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  1. Velvethelmet

    Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice!

    My guess is that it is getting too expensive and we are being weened off our free mints. Adam's took on outside investors over the last year and that's the kind of bottom line expense that gets scrutinized. I hope I'm wrong and it's a simple mint shortage. I have a half full jar and want to fill it. But I haven't gotten a mint for at least the last ten orders. No biggie. It was a nice little bonus 🙂
  2. I forgot. Your fenders are most likely painted steel aren't they. All my smaller JD stuff has always had steel stamped fenders and foot wells. I treat them just like clear coated painted steel.
  3. It depends on what year and finish your JD tractors have. Some of them, the more recent years are molded in color with a clear coat finish. These can be cleaned and waxed and even machine polished using same products as a clear coated car. Older years with the molded in plastic color hoods are not clear coated. They are best polished with products designed for plastic or plexiglass polishing. I've had great luck using Novus brand polish. Steps one and two usually do the trick. You can usually find Novus products at your local Harley Davidson dealer. They use it for the plexiglass windscreens. Makes them look new again 😋 If you are talking the real old stuff as in painted metal. If it's a factory finish still. Then just treat it like you would any single stage paint.
  4. Velvethelmet

    New Hanger?

    That looks like a mock up to me. The finish on the sides is a bit rough with the gaps. Hopefully it's in design stage and we will see it in the future. I'm a buyer for sure if it sees daylight.
  5. Velvethelmet

    Expanded workspace

    Is that a tuff shed brand shed you bought? If so how did you find dealing with them?
  6. Velvethelmet

    Looking for new family(ish) car

    Forget the four doors and get back into a GTO 😋 M6 6,300 miles $22,000. Still smells new inside.
  7. Velvethelmet

    Washing a trailer/camper

    If these are the typical streaks that run down from the roof edge seal on your camper and enclosed trailer. I would use the apc as suggested already There are products specifically for those stains. But apc should clean it right up. I'd try a 4:1 dilution. And be sure to wax or seal when your done.
  8. Found it. Not exactly as I remember but it's neat that he respects where he came from by including it. I respect that. I had some der stuff way back when. Had no idea Adam was part of all that. From intro to series ten videos.
  9. I love the BG as well. I think Adam himself has a special fondness for it as well. I noticed watching a recent video, the intro to the tenth series. On a shelf behind Adam along with a bunch of Adam's products is a lone bottle of der shiney stuff, the precursor to BG. And one of Adams first product designs if I understand the der/Orange County connection correctly.
  10. Velvethelmet

    Items I have for trade

    Got my BG. Good trade thanks man
  11. Velvethelmet


    I've only done one trade so far and I probably won't do anymore. The trade went fine no problems. The problem is the shipping costs. Add up the cost of the product and shipping and it just isn't worth it.
  12. Velvethelmet

    New Guy Checking In

    If you also need to stock up on towels and who doesn't need more towels. And you also plan on buying the rinseless. Then a great deal is the rinseless wash starter kit. Gets you the rinseless, 5 double soft towels, bucket with grit guard and one dilution bottle all for $80.
  13. Velvethelmet

    New Guy Checking In

    I bought the blue stool on the Fourth sale and love it. The seat is huge and very comfortable. The height is adjustable and the wheels are larger than you typically find on a stool so it glides easily. Overall very satisfied with the purchase. They have the exact same seat in red available on the site now. Believe it's $120 minus any discount codes you can find.
  14. Velvethelmet

    Items I have for trade