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  1. You can try brilliant glaze to level it out. It has that effect with with normal ceramic coatings. I have applied the ceramic glass coating to 2 windshields and had no issues. I cleaned and clayed the glass then applied part A on both sides in a cross hatch pattern then immediately applied part B to both sides in a cross hatch pattern. After hazing for a minute or two, I buffed it off with the green glass towel and a few spritzes of glass cleaner. In certain light, I can see a little bit of clouding but it doesn't affect visibility. The clarity of my windshield with the ceramic on the outside and brilliant glaze on the inside is crazy. What might have went wrong with yours? Was the windshield in the sun? Could it have been left to set up too long? I have seen a few complaints with the coating but I haven't experience any of the issues that others have mentioned.
  2. I believe I saw somewhere that BG has cleaning properties. If your glass is really dirty, it would probably be best to clean first. I just had some finger prints and a small bit of stuck on junk.
  3. I did all the glass on my SUV last week and I didn't even use glass cleaner on the inside. I have a sprayer in my Brilliant Glaze and I just sprayed it on the inside of the windows, spread it out so it would cover all of the glass, and then buff it off with a utility towel. This got all of the junk off of the glass and left them nice and clear.
  4. I usually just jam them in. This usually makes sure that I get every last drop. I was trimming them but it's just as easy to smash them in and go
  5. I was told by customer server that it would work well with the regular microfiber pad. I haven't tried it yet though
  6. I polished a fender on my trashed SUV to see if I could get some shine out of it. I was super surprised. But not really because I know Adam's is the best. Started with a WW wipe down then taped off the area. I went over it several times with HCC on a microfiber pad. Then hit it with HCC on a blue foam pad. Then finished up with FP on a white pad. I sealed it up with CPW.
  7. I had low temps and low humidity so my conditions were probably ideal. The directions say to work as quickly as possible. It also says that both wipes should be applied in a crosshatch pattern IIRC. I know that after wiping just one direction, the streaks were horrible. Then I wiped the perpendicular and it all leveled out. I might have had more working time but I do know that the crosshatch is necessary for even coverage.
  8. I did 2 windshields last week and didn't have any problems. I clayed the glass and made sure it was nice and clean. I used part A in a crosshatch on both the driver's and passenger's sides then immediately did a crosshatch of both sides with part B. I think doing a crosshatch pattern is necessary to get even coverage. I noticed after just the first swipes, it was streaky but after going the other direction, it leveled out and looked good. Once I was done wiping, I spritzed each side with glass cleaner and buffed the haze off with the green glass towel.
  9. I saw someone using the windshield washer at the gas station to wash their car. So, yeah, don't do that.
  10. Does anyone know if this product will interfere with cameras/front crash detection equipment? I think some cars have cameras or sensors by the rear view mirror. I have someone with an Audi S6 that would like this added to an upcoming detail sesh. I want to make sure it won't cause any issues
  11. You must live near @ColoradoSHObro
  12. Also this on the Adams Instagram 3 days ago
  13. I think it might have been on matthewjbutch's Instagram story. The book was closed on Phase one and there was an open notebook that said Phase 2
  14. I have seen hints of a "Phase 2". You may get your wish. I was only able to get one last year since I was a little late to that party. I'm hoping they bring it back too
  15. The Ultra Foam and Foam Cannon is to be used as a pre-treatment to loosen dirt and debris. It's not a spray-on rinse-off product. You still have agitate to remove the dirt.
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