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  1. Bscott94

    New member

    That Subie...🤤 Welcome to the forum!
  2. Bscott94

    New Buckets and Grit Gaurd

    I don't have the new buckets but I have a USA 3.5gal and Sticker Bomb 5 gal and whenever I try to scrub my mitt or sponge, the grit guard just spins around. I have to make sure that I am rubbing directly across the middle.
  3. Bscott94

    The two word game.

    grease zerk Game over? lol
  4. Bscott94

    New member

    Welcome Trenton! I'm not a huge Ford fan but that's a good looking line up. I live in Indianapolis. I have found one dealer in Indy but he doesn't have a showroom. You can order on his site and then select local pick up. I think that has to be approved first though. I have spoken to him a couple times on Facebook but have not purchased anything from him yet. Google "Furious Shine".
  5. Bscott94

    Mini Polishers update ?

    This explains why they might not have had Mini SK MB this year.
  6. Take a look at this page. It may help answer your questions and help determine which products you are safe to leave out there and which ones you might want to try to sneak in the house.
  7. Bscott94

    New truck

    Go lower 😈 That's a sweet truck and it sounds like its only going to get better.
  8. Bscott94

    Issue with tire shine

    When I apply TS, I spray it into a foam block and rub it onto the tire. This keeps me from spraying it all over everything that's not a tire and I can also rub it in real well and get even coverage. I've never had any problems doing it this way. I don't see a need to wipe it. I just let it dry for a while and I haven't seen any sling or anything.
  9. Bscott94

    Paint Sealant issues

    Thanks everyone. I ended up going over the hood with an alcohol solution and then applying PS to the hood and rest of the car by hand. I'll have to try again with the machine. I didn't think it too much time or effort to do it by hand. Is there a benefit to applying by machine?
  10. Bscott94

    Paint Sealant issues

    Those marks are from sealant. Below is after polish, before sealant. So it doesn’t need to be worked it? I should lay it down thick enough that it hazes?
  11. I’m currently applying paint with my SK15 using a 6” grey foam pad from harbor freight. It’s set on speed 1.5. I let it hangout for about 5 minutes while I applied it to the front fenders. You can see polish marks on the hood. Did I work it too thin? How can I remove these marks? Tips for the rest of the car?
  12. Bscott94

    All of our latest work

    That makes sense. It needs to be added to the carfax or something haha. Do you or others add some kind of indicator like a badge or something to the door jamb or somewhere?
  13. Bscott94

    All of our latest work

    How do you determine that it already has a coating? Does it have hydrophobic properties or is there some other indicator?
  14. I recreated the extended "CAR" tag if anyone is interested.
  15. Bscott94

    The two word game.

    Range Rover