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  1. js1990

    Head light

    I believe they’re around 1000 lumens.
  2. js1990

    Head light

    Check out the company NiteCore. It’s all I use at work and they’re extremely bright. May be a bit pricey, but worth it in my opinion.
  3. js1990

    Am I being too OCD or what

    Beautiful car man👍🏻I’ve always been a fan of those. Cleans up really nice. Best of luck with it.
  4. js1990

    H20 Guard and Gloss Wow

    Sweet, I appreciate the feedback. I planned on bringing a few small items, maybe a waterless wash, Detail Spray and Glaze. Just in case.
  5. js1990

    H20 Guard and Gloss Wow

    Thanks! i actually bought a bottle for that specific reason. I want us to be able to see during those random downpours.
  6. js1990

    Concrete on Black Paint

    Not sure if it’d work or if you have tried it, but I’ve had luck with WD-40. Let it soak in the area and try those plastic blades mentioned above.
  7. js1990

    H20 Guard and Gloss Wow

    Nice, thanks for the pointers. My girlfriend and I are going to drive from NJ to FL and I want her Grand Cherokee to be spotless for the trip down. I’ll definitely check the video out though 👍🏻
  8. js1990

    Customer service A+

    Hell yeah! Every time I’ve called, it’s always been excellent. They're always are trying to please the customer. If only every company was like that 😔
  9. js1990

    H20 Guard and Gloss Wow

    Awesome. That’s good to know. I have 2 bottles but haven’t used it. I’ll have to try it out. Thanks man!
  10. js1990

    H20 Guard and Gloss Wow

    Now did you just use it like a detail spray at the end when drying, or did you use it differently?
  11. js1990

    Clay lube ... so many options

    Yeah there’s this one spot that I’ve tried everything. I just bought a polisher and some new pads so hopefully that’ll work. It definitely helped a little, but now where I want it to be. Thanks though👍🏻
  12. 😂😂😂 definitely don’t want those 6 drops. You’ll be screwed!
  13. Or you can cut it and just dump the 3 remaining drops in to a new bottle...
  14. Hell yeah!! Now that is something I’m interested in 😂😂😂
  15. js1990

    100k Detail Spray Value

    Whatever happened to that guy selling The Spot Meet Detail Spray for $300+ on eBay? It was there one second, then taken down before the bidding ended. Never saw it again from that seller.