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  1. And, this past weekend, I hit my former daily driver. As a note, I didn't hit the wheels as well as I could have because they are temporary as the factory wheels are being powder coated and when I get them back, I plan on adding ceramic coating to them. The salt corrosion alone destroyed the clear coating on the factory wheels. And, I ended up doing just a quick clean of the engine bay with the Eco All Purpose Cleaner, followed by a combination of Detail Spray and VRT. When all of the upgrades are completed, I plan on removing bits like the engine cover and having it repainted back to stock. Also, I'm still on the fence about keeping the headlights as I had to purchase a pair quickly as I took a rock to the OEM ones and cracked. Currently, they are LED conversions, but I'm tempted on pulling all of that out and just going back to stock halogen bulbs.
  2. Yesterday, I was able to complete a full wash, polish and wax.
  3. I'll have to try the Interior Detailer as I used the Quick Detailer and it worked really well.
  4. When I used the VRT on the engine cover of the Jetta, it looked amazing. And since it is going to rain tomorrow, I plan on detailing the engine bay of the Jetta, and this time, I'm planning on removing the plastic bits and restoring them individually.
  5. them240i

    The Long Beach Blue M2

    I traded in my M240 for an M2, and it is a a bit of a difference, especially the more flared fenders, and lack of sunroof and lack of Park Distance Control, but I love it.
  6. As I was running low on the Standard Glass Cleaner, I decided to try the Aerosolized Glass Cleaner (as something different), and it works amazing on exterior windows. I love how it foams up and with a light mist, I can get more precise on where I want the cleaner to go. However, when I clean the interior glass, I would normally spray the Standard Glass Cleaner into the green glass towel, and then clean the windows. Can I use the Aerosol Glass Cleaner on the interior sections, or should I stick with the Standard Glass Cleaner? Is there a major difference between the two?
  7. On Wednesday, I received my order from the web store, but I noticed that I'm down a spray handle. I ordered: Tire Shine + Applicator (came with spray handle) Eco Wheel Cleaner (came with spray handle) Tire and Rubber Cleaner (came with spray handle) Iron Remover (no spray handle) Glass Cleaner (aerosol bottle, no spray handle needed) Is there a way that I can either order a new handle, or get one shipped? When I've ordered from Amazon, the spray bottles are enclosed in a plastic pouch that contains the bottle and the spray handle.
  8. Yesterday, I had enough time (read: daylight) to properly get to my engine bay. It may not be totally kosher, but I used some Quick Detailer on the plastic bits at the end.
  9. Thank you all for the advice! Yesterday, I had time to properly wash my car, to get off the residue left from 2 days of rain, and I used a 7 step process to clean the tire and wheels. Steps 1-3 and 6-7 where done on one tire/wheel at a time. Step 1: Wheel Cleaning I sprayed on some Eco Wheel Cleaner and used the Wheel Woolie, Lug Nut Brush, and the Mitt to throughly get off all of the brake dust, and it did a really great job. Step 2: Tire Cleaning After rinsing the wheel, I then used the Tire and Rubber Cleaner, making sure to not get any on the wheel itself. After agitating with the coarse brush, I quickly rinsed the tire and wheel off. Step 3: Spot Cleaning After allowing a few moments for the wheel to dry, I would go back and hit areas that I missed with the Eco Wheel Cleaner again. Step 4: During the Normal Car Wash Since I use the foam gun, I liberally applied the Car Shampoo to the wheels and tires when I was applying to the rest of the car. I would then use the Mitt to, once again, scrub the wheel. Step 5: Drying the Wheel After washing, I used a Microfiber Utility Towel to dry off any standing water on the wheel. Step 6: Tire Shine Once the rest of the car was dry--using the Spray Wax, I moved the car inside my garage and moved on to applying the Tire Shine. Because I have low profile tires, I sprayed onto the applicator first, and then applied it to the tires. Step 7: Quick Detail Finally, I used the Quick Detail Spray on the wheels and used a Microfiber Utility Towel to apply it evenly.
  10. I enjoy scuba diving, traveling, flying (have an Instrument Rating), photography (mainly of the critters that I see while diving), and most recently, working out. From Indonesia in October 2018 From Philippines in March 2018.
  11. I'm torn here in SoCal as winter means rain, and cold temps, I'm not quite ready to jump back into the 90s-100s.
  12. Should I consider getting a bottle of Iron Remover, and while cleaning the wheels, complete a prophylaxis and remove the iron, and then seal?
  13. Yesterday, I was washing my car, and I used up the remaining amount of the Eco Wheel Cleaner, but I'm wondering if I should consider getting the regular Wheel Cleaner, as I get a lot of brake dust on the wheels? But at the same time, should I be concerned about the regular Wheel Cleaner being too harsh on the wheels?
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