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  1. Just my two cents but I'd avoid any electric heating in an uninsulated garage. That thing would cost a fortune to run in my opinion.
  2. Velvethelmet

    New H20 Guard & Gloss????

    He does. It is confusing. The SEMA description says water activated clear as day though.
  3. Due to the nature of my work I've averaged between 70-80,000 miles per year for the last 23 years. I learned long ago the huge value in a dependable old DD. I get more excited finding a low mileage older gem like a crown Vic that some grandmother is letting go of than I do when I buy a new car 😃 This winter I'll drive a 2003 Expedition while my 18 Silverado sits nice and clean in the garage out of the salt. DAMN salt!
  4. Velvethelmet

    I won!

    Does the value go up if they get divorced? If they call off the engagement do you have to return the gift? Don't forget to tip your waitress...
  5. Velvethelmet

    Time Lapse of Ceramic Install

    I'm sorry I'm new to ceramic coating and still debating whether I want to go that route. But. Are You applying three coats of ceramic on the paint? Is that typical for ceramic applications? At what point is the diminishing returns? Third coat? Fourth coat? Does the second coat apply easier or more difficult than the first? Sorry for all the questions just curious. Thanks
  6. Velvethelmet

    Opinions on the Detailing Stool

    I love mine. The wheels are bigger than typical and roll very easily across my older rough flooring. The seat is also very large and offers good support for larger guys. I would definitely purchase this seat again.
  7. attach the hose to the wand that came with the sunjoe then attach the foam cannon to the end of the wand. They both have quick connect fittings. If you attach the hose directly to the foam cannon how would that even work with no trigger? Do you have a snub nose handle?
  8. Velvethelmet

    Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice!

    My guess is that it is getting too expensive and we are being weened off our free mints. Adam's took on outside investors over the last year and that's the kind of bottom line expense that gets scrutinized. I hope I'm wrong and it's a simple mint shortage. I have a half full jar and want to fill it. But I haven't gotten a mint for at least the last ten orders. No biggie. It was a nice little bonus ?
  9. I forgot. Your fenders are most likely painted steel aren't they. All my smaller JD stuff has always had steel stamped fenders and foot wells. I treat them just like clear coated painted steel.
  10. It depends on what year and finish your JD tractors have. Some of them, the more recent years are molded in color with a clear coat finish. These can be cleaned and waxed and even machine polished using same products as a clear coated car. Older years with the molded in plastic color hoods are not clear coated. They are best polished with products designed for plastic or plexiglass polishing. I've had great luck using Novus brand polish. Steps one and two usually do the trick. You can usually find Novus products at your local Harley Davidson dealer. They use it for the plexiglass windscreens. Makes them look new again ? If you are talking the real old stuff as in painted metal. If it's a factory finish still. Then just treat it like you would any single stage paint.
  11. Velvethelmet

    New Hanger?

    That looks like a mock up to me. The finish on the sides is a bit rough with the gaps. Hopefully it's in design stage and we will see it in the future. I'm a buyer for sure if it sees daylight.
  12. Velvethelmet

    Expanded workspace

    Is that a tuff shed brand shed you bought? If so how did you find dealing with them?
  13. Velvethelmet

    Looking for new family(ish) car

    Forget the four doors and get back into a GTO ? M6 6,300 miles $22,000. Still smells new inside.
  14. Velvethelmet

    Washing a trailer/camper

    If these are the typical streaks that run down from the roof edge seal on your camper and enclosed trailer. I would use the apc as suggested already There are products specifically for those stains. But apc should clean it right up. I'd try a 4:1 dilution. And be sure to wax or seal when your done.