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  1. Yesterday, the daughter brought me a July 4th gift of a dirty Jaguar. In return she got a nice clean shiny one at the end of the day. For as much as I dislike doing black vehicles, this one does look good and with CSC on it, it cleans up easily.
  2. Looks good Jen. I'm looking for to seeing the exterior when it is done. I have doubt that it will look exceptional if you decide to go with HGG.
  3. Hi Dave @BRZN please share some photo's. While I can't speak for everyone, I can assure you that since my local shows have all be cancelled or postponed indefinitely, the only shows we may be able to see are online.
  4. Hi Rich, I am in complete agreement with Chris and can think of 17,291 reasons as of today where you are a prime example of what makes this forum great, but I'm leaving off the "old" reference.
  5. I generally let the vehicle sit for a 1/2 hour or so after a Waterless Wash to make sure I didn't miss anything and then you can apply Brilliant Glaze or any other Adam's wax on it. When I'm traveling and need to get a quick shine after the trip, I'll do a Waterless Wash and immediately apply BG. If you don't have any already, the Patriots Wax applicators work exceptionally well for applying BG. https://adamspolishes.com/collections/wax-sealant-ceramic-accessories/products/adam-s-blue-red-patriot-applicator
  6. Thank you Matt. I can assure you that I get much more out of this forum than what I give and I appreciate everyone's participation and friendly communications.
  7. Just because there are some variations in the chemical compound of the two products, I would not recommend doing so. There is no reason why you can't do part of the car with one product and once you run out, start with the next, hopefully at a full panel change or on opposite sides of the vehicle. Once cured, they should look the same and be taken care of the same way. I generally save my small amounts for smaller items, such as golf carts, motorcycles, lawn mowers, etc..
  8. You think it's expensive as teenagers, just wait until you are paying for their cars and college. One went to Clemson and the other to the real USC - University of South Carolina. Did I mention we still have a couple years left on the Chef's school loans. Did I mention also mention mine are only 18 months apart. @DanITD - looking forward to your updates. I have no problem running a test or two on the hitch step, it's an inexpensive part and as you can tell it doesn't match my bumper now.
  9. I have used a couple of well rated brands and they have been equal in quality in my opinion. I usually end up with 3M because it seems to be readily available from a couple of local shops and within a day if I need to order it.
  10. Update on Mary - The brace is off, the stitches are out and she starts physical therapy this week and no more sling. The doctor will determine later if the plate and screws can be removed and it is according to how the multiple breaks heal. With the brace off, the level of discomfort is much lower and she's able to get more than 30 minutes of sleep at a time. She already has as Adam's blanket, not that it will be used again until January. She did get a Packers face mask and I'm waiting for her Badgers face mask to arrive. All in all, she's in good spirits and knows that it will take time to get through the injury. She also very much appreciates the well wishes from the Forum members and my coworkers. Thanks everyone.
  11. If you have the opportunity to have a quality PPF applied to the front and headlights, I will absolutely recommend doing so. The PPF can be polished and coated just like paint, but when it gets all chewed up, it can be replaced rather easily. It won't protect against every rock chip, but it should cut now the down and a significant amount.
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