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  1. Ive already had it in the dealership for a rattle. It was a screw rolling around in the overhead console. After they doubd it a clip on the console got broken. Had it in today for a replacement console. DusterJoe
  2. Here’s the picture of my rides. 2018 Silverado 1976 Plymouth Duster 6.1 Hemi, Viper T56 DusterJoe
  3. Welcome from across the river! I also just bought a mystery bucket. Cant wait to see what’s in it. Oh yeah congrats on the new truck. I just bought a 2018 Silverado. DusterJoe
  4. Yes me too. I'm in the "Woods" Specifically I'm on Beechwood. Taking a line from the Step Brother's movie... "Did we just become best friends?" lol DusterJoe
  5. @2012srt8 well it's nice to see other locals. Hope to meet you one day. I'm sure your not far since our town isn't very large. As for pictures of the cars, I'll do my best to get those up soon. DusterJoe
  6. I'm new here but not new to detailing. I've done it for a long time but never was very serious. I've used the last 9 years to build my 1976 Plymouth Duster and I want to make sure I take care of the paint job. I'm also planning to use the products on my 2018 Silverado and my wife's 2015 Traverse. DusterJoe
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