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  1. I know that products have been color coordinated for easy/best use but are the pads actually different densities? thx, jstaples17
  2. jstaples17

    Foaming Your Engine Bay??

    I appreciate everyone's answers. It seems on social media that foaming your car including the engine bay is "The Thing" to do now and i was a bit skeptical.
  3. jstaples17

    Foaming Your Engine Bay??

    @zw470 looks good, thx
  4. jstaples17

    Foaming Your Engine Bay??

    @ObsessedDetailer i would agree with that thought as well. I own a Hybrid so any more input on what to be careful of? @shane@detailedreflections do you have any helpful ideas or tips?
  5. The title should be pretty straight forward. Can you? Should you? Besides the always electrical concerns if you do what else should you be watching for? thx, Jordan
  6. jstaples17

    Heavy Correcting / Microfiber Pads

    red94chev, Great idea and thank you. On a white car its even that much more of a challenge.
  7. jstaples17

    Heavy Correcting / Microfiber Pads

    Thank you everyone. I am just trying to fix years of neglect as this was a new used to us vehicle.
  8. Newb question. I just did the first pass on my wife's car with the heavy correcting polish and MF pad. After inspecting the paint i'm sure it could use another pass with this before going to step 2. Is this advisable or should i do step 2 Correcting Polish and then see if i need to go back? Also worth noting i am running the SK at level 4, should i be running it any higher when polishing? thx in advance
  9. coops18ZR2, Your post is very encouraging as I am embarking on the same journey this weekend and very nervous. I didn't see it but could you or anyone on this thread discuss speed settings besides what you used for the MF pad. I would assume it was close to the same but we all know what assume means. thx, jstaples17
  10. jstaples17

    Newb from WA

    ok, so here are a few pics of the ride after I Strip Wash, Iron Remover, Clay Bar, Revive Hand Polish and Paint Sealant.
  11. jstaples17

    Fallout on my wifes car

    i will take a few pics and post them this evening. thx
  12. So i have the iron remover but my wife's car has black dots all over it which makes me think its road tar or some sort of atmosphere. What i am trying to decide is if the iron remover i have will tackle this job or should i be using something else. Her car is 2007 white Honda Pilot so any chemical i need it will take quite a bit to cover the all the surfaces of the vehicle. Any ideas or help would be appreciated. thx, jstaples17
  13. jstaples17

    Wheel Barrel Cleaning

    Awesome, thx for all the replies...
  14. Is there a fairly easy way to clean the barrel of the wheel while it is still on the car? I know silly/lazy question but worth asking. Also what product or tools should i be using?