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  1. You have some Real cars, nice collection.
  2. Both vehicles are impressive and especially the depth on the Green one. Great job Chris.
  3. I was always a Wax, Americana, Patriots and then Ceramic Paste person until my son-in-law got his F-150 and that is when it was try time to try the Ceramic Spray Coating. Even then I was pretty adamant that the Mustang would keep getting Ceramic Paste Wax. After doing the F-150, Colorado, Terrain and Mustang was done. I do have CPW on top of the coating on the Terrain the Mustang, just because I though they deserved an extra touch. All the vehicles, 2019 F-150, 2017 Colorado, 1998 Mustang, 2019 Terrain, 2016 Club Car all have Ceramic Spray Coating on them.
  4. I'll recommend sharing some pictures of your vehicle and what your starting with and that might help with some recommendations. There are many options and variables, but just as import as to what you put on the vehicle is how you prepare it. Is it a hard top, convertible, vinyl top, there are a lot of variables that need to be taken into account. For me, I do some new vehicles, yet the majority are 10-20 years old. Then again, I also specialize in Red vehicles and am pretty confident that if you have a Red vehicle, I can help you out. As for the comment about Paste Wax, that has always been my preference and I love the Ceramic Paste Wax. I've been converting all my vehicles over to the Ceramic Coating, although two of them still get topped with Ceramic Paste Wax, including the 20+ year old Mustang. Next up for Ceramic Coating will be the Range Rover.
  5. She's looking good Tim. Trying to get under the door handles is a real pain. I use cut up old Orange and White pads by hand and while it works, it still isn't great nor pleasurable on the back of the knuckles.
  6. RayS

    The two word game.

    Budget busted (Which is what most of us end up with when we get on the Adam's site) 🤣
  7. Chris, I marked "Thanks" not only for sharing the '40 Ford pictures , but because it looks like a Trophy which is what that shine would win.
  8. I have to agree with @Chris@Adams on the good looking vehicle and coating. I did my Wife's and son-in-laws vehicles right after purchase. Not only was the vehicle much easier to prep, it also reduced the number of dings that had to be dealt with. It has been 7 months since I did the son-in-laws truck and it still looks great and 5 months on the wife's. If can you can swing the coating, you'll love the looks and ease of maintenance.
  9. Hi Jack, Did you get Ceramic waterless wash or the regular waterless wash? I'm going to go under the assumption that you received the Ceramic based product. The blue waterless wash towels are the same and I don't even keep mine separated between the vehicles using waterless wash vs ceramic waterless wash. For the Wash & Coat, I use the Lambskin mitt on the wife's vehicle and the 10" wash pad on all the others. For boost, I use the Borderless Gray and then do a final wipe down with a double soft. If I'm preparing the vehicle for a little extra pop with Brilliant Glaze, I use multiple single softs in lieu of the borderless gray. Don't ask if it makes a difference between the Borderless Gray and single soft - I can't tell a difference, but the owner of the garage queen thinks so and that is what really matters.
  10. My wife is also sensitive to some smells. The regular odor neutralizer bothers her, but the pumpkin does not. Regular interior detail spray also bothers her, but I've had multiple others that do not. Pumpkin seems to always be a safe choice and she's never had a problem with any of the exterior detail sprays or BG, Leather conditioner or glass cleaner. What gets interesting is that the garage can be filled with the smell of regular detail spray and it never bothers her, but I put a detail spray air freshener in the vehicle, she bothered by it. For reference, it has to be a specific chemical compound given that she has around 100 different Yankee candles and we can use Fabreeze ,Yankee Candle other Adam's Air Fresheners without issue.
  11. Hi Crisco, As @falcaineer recommended the Paint Sealant with HGG on it looks and lasts for a while. If it is a white vehicle, it will really look great - I don't know what it is with HGG and White, but it is a perfect combination, in my opinion. If you are going out for a weekend or to a show, you can go over the car with Brilliant Glaze and it will really make it pop, but be aware it only lasts for a of days. One additional item you can do with HGG is go over it with Ceramic Paste Wax. I have done this with one white vehicle and I really liked the outcome. The HGG gave it the look that I was after and the Ceramic Paste Wax gave it the additional longevity the owner wanted. With the CPW, you will only apply HGG every 6 months or so when you do a strip wash again. The maintenance on the CPW is to use Ceramic Boost once a month as a drying aid and the rest of the time use Ceramic Waterless Wash.
  12. It is actually a steel building and the artists rendering is showing horizontal siding, but we prefer vertical and will go that way. The construction gives us the option to enclose the large bay if we choose to do so next year. We have priced the doors and they will run about $5,000 for the pair, installed. Each door would be a roll up, 16 wide by 14 tall and they are running $2,200 each. The large bay will also have plenty of light with ten 8 foot 5000k LED's on the ceiling and air moving with two 84" ceiling fans. We really would have liked to have gone with Brick, but the additional $12,000 price tag put that beyond what we want to spend for now. The one thing we can do with Steel is add the Sandstone on front to match the front of the house so it has the curb appeal. I'll do all the wiring myself and will insulate the enclosed area so it can be climate controlled. To get to a design type that we liked, we've probably looked at close to 300 different models and drawings and each of those can be customized to exactly how we want it. Now that we've in the final design stages, we're getting rather excited. We still have the end design, company selection, permits, concrete, delivery and construction, inspection and then usage. There is still a lot left to do, but the in the end this is going to be a very nice step up from using a 10' x 10' portable canopy to get out of the sun. Should I also mention that the wife is tired of her garage queen getting moved out of the garage so we can put project cars in there.
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