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  1. Happy Veterans Day To All!
  2. I appreciate you doing that! There is no possible factor that could have made a difference in my application.
  3. I’ve applied this to 2 separate vehicles, including one of my own. I’ve followed every direction and watched the video countless times. Both windows are very hazed up. Nothing has worked getting this off. I also tried the half application method - same result. I agree that these wipes need to be pulled until perfected. It shouldn’t be required or necessary that you must use BG, CSC, or FP to level it out. It should work perfectly the 1st time. I applied both in my garage in about 72 degree temperature. Can this be escalated to someone at HQ? I’ve seen numerous issues all over social media and the forums with these wipes. Please do something about it to prevent future issues for users.
  4. I don't see it on the OG Web Shop, but I'd try calling them. They may have some extras.
  5. The actual ceramic is more powerful than the spray coating, so it may just be to ease the removal process.
  6. According to MTM, the waxes and polymers found in most soaps tend to clog the filter and thus why the filter must be replaced. They suggested every 6 months, and it's very inexpensive. If you wash Semi-monthly, I bet you could reduce it to changing the filter every year. https://www.mtmhydroparts.com/products/foam-cannon-filter?_pos=2&_sid=5ee8268d1&_ss=r
  7. I apologize as I didn't fully understand your question. For Ceramic Coating, you CAN use Ceramic Spray Coating as a removal aid. For Ceramic Spray Coating, you DON'T want to use more Ceramic Spray Coating as a removal aid.
  8. I don't recall that being a step. You would just remove the coating and not use more coating to help remove it. After is has cured for 4 hours, you can apply the Ceramic Boost.
  9. I'd say you will be ok doing that, just make sure you rinse it out thoroughly. Also, replace your foam cannon filter every 6 months.
  10. I noticed that the chemical is rather thick once sprayed (high viscosity), so it does not cover a lot of area. I also use 1/2 a bottle for my vehicle. I think the Wheel & Tire Cleaner spray nozzle should be upgraded.
  11. While we are on this topic, and Maybe this is a question for @Dan@Adams . Why can we no longer use our referral code $5 gift card, with the standard 15% discount on top? Since the conversion over to the new site, it only allows use of one or the other. It makes the referral program useless, because the 15% off is usually more savings than $5 off from the digital gift card. Can this be looked into?
  12. For me, it doesn't matter where products are manufactured (besides chemicals). My biggest concern is quality. Google "Hot ash cleaner" ...makes me wonder if the Barrel Vacuum is even meant for automotive detailing.
  13. This! If price was the issue, I'd get my supplies from the local auto part store. But that's not what I'm in for. I want quality, and pricing is usually not a factor for high quality items. It's just when you pay a pretty penny for a low quality items - that is what makes me upset.
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