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  1. That is looking really good Jeff. On the sunroofs, I have been using Ceramic Boost and it seems to be holding up well and keeping them clear, so if you are using Ceramic Spray Coating on yours, I'll be interested to hear how it turns out.
  2. Thanks Chris. If you read the entire thread, especially the last sentence, you'd would have caught the point that is was worth losing the battle to win the war. One-Time Green truck to get do the Red truck many times. Absolutely a time where losing the battle resulted in the ultimate victory.
  3. I had a 1999 Ford F-250 delivered to me yesterday in need of a cleanup and I believe first real wash in preparation to be sold. The truck has been outside for a long time and there is plenty of etching on the hood and roof, but overall it wasn't in bad shape. There are places that the clear coat is dead, but not completely failed yet. The wheels are rust stained to the point that after two rounds of Wheel Cleaner they are as good as they'll ever be. Should I mention it was a beautiful day in South Carolina at 61 when I started and it only get to 84 by the time I was done - don't ask how early I started this morning... I knew this one needed to have some time for the Strip wash to dwell and get through the road grime. Using the foam gun, I sprayed the truck and then took a 5 minute break. After the break I sprayed the truck again with the Strip wash using the foam gun and then started washing it using a red microfiber wash mitt. The rinse bucket got a real workout and I had to change to the water once. After the wash and follow up on some areas with APC and few spots that required some Lube and a Plastic Razor Blade, it was finally ready for an old clay mitt to be used. There was still too many nicks and burs to allow me to use a newer one, which is the reason why I keep some old ones around. After the Clay it was on to the Orange Pad with with Correction Polish and I hit a few test spots by hand and decided that was as aggressive as I was willing to go, so I grabbed the Swirl Killer 15mm and got at it. After going over the truck with correction polish, it was on to finishing polish and it started to look like a real vehicle. I purposely skipped the places where the clear coat was bad to reduce the risk of additional damage. The truck was looking good, but I knew it could be a little better, so I grabbed the Revive Hand Polish and got the clarity and depth I was looking for. Then it was on to giving it a coat of wax and that took a little pondering to decide what to use. Given that is a vehicle being sold, I immediately ruled out Ceramic Paste Wax and Patriots. That left me with Americana, Spray Wax and Buttery. I did a test spot of each on the box and the Buttery looked the best, so that is what I went with. The owner is pleased with the results and that is what really matters and more importantly, the owner now has a Red truck and will be bringing it to me to get protected.
  4. When it comes to the door jams and area around the hatch, you can always do them later. You want to make sure you have plenty of time to take care of the vehicle and not get rushed because you are tired or it is getting late. I have even done 1/2 a vehicle one day and the other half the next, but you always make sure you do an entire side if you have to do that. A few things to keep in mind: 1. Always use the least aggressive method possible. 2. Do test spots, including using the baggie test before you clay. 3. Don't try to be achieve perfection, if you can't see it from 3 feet away it is good enough - you'll get better over time. 4. Do small areas at a time, guaranteed that trying to tackle the entire hood in one shot will overwork you, frustrate you and come out less than desirable. 5. Take breaks and admire your work. 6. Keep notes of what you did and how you did it, you'll appreciate it in three or six months when you want to repeat the process. 7. Temperature and humidity changes throughout the day and have a big impact on the cure or drying time. Finally, take lots of picture, before , during and after and share them on the forum.
  5. I'm going to give you another thread to review about preparing your vehicle: This thread has some good questions and recommendations on the process and some options.
  6. Hi Rich, If those are Birch leaves they act like Tea leaves and stain almost anything. The Ceramic Paste Wax has been good to me for being able to keep the stains down, but what worked the best is the regular Spray Wax. I'd use the Spray Wax as a drying agent after a wash following the Use When Washing Directions. It was easy to apply, looked good and kept the gunk from sticking or straining.
  7. This is not a technique that is unique to Adam's. There are companies that sell various items on Amazon or other web vendor sites that are packaged differently, which can mean a lower price point. This is generally enough to get people interested and then the person will seek out the vendor site to make larger purchases. There is also the Vendor Exclusive models which means you need to go a 3rd party to get it as an incentive to keep your resellers. While I have not checked and do not know for fact, but there is a possibility that the smaller kits are also available at the resellers.
  8. I don't think you'll find anyone that has used the Adam's Ceramic Spray or Ceramic Paste Wax to disagree with your thoughts. I have used both CSC and CPW and torn between which one I like better, so I'll probably leave 1/2 my vehicles with CPW and the other half I'll end up coating. Either way, the prep is the key to the best outcome, so plan a weekend, put it inside and take your time. The results are amazing. @Rich did a Black SUV to perfection, so I'll ask him to chime in on this one also.
  9. The sidekick is also good for getting around the mirrors and for SUV's along the hatch, so I have to agree it is a good option.
  10. The cleaner can be picked up from most of the distributors. The list of distributors is under Store Locator on the products site, you can also stop by your local Chevy dealer since it is product the larger dealers will have on hand. Yes, they'll even sell the products to a Ford owner, but they might try to convince you to get a new truck while you are there.
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