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  1. I have used #0000 multiple times for marring and like @falcaineer hadn't thought of it for a chemical stain or mark. I have a vehicle that has what appears to be a suction cup mark on the inside that only shows if the window starts to fog. I am going to have to try the #0000 and BG to see what it does.
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    The two word game.

    Sheet music
  3. The bike is a Suzuki Intruder 850 with 1,395 miles on it and should I mention that it is for sale. The bike was not clean when this picture was taken, but I will be making her pretty over the next few weeks. The average temp for February is 62 and we'll get some days in the 70's, it was 67 yesterday and it is still 52 as I'm writing this at 5:50 AM. Monday will be a different story with highs in the low 40's and nighttime temps in the lower 20's, but by Wednesday we'll be at 65. If you look close at the picture of the Mustang with the engine out, you'll notice that is the motorcycle jack in there. I prefer using the motorcycle jack over a regular tranny jack.
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    The two word game.

    Topic research
  5. RayS

    The "Don't Do's of Detailing" Thread

    Don't get Ceramic Wax on your convertible top, especially after you have spent a couple of weeks restoring to being nice and black. You will find that the amount of effort to get CW off the top will far exceed the effort it would have taken to put the top down or tape it off first.
  6. I'm not sure if this has been a 3 year project or a 20+ year project. Either way it has been fun, had a few challenges and the results are more than expected. We know that done never means done, it is simply a break until the next activity. Of note, the headlights are not complete, while the replacement arrived this week, there is a problem with them, but I went ahead and finished the body. I'll also mention that I did not pull the wheels to do them, I decided to get Tire Armor and it is on the way. The weather was perfect for a very early start today, it was 50 outside and 60 in the garage with the humidity just above 50%. She was already clean, but I went over the car with waterless wash and wiped her down twice. The trim restorer works very well, I hadn't realized how dull the mirrors had gotten and the front cowl was really bad, they are nice and black now. Following the WW, I pulled out the Ceramic Wax and was careful on the volume on the pad. Paying careful attention to how the wax looked before I started wiping it off, I found 2 minutes to ideal with today's temp and humidity. The 2 minutes allowed me to do one panel, excluding the hood, which I did in two parts. After each panel was complete, I would go back over the previous two panels with a separate double soft to make sure I got everything, then I would start waxing the next panel. I figured if I wiped each panel three times, I'd be assured of no left over wax. Following the wax, I let it sit an hour, got a clean double soft and wiped it one more time. Next was Ceramic Boost 2.0, this was my first use of 2.0, since I didn't have enough 1.0 in the bottle to do the whole car. CB 2.0 went on very easy and I followed the same process as CW. Finally, I topped it with Brilliant Glaze for the pop factor. I'll add this to the do's and don't listing, but a word or caution, do not get CW on your convertible top unless you are prepared for some real work to get it off. The first two pictures are of the car today after it was done. The collage is the journey from shortly after we purchased it, through the engine rebuild and the body. Finally, I want to thank all the members on the forum who have provided input with a special call out to @falcaineer @shane@detailedreflections @pirahnah3 and @mc2hill. Chris, Shane, Jim, Michael, I really appreciate all the advice and notes as we went through this project - Thank You.
  7. RayS

    What Did You Wash, Shine, and or Polish Today

    Teaser Picture: The body is done as long as you ignore the gaping hole where the headlight belongs. The new headlights arrived a few days ago and the plan was to get the new headlights installed and then finalize the shine. Unfortunately, the headlights are the right model number, but they do not line up to be bolted in. I am not naming the manufacturer for the lights because I have used them before and they were always correct for fitment. It will sit in the garage until the replacements get here on Monday or Tuesday. I will update the 20 year old Mustang challenge thread later this evening with additional pictures and details of how I applied the CW + CB 2.0 + BG. The only question now is whether or not my daughter gets it back. I had it for the first 10 years, sh'es had it for the last 10+, so doesn't that mean it is my turn again?
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    The two word game.

    Bee balm
  9. Here are a couple of pictures of a 12sh year old vehicle that has always been outside, has over 185k miles on it and has lived in Florida for the last 10 years. The only thing used was Adam's light kit, taking my time and letting the kit do the work. I have restored headlights many times over the years and found this kit to be easy yet thorough. I very much doubt you will need any sandpaper. The white chunks on the headlight is pine pitch, I first cleaned the gunk off with a microfiber and APC, then I wiped it down with a clean grey and then started with the kit.
  10. And then we learned we were wrong and if the wife finds out we will be reminding of it constantly.
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    The two word game.

    Trip hazard
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    The two word game.

    Home wrecker
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    The two word game.

    Word game
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    The two word game.

    You Didn't ? (for all the parents, how many times have you said that to your kids)
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    Waterless Wash Towels

    The WW is great and having the WW MF towels is ideal. I keep both in my travel kit since it makes for a very easy cleanup regardless of where you are at. When I need a new supply, I purchase the gallon kit that comes with a bottle and two WW MF towels. I recently put another kit during the 20% off sale and with the kit already being on sale, it was a very good deal. I try to not to use the towels more than once to ensure that I'm putting any dirt on the car that wasn't already there. As for the wax portion, I tried the Spray Wax yesterday after doing a WW and was shocked at how nice the wife's Malibu came out. I put a picture in the What did you wash today thread. In most cases my vehicles are kept pretty clean, so the spray wax or any other topper isn't needed.