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  1. I’m talking about more of the “limited edition” stuff is saturating the brand. Let’s get products that actually benefit the professional/weekend warrior and not more fancy labels, with different colored detail spray. If Adam’s can pump out those items, why can’t they put out some more useful items? Yes I agree that all serve their own purpose and what not, but all 50+ limited sprays that they have put out all do the same exact thing. It’s just a fancy label and color/scent blend. Limiteds drive revenue which I understand, but it seems like they rely on it too heavily. I’m not knocking them, I’m just saying how about they put out more useful items instead of the same detail spray with a different label every month. That’s understandable, but don’t advertise a retail price of $18.99 when that isn’t true. Someone who is new to Adam’s won’t know and think it’s a super deal, when it’s really not. It’s all marketing though, I get it.
  2. I'm kind of disappointed in Adam's Prime Day deals. Most of the items are cheaper on the Adam's website on a regular day, with the coupon code. Yes, I know its 1-3 day fast shipping, but no one MUST have a soap or spray the next day. That's just an added bonus that we receive when we PAY for our Amazon Prime Membership. Hopefully next year is better. I personally did not pick up anything. I also didn't think the Mystery Box was anything special...$60 for $80 worth and doesn't qualify for Prime shipping. Seeing the Mega Foam gallon available was cool... I know that change promotes growth, but hopefully Adam's can realign the way the company used to be. Mystery Boxes every week, and "Limited" Edition bottles every month is getting old. The product line-up is getting very saturated. Seeing New technology and upgraded chemicals is what I like seeing. By the way, when will we get a Bug & Tar remover? Waterless wash only works so much.
  3. The "Events" link isn't supposed to open another page. You have to click the subpages below it. It's more like the category of those links below the dropdown.
  4. In the very top left corner of www.adamspolishes.com , you can switch it from USD to CAD
  5. Not sure about the polisher part, but Surface Prep is a spray and wipe IPA solution concentrated at 30% to remove old waxes, detail spray, etc.
  6. Amiguel6

    Outdoor Tents

    Harbor Freight makes a fairly cheap one https://www.harborfreight.com/10-ft-x-20-ft-portable-car-canopy-62858.html
  7. Get it before it's gone! https://www.amazon.com/Adams-Detail-Spray-16oz-Competition/dp/B001QVFD4K/ref=sr_1_13?crid=9CV0I2IXOHHN&keywords=adams+polishes&qid=1561495430&s=gateway&sprefix=adams+%2Caps%2C264&sr=8-13
  8. If you're a weekly washer, you can apply it sooner. You can actually apply it as often as you want, but you will end up with streaks for over applying. I apply it when the car is completely washed and dried. Works perfect for me every time. Your paint contains paint sealant, 2 layers of wax and a ton of boost. It's bound to streak. Try using less Ceramic Boost when you apply it. Mist it on to the paint...don't drench one area. It could be that you're also not using that great of a microfiber towel and its not absorbing the product when you wipe. I find that the Double Soft Polishing Towel works best for me. My paint only has Ceramic Boost and nothing else at the moment, and it works incredibly great. I plan on stripping the boost off and doing a full application of Ceramic Coating.
  9. It sounds like it could be a few things. You may be over applying protection. Ceramic Boost is not a quick detailer that you need to use every single wash. I think using it quarterly is just fine. Ceramic Boost is pretty heavy compared to detail spray. I like to spray Ceramic Boost on a double soft towel and then apply it to the vehicle, flipping the towel over to buff off the excess. A little product goes a long way. Don't use too much. Also, Ceramic Boost as well as H2O G&G hate the sun/heat.
  10. If you expect to receive something quick by selecting the "free shipping" option, chances are you will be disappointed. Once it leaves the Adam's shipping dock, they no longer have control over the package. If you need an item quickly, select 2-Day shipping and pay the charge. It's just that simple.
  11. I have the Color Match LED Light, and I can see scratches and swirls on every color car. I highly recommend it! 4000 Kelvin 95 CRI Ultra High CRI COB LED 1800/600 Lumens 1.5M Cord 11.1V/4400 mAh- Li-Ion Battery 4 Hour Operating time 2 Hour Charging time 26W 120 Degree Beam Angle https://adamspolishes.com/adam-s-color-match-led-light.html
  12. Most of the ceramic line did not change. There were a few new additions, and 1 formula update. The rest are just new labels as Adam's crated a "brand within a brand". Labels are color coded, so you now know which products are used with what. Surface Prep is a new IPA blend for what used to be Coating Prep. Surface Prep now contains a 30% IPA concentration.
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