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  1. Bscott94

    San Diego, Well - Alpine, Checking in!!

    I'd say were talking about the same thing. I assumed it was something along those lines. I've never seen 32oz products other than the Microfiber stuff I think.
  2. Bscott94

    San Diego, Well - Alpine, Checking in!!

    Alright, I'm sold. I'm getting a Mustang when my car is paid off. Welcome to the forum. That's a beautiful whip. What's in that giant bottle on the right side on the first pic?
  3. Bscott94

    Adam's Fabric Protector

    Let me know if you find a local dealer. I found Furious Shine. I haven't gotten anything from him but I think he carries the basic products. There were 2 in Indy and the other guy said he didn't carry Adam's anymore. I did notice a couple Chevy dealers were now listed on the Adam's site so I might have to check with them.
  4. That has happened with every sticker that I have ordered. I put a bottle or two on them for a while and they flatten out but it's still annyoing
  5. I'd like to pull this back up for some advice. Our new place has a stainless steel sink in the kitchen. It's a little stained up and streaky. The faucet and drain baskets were replaced. The only think left is the sink itself. I'm thinking a SK and metal polish would make it shine more than new. Are there other options though since I don't have a SK mini or metal polish yet? Maybe APC and elbow grease? Or would hand revive work? I don't have that yet either but that is on my need list. I'll post a picture when I get a chance.
  6. Bscott94

    2007 Duramax Detail

    Dang, good work! That looks like new. How does that truck have no rust?! My brother has an 01 in Indiana. It was his work truck so rougher that most but it's beat up and rusty.
  7. Bscott94

    New Member from Indiana

    Welcome! My addiction is definitely getting expensive and I'm trying to convince my girlfriend that it's worth it. We just moved so I haven't had time to wash cars. Once things settle down and I keep the cars shining, I think she will see the light. What part of Indiana are you in? We just moved from an apartment in Carmel to a condo in Indy.
  8. Bscott94

    Waterless Wash towels

    Perfect! Thank you
  9. I received Waterless Wash in a MB but didn't get WW towels. They look very similar to the Great White Drying towel and I have an extra. Is the only difference between the Waterless Wash towels and Great White the size and color? Or are there any other towels that I could use with WW? I will eventually order WW towels but I need to spray it on something before I drink it.
  10. Bscott94

    Checking in from Naples, Fl

    Sweet car! You'll be amazed how shiny Adam's can make it. My grandparents live in Ft Myers and my family and I are heading down there for Christmas. Welcome to the forum!
  11. Bscott94

    How to remove a melted lollipop

    I used an ice pack and had pretty good luck. It didn’t come out completely but it is way better
  12. I was thinking of using it as a duster on furniture, similar to ZMAN and Rich. I just moved to I need to dust shelves and tables and what not. I'll give ID a try. Possibly the Pumpkin Spice 😃
  13. Bscott94

    Old CG user converted!

    Those are beautiful cars!
  14. Bscott94

    Labor Day Weekend Labor; 2017 BMW X3

    That looks great! I would bet you'd never get all the broken glass out. Before I got my car, it was totaled after being rearended and I still find pieces of glass on the back seat, in the trunk, and in the headliner. The guy that repaired the car was kind of an idiot though so maybe if he would've done it correctly, all of the broken glass would've been removed.
  15. Bscott94

    would like to trade

    I've got an extra Cars n Coffee if you're interested.