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  1. Sweet ride and welcome to the Forum.
  2. I have saw some cars with Plasti-Dip that looked fantastic and if you don't like it within the first couple of days it comes of real easy. Although, I did end have 4 wheels that had to be peeled, two came off with little effort, the other two were a bear - I have no idea 👼 who didn't prep them right.
  3. Welcome to the Forum Michael. I'm a fan of multiple of the waxes and have been doing a multiple vehicles with the Ceramic Paste Wax. I tend to avoid doing other peoples bikes, doing mine is more than enough and takes me about twice as long as the average car.
  4. We continue to make progress on the building design and plan. The wife has decided the colors and the drawing is close, but not exactly as the picture shows. @TheWolf made the recommendation to enclose the large bay and after some additional reviews, we have decided to do so. We also made a size adjustment, the big bay is going to be 18 feet wide with a 12x11 wide door on both ends. The short section will still be 10' wide with a 8x8 door and the entire building will still be 36' long. There will be a standard walk in door on the side of the large bay and in the center wall separating the sections. The total building footprint will be 26' wide and 36' long. The door on the back of the building will be a standard metal building roll up door and the ones one the front will be from the same company that put in the garage door on the house 2 years ago and they will all match. Next up is the concrete, whenever it stops raining. We are going with colored concrete and it will match the sandstone on the front entrance of the house and front sidewalk. The location of the building will be behind where the vehicles are parked. Pretty much from the center of the Lexus and going 26' to the right. The driveway is currently 48' wide were the vehicles are parked and it will be extended to 60 feet. We also want to have the driveway resurfaced and colored to match the rest and it is 102' long and goes from 10' wide at the narrowest point to 48 at the widest point. The last picture gives an aerial view and with my poor freehand drawing, the Red line shows where the building will be going and the Blue line where the driveway will be extended. The timeframe for the building to be put up is 3-4 weeks after the concrete is poured and that is dependent on the weather.
  5. All I know is that the wife just smiles each time I'm in the garage going over her Terrain with waterless wash.
  6. I was challenged with CB 1.0 and streaking and quickly got in the habit of using the wet method and have continued with that method with CB 2.0. The one time I did not use the wet method I had streaks and it took multiple towels to get it out before it set. For the side of the box of the F-150, I mist the box with water, about 3 squeezes for the side and then I do one long spray of CB going end to end with CB. The I go after it with a towel and if the towel gets too wet or it start to streak, I toss the towel and grab a dry to keep going at it. The wet towel can be used on the next panel to spread the product, but follow up with one that isn't very wet. I usually go through 4 to 6 towels for the F-150 and 3-5 towels on the Terrain or Colorado.
  7. I'm a Red car person, but that Matte Aquamarine looks sharp and I don't recall ever seeing a Lotus with anything even remotely similar to it.
  8. RayS

    The two word game.

    Bull cookies - extra points if you know who frequently said it -
  9. Hi Jack, That looks amazing and not just because it's Red, although I will admit it helps...The hood in the last picture really pops, nice Great job.
  10. Welcome to the Forum James. Chris ^^^ aka @falcaineer was probably drooling thinking about how great that White truck would look with H20 Guard and Gloss on it. Chris got me hooked with using it on White vehicles and it still amazes me at how sharp it makes White look.
  11. You've only gotten through Waterless Wash and Rinseless Wash so far and there are many other items in the list. For the record, I buy Waterless Wash since is smells so much better, in my opinion. A bottle of WW and a towel in the parking lot while the wife is shopping is a perfect way to pass the time and end up with a clean vehicle, plus it keeps you from getting dragged around the store.
  12. If your car is well waxed the dust will rinse off easily and then you can use Waterless Wash as drying aid. It is also one of the items that I keep in my travel kits since it can make for a easy and quick cleanup when traveling.
  13. I see a bunch of comments above about "regular laundry detergent" which I never use on my MicroFiber towels, even the old ones. If I don't use Microfiber Revitalizer, then I use Tide Free and Clear so there are no perfumes other harsh chemical in the detergent. I know others use All Free and Clear and I'm sure there other brands as well. I have also always been very firm that no power detergents will touch my towels, liquid only. I do not pre-wash my Adam's towels, but do give them a good shake out first. I received a gift of Packers, Green and Gold along with Syracuse Orange towels and those were all washed before being used. They are nice towels, but sure had a ton of fuzzies on them.
  14. It looks to me like they are building a cage to keep Chris aka @falcaineer contained.
  15. I have noticed that I get streaking once in a while when I use an older towel. However, if you soak the towel in hot water and then wash it with microfiber revitalizer, it will bring it back to life if there is any life left. Also, when I am done with a panel with waterless wash, I immediately go over it with a single soft and it will catch any liquid that is left.
  16. RayS

    Food Thread

    Another @Liralen special to show my Chef daughter. It looks great, thank you for sharing.
  17. Here is a picture that I posted a while ago, and no @falcaineer my hands are not Orange, those are gloves. I use 2-3 sprays to cover the area shown in the box and that has proven to be enough product for a even distribution on chemical on the panel. Please don't think you are careful enough that you don't need to wear gloves. The effort to clean your hands just isn't worth the hassle and gloves are cheap. Adam's sells gloves just for the ceramic and while I have not used them, suspect they are fine. Given the amount of mechanical work that my son-in-law and I do, we buy the mechanics gloves in boxes of 100.
  18. While I don't fall into the Pro category, I do not sell any chemicals. If someone is interested, I let them know which local Chevy dealers have the products in stock and refer them to the Adam's site. Personally, I have zero interest in ever getting into a product retail situation again. Anyone need some mice with a PS2 connector? I'm sure I've got a box of a 100 or so still sitting around. For the young ones on the site, I'm not talking about a Play Station either. Then there are the 4x IDE CD burners and the 8 bit soundblaster cards. Honestly, the inventory is gone, some donated to schools, youth centers, libraries and anyplace else that would take them, the rest went to recycling. Once you get stuck with a decent inventory and zero market, it will make you gun shy of the retail market.
  19. I have a stack of warn out borderless grey and single softs that are my go to towels for anything that might degrade them even more. I think shop towels would be fine for the wheels as long they aren't the ones that feel like sandpaper.
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