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  1. chasm31

    Wash and wax

    Late night and last minute detail before leaving for Gulf Shores ShrimpFest. Still has guard and gloss so I just topped with brilliant glaze. Looking good for the trip and have my TOMB loaded for touch up on arrival.
  2. chasm31

    LS Fest Bowling Green

    Had a great time. Rained all day today so we did the Corvette museum. Look what I found in the gift shop.
  3. chasm31

    New cars, swirls and lighting...

    Good stuff as always. What is the name of that color?
  4. Anyone going to be repping Adams at LS Fest in Bowling Green? Headed out tomorrow and staying thru Sunday.
  5. chasm31

    What Did You Wash, Shine, and or Polish Today

    Sealed the Jeep windshield and a nice thin coat of buttery on the paint.
  6. chasm31

    Official Beading Photo Thread

    Week 3 and only 2nd rain.
  7. chasm31

    Hand Revive Polish

    Detailed my father in law's truck today. Had several scuffs that I didn't think would come out but I told him let's give it a shot. I had received the revive polish in my TOMB. I was blown away, kind of like the first time you use a magic eraser. Looking forward to using this more till I can get comfortable with a polisher.
  8. I've used both as well. The foaming cleaner is definitely a stouter cleaner. May sure you use in a ventilated area.
  9. chasm31

    Looking for new family(ish) car

    Kids slowed me down quite a bit and the best thing Jeep ever did was make the 4 door Wrangler. I had a 2 door Wrangler with my son and it was ok. Then we had a daughter and I moved in to a 4 door Wrangler. Not really sporty but the new wranglers are really nice. Also the sky is the limit on mods. Good luck with your search.
  10. chasm31

    New Guy Here from New York

    Hello and sweet Vette
  11. chasm31

    New From Nashville, TN

    Welcome. Jackson, TN here. Good looking Mustang!
  12. Welcome to the addiction. +1 on the guard and gloss for exterior. Interior detailer is my favorite to use inside. Smells great and no greasy finish.
  13. chasm31

    Ceramic Boost 2.0 and Storewide Sale!

    Just took advantage of this to restock on several items. Also used the gift cards my wife got me for my birthday. Have some of those fancy hose slides on the way.
  14. chasm31


    Welcome and excellent engine detail. Love that color blue as well.
  15. chasm31

    H20 Guard and Gloss Wow

    @js1990 I love it. Adds a little too drying time but well worth it. I put it on a couple of weeks after coating with wax. Only used half a bottle on two four door Jeeps. Watch the video on YouTube, it's easy to get the hang of.