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  1. As the title indicates, I had a vacation day that I had scheduled for today, mainly because I need to use a pile of them before the end of the year, so I gave my newest toy a full on detail today. 1. Engine Bay Cleaning Since this was going to be a full-out detail session, I diluted some APC at a 1:1 and used my new iK foaming sprayer that came last week. I do have to say, I was nervous about lightly hosing down my engine bay, but there is so much plastic and the wires/cables are wrapped up that I just needed to make sure that I didn't use the hose at full pressure. After applying the APC, I then used one of my lug nut brushes to agitate all of the surfaces and immediately following, I rinsed it off. 2. Tire and Wheel Cleaning While I let the engine bay air dry, I attempted to use my iK foaming sprayer with the NWC...however, it seems that it is too thick for that, so I used my normal spray bottle and Wheel Mitt and Lug Nut Brush to get within every nook. But, before cleaning the wheels, I used the TRC to hit the tires as well as the wheel well, and I used my Tire Brush to agitate. Then after rinsing that off, I then used the NWC to go after the wheels. 3. Iron Removal After cleaning the wheels, I emptied out the iK foaming sprayer and refilled it with IR, at a 1:1 dilution (primarily due to the fact that I have a 1 Gallon container on order). Having the Foaming Sprayer helped tremendously because at least with a constant stream, I didn't have to deal with using the spray bottle and hoping that I got every surface covered. In fact, I was even doing so well with making sure that it wasn't drying on that I sprayed down my wheels as well. 4. Washing the Car Because I normally wash my car outside, once I fill up the foam gun with water and UFS, I do not stop for any reason so that the soap does not dry on. I have found that using the Wedge seems to make my life a bit easier compared to the washing mitt. I start with the roof, then hood, then passenger side, then rear, and then finish with the driver's side. After this, I hose down the car really well and immediately pull it inside into the garage bay. 5. Drying the Car After pulling the car into the garage, I rinse out all of my washing tools and get them on my drying racks inside the garage. I then refill my bottle of DS from my gallon container and go to town, using that as a dying aid. I'll use the DS as one panel at a time, then use one of the Great White Drying towels to wipe (in one direction, generally downwards) to dry the car. I'll start with the roof and work my way down. 6. Waxing Once the car was completely dry, I moved onto waxing, with the BW and my handheld applicator. Because I was out of direct sunlight, I was able to hit an entire side at a time, so on the passenger's side, I'll apply the wax from front to back, so that when I'm done, the wax had enough time to cure so that it was ready to wipe off with a Polishing Towel. 7. Tire Shine This is self explanatory, but after waxing, I sprayed some TS into the Hex Grip Applicator, and went around from tire to tire. 8. Engine Bay Detailing I opened the hood and used the DS on every visible part of the Engine Bay, as well as the cowling and the rubber gaskets. 9. Interior Cleaning I used the New IAPC Gel to clean the driver's side seat and steering wheel, and then moved onto the AGC to clean the windshield and all windows, as well as the MFD and Instrument Cluster. While I was letting the IAPC Gel cure, I used the VRT on the door sill trim as the sun isn't kind to it. 10. Interior Detailing Using the ID, I sprayed some of the plastic bits on the center console and the Infotainment controls. 11. Leather Conditioner Finally, I used the LC on my dash, as well as on my seats and the center console arm rest.
  2. Yeah, it's the safety feature with the 2 cameras near the top of the windshield that run some of the safety features, but they also carry various warnings about how one should not get too close to the system, or risk getting the system fouled up. And, it makes me cringe when I have to drive through the desert and the flashing "dust storm ahead" or "gusty winds ahead" signs are illuminated. Although, they still have the "I-10 closed, use 86S to I-8" sign in Indio.
  3. As the question asks, is one better than the other, or is it like the Ceramic products where one is the first time application, and the other is just a booster? I live in a part of San Bernardino County, California in which we have a crazy amount of pollution, and when we have a Santa Ana Wind Event, we have an unobstructed line from the Cajon Pass, in which the wind barrels down from the desert, bringing along a lot of particulate matter. Additionally, are there any contraindications with the Glass Boost / Glass Sealant and features like Subaru's Eyesight?
  4. I got a chance to wash and wax my GF's Outback, which was no small feat as it was 97 outside and with a little bit of a breeze made for an interesting time. In my mind, once I started washing the car, I could not be distracted as my plan was to wash the entire car within the shortest amount of time as possible so then I could bring it back inside for the actual detailing work. ETA: I went though so much VRT, as literally the entire bottom of the car was black plastic.
  5. In my car, I have Alcantara inserts on the E-brake boot and the side panels on the doors, and on all of the other leather surfaces. I use the Leather Conditioner regularly, but I'm unsure about how to clean and protect the Alcantara. Is there a special conditioner that I should use? I know that BMW sells their house brand cleaner, but it seems fairly expensive for the amount in the bottle.
  6. This past weekend, my SO and I decided on a last minute trip up to Las Vegas. Heading out, I collected a far bit of dust on I-15, but Sunday was another deal entirely. Because of the bad traffic on I-15 South through the Cajon Pass, I took a few alternative routes through the desert (in Nevada: I-215 > I-515 > US-95 > Nipton Road, then in California: Nipton Road > I-15 > Minneola Road > National Trails Highway > I-40 > CA-247 > CA-18 > CA-330 > CA-210). Needless to say, I collected a ton of dirt, other grime and brake dust, so since I was working from home this week, I took the liberty of getting all of the dirt off. I probably should I used the Iron Remover, but I noticed that I was out, so I just placed an order for that and a few extra things. It was much fun though driving through the desert on very empty side roads, as I was able to fully enjoy the turbo inline 6.
  7. And, this past weekend, I hit my former daily driver. As a note, I didn't hit the wheels as well as I could have because they are temporary as the factory wheels are being powder coated and when I get them back, I plan on adding ceramic coating to them. The salt corrosion alone destroyed the clear coating on the factory wheels. And, I ended up doing just a quick clean of the engine bay with the Eco All Purpose Cleaner, followed by a combination of Detail Spray and VRT. When all of the upgrades are completed, I plan on removing bits like the engine cover and having it repainted back to stock. Also, I'm still on the fence about keeping the headlights as I had to purchase a pair quickly as I took a rock to the OEM ones and cracked. Currently, they are LED conversions, but I'm tempted on pulling all of that out and just going back to stock halogen bulbs.
  8. Yesterday, I was able to complete a full wash, polish and wax.
  9. I'll have to try the Interior Detailer as I used the Quick Detailer and it worked really well.
  10. When I used the VRT on the engine cover of the Jetta, it looked amazing. And since it is going to rain tomorrow, I plan on detailing the engine bay of the Jetta, and this time, I'm planning on removing the plastic bits and restoring them individually.
  11. them240i

    The Long Beach Blue M2

    I traded in my M240 for an M2, and it is a a bit of a difference, especially the more flared fenders, and lack of sunroof and lack of Park Distance Control, but I love it.
  12. As I was running low on the Standard Glass Cleaner, I decided to try the Aerosolized Glass Cleaner (as something different), and it works amazing on exterior windows. I love how it foams up and with a light mist, I can get more precise on where I want the cleaner to go. However, when I clean the interior glass, I would normally spray the Standard Glass Cleaner into the green glass towel, and then clean the windows. Can I use the Aerosol Glass Cleaner on the interior sections, or should I stick with the Standard Glass Cleaner? Is there a major difference between the two?
  13. On Wednesday, I received my order from the web store, but I noticed that I'm down a spray handle. I ordered: Tire Shine + Applicator (came with spray handle) Eco Wheel Cleaner (came with spray handle) Tire and Rubber Cleaner (came with spray handle) Iron Remover (no spray handle) Glass Cleaner (aerosol bottle, no spray handle needed) Is there a way that I can either order a new handle, or get one shipped? When I've ordered from Amazon, the spray bottles are enclosed in a plastic pouch that contains the bottle and the spray handle.
  14. Yesterday, I had enough time (read: daylight) to properly get to my engine bay. It may not be totally kosher, but I used some Quick Detailer on the plastic bits at the end.
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