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  1. I was just wondering what products and equippment everyone is using to shampoo carpets that need a little love, or alot of love depending on the vehicle.
  2. Thanks Persons of the internet. I will order some.
  3. I have a friend who is a painter, and he has some dried house paint spots across the sides and bed of his truck. What do you all re recommend to remove the paint, but not mess up the clear coat?
  4. The truck is lightening blue, so i want the deepest, and glossiest finish possible. I wouldn't say that i find detailing meditative, but i enjoy spending time getting out the imperfections as well as having a clean vehicle afterwards. Its not uncommon for me to spend the day working on my cars. I am wondering about the ceramic just as a base coat, then from there bringing up the brilliance with wax. I looked at the polish angel line just to try something different. But, I know nothing about the product line besides the reputation. Which is good.
  5. So i just bought a new f150. She is washed up and detailed. I haven't put any wax on her yet because i am planning to complete a one step correction this weekend. My question is then what? I could wax her or i could put on a ceramic coating. And i suppose some hybrid of the two is also possible. What's the consensus from you all. I'm planning to keep it for a long time.
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