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  1. How hot does your garage get in the summer? I keep all of my wax/polymer products tinned and liquid in a small fridge in my garage. Everything else I just store in my cabinets through the year.
  2. From the never hurts to ask file...Any interest in selling or trading the '69? Shoot me a PM if you can entertain even the thought lol. Beautiful cars btw. I had an '09 HHR SS for a couple of years. Fast little car and handy as all get out.
  3. I'm really liking the new formula. I use it on non coated vehicles and it does seem to go on and off a little easier. Less streaky for sure. Far fewer spots I have to go back over with this new formula. The third pull "snot" effect has not changed but that is easily resolved with a better bottle/sprayer. I wish Adam's would consider shipping H2O with an "improved" sprayer if possible for those who don't know how much a switch improves application.
  4. I do this all the time with Adams and other cleaners. I usually dilute at 10:1 and mostly use it as a mist for brushes that I use on upholstery and carpets.
  5. My personal opinion is that H2O and CB don't play nice with SOME other product that may still be on the vehicle. When I first started using H2O I had a very similar experience. Just streaked and laid on the surface like snot. After complete strip and then laying down lps the H2O goes on smooth as silk and flashes right off. My take away was that the wax from another company was what initially caused the weird reaction. Have you taken your vehicle to a pay and spray or no touch auto wash recently? I think some of their "wax" and soaps can cause havoc with certain products.
  6. Was this an Adam's branded bike? Or was it a Schwinn bike from Adams personal collection? Any pics?
  7. The RW starter kit is one of the best deals on the Adams site imo. 5 DS towels 1 16 oz rw 1 bucket with seal lid 1 dilution bottle with a great spray nozzle Anytime I want to order any DS towels I just get myself one of these kits. Love the dilution bottle for H2O GG, APC diluted and others also love the RW for all kinds of things...door jambs,under hood and so on. And who can't use an extra bucket. Welcome to the forum!
  8. I would guess that the appliqué is what requires dry cleaning.
  9. Red Drip Logo Bucket MB Red SK MB Four Bottle BFLE sets for $40
  10. Just my two cents but I'd avoid any electric heating in an uninsulated garage. That thing would cost a fortune to run in my opinion.
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