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  1. Just opened my valentines day detail spray order and no sweet tarts for me.
  2. It does look like an honest mistake but its not a .01 cent thing its actually a $3 one. I would assume the price should have 24.99 just like the regular detail spray combo.
  3. Talked to CS about the pricing issue on the 16oz spray wax combo. The issue is the 2 double softs were calculated at 14.99 a piece not at 24.99 for the 2 pack. All I asked for was the price to be changed on the site to 34.99 so that the towels are $20 for 2 just like on the ceramic boost 2.0 kit.
  4. I dont agree with him saying its a scam but had he never said anything about it I wouldnt have noticed the error with the spray wax combo. I will call them today and let them know.
  5. I agree with you. Sometimes the combo is a better deal but other times it is not. I purchased the spray wax with the 2 double soft towels a few days ago and it’s actually more expensive than just buying the spray wax and two of the new gray double soft towels. I wish I had known that or I would have spent $5 less and got the gray towels instead of white ones.
  6. Are they working right now? Called several times without an answer.
  7. You can help me by sending me the products I actually ordered not what you wanted to send me because you don’t have it in stock plus you also forgot to put in the microfiber applicators. So maybe it should show out of stock on the website instead of still being up for sale. You could’ve also told me about the problem before you sent it to me hoping I wouldn’t care but I do. So I’ve called twice about my displeasure and haven’t received any help, thanks. I also purchased the MTO around that same time frame and that showed up with the plastic piece for the strap sitting broken in the bottom of the box not even connected to the strap. I called and was told I would get sent a new strap. Been 10 days since that call and no strap. I always get the products I order within 2 or 3 days after they ship so what’s the hold up? You’re still selling both trunk organizers but you can’t send me one that isn’t broken and you won’t send me a piece to fix it within a reasonable amount of time. That is how you can help me.
  8. I love the sprayer on the 8 oz bottle though. I was willing to pay the $100+ to get the waterless wash bottle because it would be perfect to clean my snap on tool box.
  9. Called customer support about the bottle size and microfiber applicators, was told they dont have the labels for the smaller bottles so we sent the larger bottles instead. I also told him that I really wanted the 8 oz waterless wash. His response was he hasnt seen one of those around the shop, but yet its in the picture for the kit. Really tempted to return the kit since its the same stuff I already have.
  10. So I purchased the motorcycle kit to get the smaller bottles but I ended up getting the bigger bottles of all of the products. I also didn't get the 2 microfiber applicators
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