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  1. cwp2016nd

    Rupes Nano I-Brid shortneck kit (ON HOLD)

    I originally went with the short neck due to those reasons. More control over the pad especially if you have to use it one handed. It's a cool tool but not worth the investment to me when I won't use it much.
  2. cwp2016nd

    Rupes Nano I-Brid shortneck kit (ON HOLD)

    I'll post some later today. I forgot to take some when I got home last night.
  3. cwp2016nd

    Rupes Nano I-Brid shortneck kit (ON HOLD)

    1 iBrid Nano Short neck 1 BIGFOOT Premium Tool Case 1 Functional Unit and Wrench 1 AC-DC Adapter 2 Rechargeable Battery Packs 1 Battery Charger 6 1.25" Blue Coarse Foam Pads 6 1.25" Yellow Polishing Foam Pads 4 2" Coarse Foam Pads 4 2" Yellow Polishing Foam Pads 1 ZEPHIR polishing compound 150 ml COARSE 1 KERAMIK polishing compound 150 ml FINE 1 Rotary Function Unit 1 3mm Orbital Function Unit 1 12mm Orbital Function Unit 1.25" Backing Plate 2" Backing Plate 1 1.25" Sanding Backing Plate (for use with PSA abrasives) 1 Horsehair Medium Cup Brush 1 Nylon Hard Cup Brush 10 Abrasive Discs for Sanding P2000 10 Abrasive Discs for Sanding P3000 4 Microfiber Cloths That is the official list of stuff that comes in the kit.
  4. Hello All, I have a Rupes Nano Ibrid shortneck kit for sale. Turns out I don't use it as much as I thought I would so I am selling it and reinvesting that money elsewhere. The yellow polish it comes with is almost empty. I had to use it in a pinch on a job I did. I can throw in some Adam's correcting polish to go along with it if you wish (they are pretty close in working capabilities). A couple of the pads have some red stains on them from a single stage paint I polished but everything was only used once. Kit includes - 4 microfiber towels Instructions 3mm & 12mm throw attachments Rotary Attachment Battery Charger 2 batteries Nylon and horsehair brush attachments Blue & yellow pads in 1.25"/2.00" sizes Nano polisher Adapter to be plugged in and run off of wall electricity I also bought 4 (might be 6) 1.25" microfiber cutting pads for it as well that will go with the kit. It is an entire, complete kit that I am selling. I played around with it swapping attachments and such but I only used the polisher on one job in particular areas so it is barely used. $500 + shipping on your end for the kit. I will get some pictures tonight. Thanks
  5. Waterless/rinseless wash for glass cleaning, brilliant glaze for the inside of a windshield, rinseless wash on interiors.... I've seen and done a neat little trick to clean dirty interiors quickly and effectively that have leather seats. You spray the surface down with APC, let it dwell for a minute or so, then wipe it down with a microfiber that was soaking in rinseless wash. You will have a very clean seat with minimal effort after that
  6. Ditto! I recently bought a 32oz bottle of highly regarded compound for $1.11 an ounce while Adam's heavy compound is $2.50 per ounce. When you're detailing quite a few cars an 8oz bottle doesn't go very far. If you're an enthusiast I can understand. I asked a while back about bigger bottles and they mentioned the "pro-line" was supposed to be out around April. I guess that never happened.
  7. cwp2016nd

    New Guy Here from New York

    I've only been around here for a short while, but no. The majority of members are enthusiasts
  8. cwp2016nd

    This what I have for trade.

    I have a turbo stick if you're still interested in trading for something.
  9. I plan on doing something similar to that. I will play around with different pads/compounds and see how they remove different sanding marks. Everything from 1500 grit to 3000
  10. cwp2016nd

    Hydrophobic product?

    I'm really not a fan of topping products like that.... I'd say use buttery wax on it's own being it doesn't last a while. Then you can go back to hydro2. If you haven't checked it out yet, Hydro Blue my Mckees 37 is a fantastic product as well. I got a gallon on sale for around $55 and it lasts a long time.
  11. I also forgot to mention, a quality cleaner wax might also be a good choice for you! It deep cleans the paint while you polish AND it leaves a layer of protection behind
  12. Easiest way to test if it's single stage paint is as follows. Wipe a small area with detail spray so it is free of surface dirt, then blot a little polish on the paint and rub with a microfiber towel. If the microfiber towel has color transfer then you're working with single stage paint. In my experience, bring a lot of pads to do that car. Especially a bigger car such as a 560SL Mercedes. I did not need as many pads as I originally thought doing the Ford Fairmont actually. Being that I did not have compressed air available to me, what I did to clean the pads in between sections was hold a cheap microfiber towel on the face of the pad and turn the polisher on, on speed 1. You then rub the towel over the face of the pad and a lot of paint/residue will transfer to the towel. It is a good way to clean pads in between section passes if you don't have compressed air. I used about 6 pads for the fairmont because the hood was flat black (didn't polish it) and the roof was vinyl.
  13. I will definitely take before and after pictures. Keep in mind there is some rust on this car so it will not be perfect by any means, but it is the perfect test panel for me Its much easier than getting a hood from a junkyard and setting it up to work on.
  14. cwp2016nd

    Limited Edition Products

    So what do you guys do with these limited edition products? Almost seems like a waste to buy them and just shelve them for the rest of time lol.