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  1. The truck is lightening blue, so i want the deepest, and glossiest finish possible. I wouldn't say that i find detailing meditative, but i enjoy spending time getting out the imperfections as well as having a clean vehicle afterwards. Its not uncommon for me to spend the day working on my cars. I am wondering about the ceramic just as a base coat, then from there bringing up the brilliance with wax. I looked at the polish angel line just to try something different. But, I know nothing about the product line besides the reputation. Which is good.
  2. So i just bought a new f150. She is washed up and detailed. I haven't put any wax on her yet because i am planning to complete a one step correction this weekend. My question is then what? I could wax her or i could put on a ceramic coating. And i suppose some hybrid of the two is also possible. What's the consensus from you all. I'm planning to keep it for a long time.