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  1. Welcome. Where in Colorado are you from? There are a number of us from Colorado on the site. I'm in Parker.
  2. I'd buy one. Rich, How was Carlisle? I really want to make that trip.
  3. Welcome! Keeping black and dark gray vehicles clean and shiny is a full time job at my house...
  4. Welcome. It truly is an addiction. Camaro looks fantastic.
  5. I live in Parker, Colorado and head to the warehouse a couple times a month. Great staff and can always find fantastic deals. The guys on the forum are full of knowledge and willing to share. Try and get to one of the detail clinics that are put on at the warehouse. Welcome to the addiction.
  6. I was at the warehouse for the Fathers Day Detail Clinic and purchased a bunch of stuff. I've been wanting another crate and asked if they had any for sale as they have been showing "out of stock" on the site. I was given one. They have them, just not on-line. Don't know why. I'd be willing to bet that they show up again soon.
  7. I went. Pretty small crowd. I would say smaller then usual. Great time as always. Spoke to Adam for a bit and met some fellow shine enthusiasts. Always worth the trip. Thanks Adam and staff
  8. Welcome to the sickness.... I started with a few items from Amazon. I don't live too far from the warehouse so I started making trips up there. Now I'm a number of mystery boxes and buckets in. Probably close to $2500 in product now. Don't see me stopping anytime soon. The wife says it's my cocaine. I'd agree. I can think of worse things to spend money on. Like booze. Oops! I do that too. HA!
  9. Received my order today. They threw in an extra 2-pk of green glass towels. Pretty cool! got one of these two of these Also received my 2pk of waterless wash towels, 2pk of green glass towels and a Adam's red plastic storage crate.
  10. Placed my order on December 29th and still shows "processing". Three shirts, some towels and a storage crate. I stocked up on chemicals during the black Friday sale.
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