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  1. I purchased mine a while back and have not been disappointed. I use it primarily for working on tires and wheels. Saves the back and knees. Like the storage under the seat.
  2. Mike E.

    Get. More. SPICE!

    You guys need to seek help... LOL! I don't have near the orders but try to head up to the warehouse once a week. Never a cheap trip. Can't wait to see picks of the garage project when it's done, Jim. I had mine finished this spring. Now saving for the floor and cabinets.
  3. 2014 Chevy Corvette Z51 LT2

    2018 Chevy Camaro SS LE1 Track Package

    2017 Cadillac XT5 Platinum

    2014 Harley Davidson Street Glide Special

    2011 Yamaha R1

  4. Mike E.

    Need New T-Shirts

    They are exactly what I asked for! Going to drive up to the warehouse on Monday and pick some up. Thanks Adam's And I'll second the idea on the micro SK.
  5. Mike E.

    Addicted to MF Towels

    Amazon recently raised all of their prices on towels.
  6. Mike E.

    New member, new Adam's fan...

    Welcome! Car looks great. Love the color.
  7. Mike E.

    Orange Blower Question

    Also great for motorcycles.
  8. Mike E.

    Addicted to MF Towels

    That's impressive!
  9. Mike E.

    Good Evening from Scotland

    Welcome to the forum! Scotland is on my bucket list of places I want to visit. Beautiful country.
  10. Mike E.


    Welcome to the group! Great people and a ton of information.
  11. Mike E.

    Garage signs

    Swung by the warehouse on Monday and they had a couple of the metal signs on top of the water cooler. Still had the plastic on them. Asked if they were for sale as I hadn't seen them on the web site recently. Was told "everything is for sale" with a smile. Got it at a very discounted price. Extremely happy with the purchase. Love going to the warehouse.
  12. Mike E.

    Old CG user converted!

    Welcome to the site. Love black vehicles. Those look great!
  13. Mike E.

    Greetings from Vail, Colorado

    Welcome from Parker, Colorado. I head up to the warehouse almost every Monday. Great place to visit.
  14. Would really like to see the "Adam's" logo put on more items. A few ideas are as follows; coffee mugs, beer glasses, posters, hats and t-shirts (both previously discussed on this forum recently), sweat shirts (hooded and non-hooded), shop shirts (button up short sleeve garage shirt), shop jackets, etc, etc, etc. There is a huge market for this stuff. I ride a Harley and drive a Corvette. I have a ton of items with those logos. Thousands and thousands of dollars worth. A damn Harley leather jacket cost me $500.00. I would do the same with Adam's logo products. Please don't make $40.00 t-shirts like Harley. Make good products at a fair market price. After being on this forum for the short time I have, I'm sure I'm not the only one.
  15. Mike E.

    Need New T-Shirts

    My wife says the same thing. She likes the v-neck women's cut t-shirts. I would buy her a couple in a heartbeat.