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  1. Burrell Images

    We need an AA (Adams Addiction) help group 😂

    It’s color matched Rhino Lining. It’s also not rough. Regular microfibers to fine.
  2. Ive gone to and called a few Chevy dealerships and they all have the current (pink bottle). Surely someone has some around the garage somewhere.
  3. Burrell Images

    Limited Edition Products

    There are actually 3 detail sprays with the corvette on it. I have the first one but missing the other two. They have become hard to find.
  4. Burrell Images

    GM detail spray

    Yeah that won't help me though.
  5. Burrell Images

    GM detail spray

    Hey guys, I have beat about every bush I can find, looking for a couple bottles I’m missing. I am trying to find two different General Motors details spray bottles. One with the red corvette and one with the yellow corvette. I’m also looking for the white label throwback detail spray. Can anyone help me with this search? It’s literally the last 3 bottles I’m missing in my quest for a full detail spray collection. Just something I wanted to do to add some artwork to my garage per say.
  6. My garage gets pretty cold during the winter. Cold enough to freeze my water valve at least 3 times a winter. I keep all my Adams products in the garage and am curious if any of it will freeze, mess up or the cold cause it to not work right. Thanks guys.
  7. Burrell Images

    Limited edition detail sprays

    Just looking for a good detail spray chrome bottle.
  8. Burrell Images

    Limited edition detail sprays

    If you have any I don’t, I’ll gladly take them off your hands. 😉 message me
  9. Burrell Images

    Limited edition detail sprays

    Would prefer a full one. But message me
  10. Burrell Images

    Limited edition detail sprays

    I have the old coupe bottle, its in that last photo. Im still looking for the chrome one. Ive seen it, just cant find it.
  11. Burrell Images

    Limited edition detail sprays

    My current collection. Still missing a few. Once I get it complete, I’ll take the bottles down for s photo shoot. 😉 Illest is there now, just wasn’t here for these photos. I have a couple more in route also. Just ready to find the missing ones and finish it. It’s time consuming. Haha
  12. How do I get the GM bottles? I ordered a detail spray with the yellow corvette on it (which I’m guessing is the current label). That’s what was listed on the Chevy Mall website. But a standard bottle of detail spray showed up. I’d love to get my hands on a bottle with the yellow Vette and an older one with the red Vette. I already have the original one with the blue logo (photo attached)
  13. Burrell Images

    Limited Edition Products

    I do find it cool that no one had the Kindig It until after I posted mine on my Instagram. I’ve heard several times this week that I have been a huge factor in why this trend has blown up like it has. It’s hard to believe looking from my end, but multiple people have said that, so maybe it’s teue. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  14. Burrell Images

    Limited Edition Products

    I have the 100k in route and hope to be grabbing the coffee as well. I know I’m missing two of the General Motors ones, the white label throwback from 2016 and a couple of the old old bottles. It’s awesome that once I started this journey, people from all over the country have offered to help me find them. So any help on the missing ones would be great.
  15. Burrell Images

    Limited Edition Products

    I’m sure some of you guys have seen my posts on my @adamspolishescollection Instagram page, but here is a couple recent photos of my collection. The one in the floor is missing a couple that recently showed up, while the wall rack photo is more up to date. My Illest isn’t in the wall photo but is here now. That is the front wall of my recently completed garage. This bottle collecting thing actually brings joy in my life. Meeting new people daily online with the same interest. I will repost once my others show up.