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  1. Mike E.

    New member

    Couldn't agree more! Welcome to the team
  2. Mike E.


    WOW! Great looking car. Nothing beats a black car when its detailed correctly. Welcome to the forum. The wife and I have a 2018 Camaro SS LE1 in Mosaic Black. She loves detailing it.
  3. Mike E.

    Detail Clinic @ the Warehouse December 1st

    It was a good time.
  4. Mike E.

    Detail Clinic @ the Warehouse December 1st

    Planing on going. Hope the weather is decent.
  5. Mike E.

    New Member here.

    Watch the video on applying the sealant. It's easy. Just remember, a little goes a long way. You'll be very happy with the results.
  6. Mike E.

    New Member

    Welcome! My step son has the same car. Yours looks great!
  7. Mike E.

    New to the AP Forms

    Great looking Mini! It's my mom's favorite car. She ordered one and has never been happier behind the wheel of anything as much as that car. Welcome to the addiction
  8. Mike E.

    Newbie reporting in

    Welcome to the addiction!
  9. Mike E.

    New Member here.

    I couldn't agree more!
  10. Mike E.

    Black Friday Sale!

    Went to the warehouse today to spend a few gift cards before the Black Friday sale ended.
  11. Mike E.

    Get Together Before Black Friday

    I walked in the door a 8:02am. Short, bald guy wearing a hooded Harley Davidson jacket.
  12. Mike E.

    Get Together Before Black Friday

    I think it smell fruity. But on the light side. Wife agrees with me.
  13. Mike E.

    Get Together Before Black Friday

    They changed the layout a bit at the store. looks good. Nice turn out at 8am. Nothing too crazy. I bought the new H2O, fine clay bars, spray wax, and in & out spray. Also picked up an old All Purpose Cleaner and a key lanyard. I don't collect Adam's limited edition products so I didn't purchase any of those. Wasn't too impressed with the new t-shirts (very thin material). The sweatshirts looked nice but not for $60 after 20% off. That's getting into Harley Davidson price range and I don't buy those either. Still planing on going on Friday morning. Unfortunately didn't get to meet up with anyone today. Never saw Tim or Pete. Not that I know what they look like. Ha!
  14. Mike E.

    Get Together Before Black Friday

    My plan is to be there as they open. Hope to see you there. I'm a short bald guy. Can't miss me. Ha!
  15. Mike E.

    Get Together Before Black Friday

    I think I'm going to head up there tomorrow morning at 8am to check out the new stuff. I'm still going to go on Friday as well.