do a 2'x4' block in the back and once I had product applied, I had time to mark off the next 2'x4' block in the front before working the block in the back. Next I would apply the product to the front and go back and forth, eventually meeting in the middle. For marking the blocks, I used blue painters tape and it never left any residue that a quick wipe a microfiber towel couldn't take care of, just don't leave the tape on too long. A few more pointers, if you leave it plugged in and the refrigerator running, the heat that comes through the side will affect the reaction time of the Paint Sealant. Also, check the condensation drains at the bottom of windows before you hit them with the applicator. I had a couple that still had water in them and ran down the side when I brushed them with the applicator. For the graphics, you can go over them, but they are generally a thicker matte, so I always traced the graphic instead of going from the fiberglass to the graphic due to the bump.
  9. RayS

    Glass Sealant

    If you did not get any of the Glass Boost, it does make the Glass Sealant last longer. I also use the Glass Boost on the outside mirrors after I clean then with Glass Cleaner. I have found that using the Glass Boost on the mirrors cuts down on the headlight reflections at night and any overnight dew rolls off them easier.
  10. I have the standard foam gun and have used the regular shampoo and ultra shampoo. The difference that I have found is that I need a little less shampoo with the Ultra for the same results. The product descriptions say Concentrated and Ultra say Super Concentrated, which would explain why less is required. I am on a well and my water pressure is 55 at the hose, I wouldn't call it high pressure, but it isn't bad either. I am using the Yellow tip and in reviewing the description on the foam gun it states: The Adam's Car Wash Foam Gun now ships with only 2 yellow-green and 2 purple metering tips. We recommend using the yellow-green metering tip and keeping the other as a spare. The purple metering tip can be used for a higher flowrate, but it will use up the Car Shampoo and water mixture in the 32oz bottle more quickly. My flowrate isn't real high due to pipe sizing, but the pressure is good and I get good coverage with either shampoo and the Yellow tip. I have not tried using the Purple tip since the Yellow was recommended and it works good.
  11. My vehicles are all variations of Red from Bright Red to Cajun Red and range from 21 years old to one year old and I am strictly an amateur when it comes to detailing. I used HGG for the first time a couple of weeks ago and was very impressed with the outcome, it was very easy to use and the effect was excellent. Before I use any product I read the feedback from the forum members, watch the video's and hit google for insight outside of this forum. I also tend to watch the video again the night before I use the product for the first time and again in the morning while the coffee is kicking in. That reminds me, I really want some of the Cars and Coffee DS... I regress. I never get in a hurry and if I need to take a break and hit the web if something doesn't look or feel right, I most certainly do so. This isn't to say that I have not messed up a few times, I'm still experimenting with some of the products and building my library of layering for each vehicle. Maybe the difference is the black vehicles vs Red, I don't think I'll touch a black car until we my son-in-law returns from deployment in November and we do his 1971 Datsun 240Z. For me, on the Red vehicles HGG is a winner and I expect it to be part of my long term regiment.
  12. RayS

    Orange Towels

    That is the first I heard of the Syracuse towels. However, the wife is happy that most of the towels are Wisconsin colors - except the large stack of Gray's, they don't fit into any of the schools. If we could get some Packer colors, then I have no doubt the sales would go way up and the wife would be happy to purchase them.
  13. RayS

    Foam Gun VS Foam Cannon

    When I was deciding between the Foam Gun and Foam Cannon, I thought about how many times I had pulled out my pressure sprayer to wash the vehicles. It had been over 18 years, which is when I lived up north and dealt with the Salt and Mud. Since then I have not used the pressure washer on a vehicle, so there was no need to get the Cannon. I do believe that if I was still up north running the dirt/mud roads, then I'd have the Gun and Cannon.
  14. RayS

    eBay: Adams collection 😳😳😳

    At at least now I know I'm not the only one that has been trained by their wife. Even though she smiles every time someone compliments her car and is a co-dependent on my addiction, she viewed the ebay list as a bit excessive for now.
  15. There seems to be multiple of us in the dilemma of what to do with our vehicles between therapy and ceramic. I have multiple vehicles for therapy and since it looks like my wife wants a new Blazer when they are released, I have pretty much made a decision. I'm leaning toward maintaining all the current vehicles, including my truck with less than 6k miles on it as non-ceramic. Then if the wife does decide on the blazer, having one of the professional detailers on the forum do the ceramic. It isn't that I don't think I can do ceramic, I'm pretty sure I can. What I have no doubt about, is that I can maintain ceramic that has been applied by a professional and it will look outstanding. It really comes down to the comfort level of each individual and what they want to tackle and maintain. By no means should my plan be construed as a belief that amateurs cannot or should apply ceramic. I have saw way too many that have been done by non-professionals that were beautiful, it is up to the individual, their comfort level and time available to do it.