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  1. Mike E.

    New Guy Checking In

    I'll get a pic of everything posted tomorrow. Sent a message through Amazon to Adam's and they replied quickly and are sending out the missing towels. Fantastic customer service as always!
  2. Mike E.

    New Guy Checking In

    Thank you! Much appreciated.
  3. Mike E.

    2018 Corvettes @ Carlisle

    Have a safe and fun get together. Wish I was going. Maybe next year.
  4. I purchased the Adam's Two Step Swirl Killer 15mm Kit to get me started. Thank you to falcaineer and shane@detailedreflections for the help.
  5. Mike E.

    Returning New Guy

    Great looking Corvette! Congratulations!
  6. Mike E.

    New Guy Checking In

    Went a little crazy on Friday at Adam's HQ. I bought all of the suggested items; H2O Guard & Gloss, Rinseless Wash, empty bottles, Leather Conditioner, Red Applicators and the Tire Brush. Then added; Gallon of Wheel Cleaner, Leather & Interior Cleaner, Interior Scrubbing Mit, Cockpit Brush, Turbo Stick, VRT Block Applicator, Limited Edition Detailing Stool and the Two Step Swirl Killer 15mm Kit. Colton helped out again and took great care of me. Thanks Colton! On the down side, I ordered the Microfiber Bundle from Amazon for $59.49 shipped. Great price! But was missing three towels.
  7. Mike E.

    New Guy Checking In

    I did as you suggested and am very happy with the results. Thanks
  8. Mike E.

    Sign in issue

    Thank you. I'll give that a try. UPDATE! Used display name and got right in. Thank you very much.
  9. Mike E.

    New Guy Checking In

    I'm going to take yours and falcaineers advise and pick up the Rinseless and some empty bottles
  10. Mike E.

    New Guy Checking In

    Thanks for all the help and the article links. My mind is swimming. Ha! All of my vehicles are in very good shape. I really want to protect them and of course have a great shine too. The motorcycles and Camaro and Corvette are seasonal rides. They stay in the garage and covered during winter and poor weather.
  11. Great read. Helped tremendously. Thanks