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  1. cwp2016nd

    Part Time Detailer

    Yes. MRB for microfiber pads and APC for foam pads
  2. cwp2016nd

    Part Time Detailer

    I'm not sure if I've ever heard of MRB being used to clean pads. I always use APC and have never had an issue. Pads are clean as a whistle afterwards and the APC is cheap.
  3. cwp2016nd

    Part Time Detailer

    I also have a bottle of MRB that I will occasionally spray onto my towels to pre-treat, but don't notice much of a difference. The All F&C is just much cheaper. I should try the MRB more often.
  4. cwp2016nd

    Part Time Detailer

    If you don't want to spend a ton of money on microfiber cleaning solution, pick up some ALL Free Clear. It is a detergent that is dye/fragrance/fabric softener free. That is what you need for microfiber towels.
  5. cwp2016nd

    Part Time Detailer

    Those are the bare essentials I would say. Single softs from Adam's are great towels, but there are certainly cheaper alternatives out there without sacrificing quality. I use my drying towels twice before I wash them. I thoroughly inspect them before the second use, though. Even though the car is "clean" you will manage to pick dirt up somewhere or another on occasion.
  6. cwp2016nd

    Part Time Detailer

    I personally use a one bucket method, but that's just me. 2 buckets, grit guards, car shampoo, strip wash, visco clay, buttery wax and 10-15 towels with a drying towel should get you started. The wheel brush, trim and lugnut brush as well as the big wheel woolie and wheel wash mitt would be perfect for 90% of the wheels out there.
  7. cwp2016nd

    Part Time Detailer

    I'm just beginning to get my feet wet in detailing for money, but I have 4 polishers, tons of different compounds/polishes (and not even THAT much in the grand scheme of things), all the different brushes you can imagine, metro sidekick blower, two crates full of towels, 70+ compound/polishing pads, tornador w/vacuum attachment, waxes/sealants etc. I have well over $2,500 in my setup already and I don't have an extractor or steamer. Those are coming up on the "To buy" list but first I need a paint depth gauge which I think I'll order on Amazon today. My point is, keep your services limited to what you're able to accomplish and build your money and clients up in order to make big purchases. I didn't do that and had to pay for a bunch of stuff for a while with no clients.
  8. cwp2016nd

    Are all pads created equal?

    Would you mind PM'ing me what you use? I've been curious about trying different pads but there are too many to choose from....Lake country, Rupes, Americana Global, Griot's Garage etc.
  9. cwp2016nd

    Are all pads created equal?

    Almost all of my pads are Adams, besides the assortment of microfiber cutting pads from Meguiars (I also have Adam's microfiber pads). Lets face it, besides machines/tools/towels, pads are going to be one of the largest investments you have when it comes to detailing products. With larger pads (5-7") coming in at $12-14 a piece, it gets costly. Especially when you run a business and need 10+ of each pad type and size. To switch pad brands will be quite a costly endeavor but I plan on trying different pads out next year, just for the sake of experimenting. The adam's pads have treated me well and I have nothing bad to say about them. As for your question on the pad style, I'm not sure it does all that much. It might play a factor in how it feels while polishing the paint or how the pad generates heat, but I can't see it being THE factor to how a pad performs. That is more to do with the foam construction itself.
  10. Great bunch of people over there. It’s not just the products that have me sold as a lifelong customer, it’s the service you get with them!
  11. So I got home and I was expecting a bunch of detailing stuff that I ordered. I got my Rupes nano ibrid kit and also two Adam’s boxes. I was expecting a bunch of polishing pads that I ordered last friday so I wondered what my second box was. I open it up and it must’ve been a mystery box! It had a single soft towel, microfiber sponge, car shampoo, APC, glass cleaner and buttery wax. I checked my adams account and I didn’t order anything besides my pads. I checked my amazon account and I didn’t order anything besides my utility towels. I even checked my bank account and nowhere on it was $29.99 taken out for a mystery box. I must say that it was it was a pleasant surprise but I still find it weird. Lol. Thanks Adam’s!
  12. cwp2016nd

    soft red wheel brush?

    On any alloy wheel I've worked with I use the red wheel brush and it works fantastic. I either use Adam's WC or another brands wheel cleaner and I couldn't be happier with the results. If there's a space you can't fit the bristles in I use the lug nut brush for it. Never had an issue getting a perfectly clean wheel once I'm done.
  13. cwp2016nd

    Trim protection

    I've had good luck with VRT not running after it rains. As stated above, apply the VRT and let it set for a couple minutes. Come back with a microfiber towel and knock it down. Prior to applying it make sure to wipe the trim down with TRC to assure the best bond and look possible.
  14. Sealant will help with water spotting in the future for sure.
  15. Looks like you need to take those wheels off and use a small piece of clay inside the lug holes then. If that doesn’t take it all off, use a small dab of finishing polish with a microfiber towel and work it. One of those methods will work.