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  1. cwp2016nd

    Rubber etching

    If you don't have tire and rubber cleaner there are alternatives that can be found locally. If you have a walmart or advanced auto near you get a gallon of superclean degreaser (A gallon is around $9-10) and dilute it 5:1 in a bottle. Spray that onto a microfiber towel and agitate the rubber trim to see if it removes the wax residue.
  2. cwp2016nd

    Rubber etching

    Have you tried scrubbing it with tire and rubber cleaner?
  3. cwp2016nd

    New Spray Wax Question

    That is typically how I use spray wax. I'm sure Adam's will be no different. They have a video on the product page for spray wax explaining it further than their description. I also use spray wax on top of my sealant/wax combination just to give it a little extra pop and to make sure I got all the residue from the sealant/wax off the vehicle.
  4. cwp2016nd

    Issue with tire shine

    That's funny your experiences follow a trend. Mine have not. I have super soft autocross tires on my Miata and the tire shine looks great. I have used Tire Shine on an F350 with poor results. Some compounds are just picky I guess. That's why you can't always rely on one product alone.
  5. cwp2016nd

    Issue with tire shine

    I've cleaned my tires using either Tire and Rubber cleaner or my favorite diluted APC. I use tire shine quite frequently and love the look. I have yet to run across the issue you're having. Some tires simply don't like certain dressings. That is why as a detailer I have 5+ tire dressing options just in case.
  6. cwp2016nd

    Where to start?

    You can apply it on the windshield, but there's better products out there for it. I've tested many products on windows and paint sealant holds up pretty well on side and rear windows. On the windshield because there is more abrasion (wind pushing water/dirt against it at high speeds) it doesn't last as long as I'd like. I use rain-x because I still have half a bottle left and get a couple months from one use, but many people use glass sealant and love it. It's claimed to be stronger and last longer than rain-x. It's a non issue for me as it takes all of 10 minutes to apply a fresh coat of rain-x and I still have some left.
  7. cwp2016nd

    Q&A with Detailed Reflections

    I would like to add onto the wool vs microfiber thoughts. Some companies now offer wool pads that are not SO aggressive and actually finish down quite nicely. A wool pad on a DA can be beneficial as well, although a wool pad on a rotary will kill many defects quickly. A big advantage of wool is that they actually run cooler than microfiber pads. When correcting paint you don't want to get the working section too hot compared to the temperature of the rest of the panel. From various sources I have learned you don't want the difference to exceed 25 degrees or so (Now I have to go back and check because I can't remember the exact number, but it was either 25 or 40 degrees). I know Rupes has a wool pad that has decent cut but finishes beautifully and you can actually use it for one step corrections on a middle ground towards the harder side of clear coat. Don't be scared, play around with some. They work well
  8. There are techniques and tricks to using a steel blade on your paint that make it totally safe. I've seen it done to decontaminate paint as well as take runs/sags/wrinkles off the surface. However, a plastic blade and adhesive remover in this case will be fine.
  9. cwp2016nd

    Blown Transmission

    Luckily that mechanic I can trust is my father. He's been working on cars for almost 30 years now. I was going to write the dealer a letter when this was all said and done because it is unacceptable how the service writer handled the situation. The other manager I dealt with (presumably in sales) handled the rental car for me in the matter of 10 minutes which was refreshing. I will make my feelings known. I'm not "that guy" when it comes to complaining, so hopefully my words come across to them in a meaningful way.
  10. cwp2016nd

    Single stage paint

    Which swirl killer do you have? The 15 or 21? A 21 would be nice on flat panels due to the fact it uses a 6.5" pad and that will control paint residue much better than a 5.5" pad. If you're using a 5.5" pad work in smaller areas and blow the pad out after every pass. If you don't have access to an air compressor you can use a pad brush to loosen up the residue. What I did at a mobile job once (when I was working on single stage paint) since I didn't have an air compressor available, was turn the polisher on speed 2-2.5 and rub the face of the pad with a cheap microfiber towel. It transferred the residue to the towel and allowed me to use that pad more.
  11. cwp2016nd

    Let’s talk...micropolishers

    Those things are wicked cool. I’ve been eyeing a kit that is identical to that for $140. Is that about how much the autotriz goes for? I too have a rotary that is laying dormant in the corner and I could use it for that. Once I get more customers wanting two/three step corrections I’ll be using the rotary for cutting and dual action for finishing. It’s definitely the way to go.
  12. cwp2016nd

    Blown Transmission

    As nice as comp'd future services seems, I don't want to deal with that dealer any more than I have already. It is also weird to me that someone else is working on my car. I usually do everything myself. Even something as simple as an oil change I like to have my own hands on.
  13. cwp2016nd

    Blown Transmission

    Close to a week into this and the dealer called me (after I’ve been calling them) and told me they spoke to Mazda. A new transmission will be at the dealer tomorrow and I’ll get a rental car tomorrow as well. The car should be done Wednesday so I’ll have a rental for all of a day and a half. They definitely had had bad customer service. Terrible, avtually. But I’m glad the car will be done soon.
  14. cwp2016nd

    Blown Transmission

    That is exactly right. This is why customer service is so important. When you get a bad taste put in your mouth you can't get it out. I hope they make it right too.
  15. cwp2016nd

    Blown Transmission

    They're pulling the transmission today. They dumped the fluid yesterday and saw nothing. He's going to call me today and let me know about a car. I spoke to my salesman about a loaner because the service writer is less than helpful. My salesman said "they need to bring the car in. As soon as its in the shop they will touch base with you" Basically I'm going to need to call them later and ask for a car again. This is why I have a new car with a warranty. I shouldn't have to worry about transportation.