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  1. That looks good. If there's just a small section to touch up, it'd be easier to do it by hand rather than dragging out all of the equipment for machine polishing.
  2. I can't believe how much color change there was in that video. I've used it a couple times but I'm not sure I was using it correctly. Or maybe there wasn't much contamination. When we get a warm, dry day, I'm going to wash my white car and use IR to see if I get similar results.
  3. My brother had a first gen Cummins that he sold right before I got my license. I was not happy about it. That was one of the first vehicles I remember "detailing" I remember standing in the bed and claying the roof and helping his wax it. It was a beautiful truck. I'll see if I can find a picture of it somewhere Edit: I found a couple pictures on his Facebook page. These are from 2009.
  4. Oh cool. I didn't know that the Blue compound was sprayable. I'll have to try that when I need to get more compound/polish.
  5. What happened to Sprayable Compound? It seemed like it was going to be a huge hit last summer when it was released. I love it and would like more when I get low but it's sold out on the site. Was it discontinued due to issues or was it just not popular?
  6. Looking for Cali and Canada and any older (pre 2018ish)
  7. That fitment looks perfect. I have 33x12.50 on my SUV and they stick out a ton. It looks cool but it makes it impossible to keep clean. I need to new tires when I get the engine back together so I'll probably go with something narrower.
  8. Hey Admins, can this info be added to a sticky on the forum? I'm not sure where it would go but I think this would be very useful, especially for new members. Also, is there any way to find this on the site without having the direct link? I checked here but it's not listed. @falcaineer @Chris@Adams @Dan@Adams @TheWolf @Rich https://adamspolishes.com/pages/adam-s-polishes-how-to-clean-protect-the-inside-of-your-car
  9. I did a time lapse of me washing a wheel/tire/wheelwell a couple weeks ago. I used Wheel Cleaner, Tire and Rubber cleaner, and Eco APC. Maybe next time, I'll shoot a video using the all in one. They hadn't really been cleaned all winter so I wanted to use wheel cleaner so It would change colors. Apparently the wheel wasn't as dirty as I thought.
  10. I've had trouble figuring out the difference between this and CWW. I'm hoping this video explains it. I'm excited to check it out this evening. And maybe I'll win the free bottle!
  11. Whoa, I always thought Rinseless Wash was supposed to be Wild Berry scented. I was wondering why the RW smelled weird. I'll have to go back and see if my new bottles smell like Watermelon.
  12. I'm a huge fan of the SS. Both the car and the color. I think I had a Lotus in that color on Need for Speed: Underground. That's when I was first introduced to Lotus and it was my favorite car on the game.
  13. I have done it both ways. I've used MRB as the only detergent and used it in addition to ALL Free & Clear. I don't really notice a difference either way. Recently, I have been adding a glug or two to the wash along with ALL and the towels always seem to come out great.
  14. I talked to a company that does Clear Bra and ceramic coating and the owner said that Ceramic on Raw Aluminum doesn't work. Aluminum will corrode under the ceramic and then it will be harder to polish. He suggested trying clear powder coating but wasn't sure if that would work either. Raw Aluminum sucks and the only way to keep them clean is to wash and polish regularly.
  15. Dawn is not good for the rubber trim on cars. It will dry it out. Strip wash or APC mixed with car shampoo would be safer.
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