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  1. You must live near @ColoradoSHObro
  2. FYI for anyone still looking. All colors are back in stock. Just save me a grey one https://adamspolishes.com/collections/new-just-in/products/adams-7-panel-trucker-hat?variant=29813298823265
  3. Also this on the Adams Instagram 3 days ago
  4. I think it might have been on matthewjbutch's Instagram story. The book was closed on Phase one and there was an open notebook that said Phase 2
  5. I have seen hints of a "Phase 2". You may get your wish. I was only able to get one last year since I was a little late to that party. I'm hoping they bring it back too
  6. The Ultra Foam and Foam Cannon is to be used as a pre-treatment to loosen dirt and debris. It's not a spray-on rinse-off product. You still have agitate to remove the dirt.
  7. I haven't heard of CB stripping finishes. I can't see that CB would remove a ceramic coating, especially if it was professionally installed. Pro grade coatings take polishing and wet sanding to remove. A chemical will not remove a ceramic coating unless it was not installed correctly.
  8. Here are my suggestions based on what I've read. I don't have much experience with ceramic coatings however. On the Subaru, I would suggest the strip wash as others have said. I wouldn't polish vinyl. You can use Hand Revive Polish if needed. If the ceramic on the old vinyl is still effective, I would try using Ceramic Spray Coating on the new vinyl. Note, you might see a difference (sheen, dark vs light, etc) between panels based on the different ceramic coatings are used. Once complete you can definitely maintain Adams CSC with Ceramic Boost. I would try CB on the old coating as well but be aware that it may not cooperate. CB is designed to work with Adam's ceramic products so it may react differently with other brand's ceramic coatings. For the Lexus, same as above. I would use the suggest maintenance product if you have it. You can try CB to see how it works. If you don't see streaking or ill effects then it should be fine. If you do see issues when using CB, you can go over the car with Revive Hand Polish to remove the CB and then go back to the installer suggested product. I probably wouldn't put CSC over a professionally installed ceramic coating. It would be a waste of product if the coating is designed to have a long lifespan. You should be able to get away with maintenance washes and claying as necessary.
  9. Well deserved. Congratulations Chris! I've only had great interactions with you!
  10. I actually didn't use much on it. Wheel cleaner, tire and rubber cleaner, and eco APC on the wheels, tires, and wheel wells. Then mega foam and H2O Guard and Gloss. I showed up prepared for anything though lol
  11. That would probably work well too. I've only done a quick finish polish on an Equinox. I only used one pad. I definitely don't use enough pads as I don't really have that many yet lol. I have done my sedans and only used one of each color. I usually hit it with the brush when it starts to dust. If I use the microfiber pad, I'll brush it out after almost every square since the fibers lay down so quick. If you're asking how I brush them, I just hold the polisher between my legs and do a quick crosshatch on the pad to remove any loose dust.
  12. I don't have the Adam's one but I have a similar one. I have gotten pretty rough when cleaning pads with it and haven't noticed any damage. It helps get dried polish and compound out and it also helps work the APC in while cleaning with warm water.
  13. I've heard Adam's will be at Street Car Takeover Indy tonight so if I can pick up a bottle for cheap, I'll try it out and report back. I have a pair of Nike CMTR shoes that are a mesh type material.
  14. You can use Ceramic Spray Coating on soft tops so I'd say you can use it on shoes. I've been wondering the same. I want to get a bottle and try it out.
  15. I got the wash and HGG this beauty last night. A little ear candy for you too. @RayS, I know why you love red so much now! sstg-69D418B4-3E4D-45EC-AC6A-092D7EF78B74.mp4
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