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  1. Bscott94

    New Condo/Garage

    I figured I would go ahead and start a thread to document the transformation of my new garage. It is rough right now but I can't wait to transform it and display my growing Adam's collection. Right now, I'm working on the kitchen. Painting cabinets and new flooring. I'll try to remember to take some pictures of the garage tonight but for now, here are some dirty kitchen pictures.
  2. Bscott94


    Wow, I love that color! I might have to look at some BMWs for my next car. They are stunning.
  3. Bscott94

    What towel is this?

    It was from a Mystery Box that I ordered on 11/27/17. I got the 4 bottle bag with TS, DS, ID, and BW, along with a single soft, foam block, and possibly a utility towel. I'm pretty sure the towel above came in there too. Maybe I just got it mixed in with everything else and thought it was Adam's because it was pretty soft, similar to the single soft. Maybe they found it hiding in the warehouse and threw it in the box or maybe I just found it with my junk somewhere. I don't remember buying it anywhere but I swear it came in that bag.
  4. I received this towel in an MB a while back. I can’t find it on the website but it’s pretty soft. Does anyone know what it’s called and what I should use it for? Unfolded, I’d say it’s around 1’ x 2’, maybe.
  5. Bscott94

    Customer service A+

    I'm wondering if I should do the same then. I noticed the burnt electrical smell but just attributed it to being new. I didn't notice a loud sound but I don't know what it should sound like. I think I might be ok because I used it over the weekend and it worked great. I'll keep that in mind though in case an issue shows itself.
  6. Bscott94

    Sign in issue

    I had the same issue. Instead of using your email to log in, use your display name. I was getting extremely annoyed by it too but this fixed it for me.
  7. Bscott94


    I wish we were allowing to buy chemicals 🙁 If you'd like to sell some of the non chemical items, let me know.
  8. Bscott94

    Lots of Extras!

    Ok thanks, I don't have anything to trade now though. I'm sending out my 4" pads this week. If I get something else to trade I will let you know.
  9. Bscott94

    EDC Wallet

    I have one of these and love it. It holds my cards and license and the band holds cash when I have it. My leg would go numb when sitting on my leather wallet so I wanted something I could wear on my belt. This company is Veteran owned. I believe they're made in the USA. When I bought my wallet, they were named Clearwater Tactical but I guess they rebranded. Mine is black carbon outside and zombie green inside https://neptuneconcealment.com/product/gemini-series-wallet/
  10. Bscott94

    Lots of Extras!

    I'd like a couple buckets. I see that you are in Japan though. Would shipping be crazy?
  11. Bscott94

    Looking For Buckets

    I see some people order mystery buckets every time they are offered. I know a bucket isn't that expensive to order off of the site but I was wondering if anyone had a couple buckets with grit guards and gamma seals or snap lids that they would like to get out of their way. Shipping will probably be the biggest expense but maybe someone wants to help out a fellow enthusiast? You could consider it a house warming gift. 😊 I can travel around 2 hours from 46032 or 47353 if someone would like to meet to pass them off. Update: I'm not looking for handouts. I'll gladly pay for shipping and I can pay a little bit for the buckets. The only thing I have to trade right now are 4" pads, my stock is low. I'm hoping to find someone local to save shipping. I can order some from the website after we get settled in our new house but I was hoping someone might have some extras they wanted out of their way.
  12. Bscott94

    Honest opinions wanted

    Yeah, I wouldn't pay for a detail. I'll do it myself. I have see a couple pictures of what he has done and it looks like good work. That just seems too cheap.
  13. Bscott94

    Honest opinions wanted

    Found it. This is what someone is offering on Facebook I’m starting a new 50$ detail deal. -Exterior wash / no interior work -Clay bar work -Full hand applied wax -Rim and tire clean / shine *Bikes are welcome! Full detail on bikes for 50$
  14. Bscott94

    Honest opinions wanted

    That's a good point. I appreciate the input. I think it was closer to 3 hours. And If I put my mind to it and worked hard, It would take less time. I took breaks to find supplies and talk to my dad and get a drink so I wasn't really pushing myself. I gave her the family discount. There's a guy up here that does great work from what I have seen and he is offering full exterior detail for $50. I'll look for his Facebook post to see what is included but there is no way I can compete with that. He can't be making any money.
  15. Bscott94

    Honest opinions wanted

    I am now following this. I am in the same boat. This isn't my full time job but I'd like to make some money on the side because I enjoy cleaning up cars. I didn't really know where to start. I wanted to jump right in and do everything and make as much money as possible. Shane and a few other suggested that I get some practice in to see how long different tasks take and how much product is used. My family has a few cars to practice on. I detailed the interior on my aunt's Miata a month or so ago. It took a few hours. I charged $40. I know I need to charge more for that and get a few other supplies so I can properly clean different materials. I detailed the exterior last week for $80. To me, that is fair. 3-4 hours, wash, clay, wax, wheel clean, tire shine, and glass. Again, I need some more supplies for future details. I detailed my cousin's Dart, interior only. She has 2 kids. It was a disaster. I charged $80 and probably should've charged at least $120. Again, more supplies will be needed for others but they were thrilled. My brother asked for a full detail on their Traverse and after last weekend, I think I have a better idea of time and price. My suggestion is to detail family and friend's cars and keep track of how long different tasks take and how much product is used. Write everything down and figure out what break even is. I am no pro and I have a ways to go but I am getting started.