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  1. Has anyone tried this? I've been wanting to try it for a while. I haven't had any/many hairy cars to do so I haven't pulled the trigger. I believe it's supposed to work well with sand so maybe I'll pick it up around the time we got to Florida this year. https://www.buffbrite.com/collections/vacuum-products/products/pet-hair-attachment-coming-soon
  2. HEIC is a format that Apple uses. Are you downloading them from iCloud before uploading them here? I noticed issues with the HEIC format when working on my website. If you download as "Most Compatible", it downloads as jpeg. I'm not sure if this is how you're doing it but it's helped me.
  3. Also missing Strip Wash but I think most of us understand it's use. I'd like to see Rinseless Wash and Waterless Wash as well just to show there's adding of protection. I guess the chart is more focused on products that go in a foam gun or a wash bucket.
  4. I worked on a Black Audi Q5 last week. I hate black paint but I also love black paint lol
  5. Adam's latest email answers this question!
  6. I see the Wishlist is now working! I'm not sure when it was added back but I was just able to add the Pressure Washer to my wishlist. Time to go and add all the stuff I need to re-order so I don't forget about it with my next order.
  7. The new Orange Scratch & Swirl Remover is meant to be used by hand. Compound and Polish replaced the 3 step process.
  8. I had the same question and I think I got some good answers. To summarize, Visco is more aggressive. It will removed more contaminants quicker but it could also mar paint. If you are polishing afterwards then it doesn't really matter but if it's just a maintenance wash, fine grade or medium grade might be more appropriate.
  9. Thanks everyone. I'm wanting to coat it as soon as it's applied so I basically just have to surface prep it. I'll make sure it gets cooled down before the coating is applied. I didn't think the heat would be a bad thing but thank you @Dan@Adams for confirming.
  10. I have a client that was ceramic coated about a month ago. He is now getting his hood and trunk lid wrapped in carbon fiber vinyl. He's wanting the vinyl coated after it's applied. I believe he's going to come to me very soon after the vinyl is applied so I'll probably just need a quick wipe down with waterless wash and then prep spray. My questions are below. - the surface should be cool to the touch before applying ceramic, correct? This will mean I'll have to wait a while for the hood to cool. - will the heat of the engine affect the curing process if he drives it home af
  11. I wish I could make it to the event. I want another bottle of Spray Compound
  12. I worked on a BMW late last week. It was a really cool car to work on. The paint was hazy and swirled and there were some pretty big scratches and scuffs. I was able to clean it up super well though. The owner was blown away. I was very happy about getting the huge scuff off of the bumper. I think embedding Instagram is easiest but if I need to upload pictures, I can.
  13. Nice! I got a few for my limiteds and they worked great. I plan on covering the wall with them so everything is easy to grab.
  14. Welcome to the forum! Those shelves look familiar. Are the Ikea picture ledges?
  15. Whoa. There is a Lotus dealer down the street. They don't have anything that cool though!
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