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  1. Its one of the cheapest and easiest things that usually get overlooked but SOS pads work wonders on white wall tires or any tire that you want to keep that original look. I usually use one on each tire and it seams to stay clean for ever on vehicles you don't drive every single day. Doesn't hurt either that a box of them doesn't even cost a dollar
  2. Welcome! It looks great!
  3. Oh yea I ordered 2 of the boxes!
  4. Yea it's never much of a surprise. Just enjoy the nice weather while we can!
  5. I wish it was, spring seamed to hit for about a week and then the snow started a little 2 days ago. It isn't sticking to much yet but its definitely here!
  6. Thanks! It is, well worth it hopping in one with it feeling like its brand new though! And with good products, its half the time I used to spend
  7. So I've been using Adam's products for about 6 months now and have went through a fair bit as I have 3 trucks and my fiance' car to keep clean but there is no doubt that nothing compares, I've got a few buddies from work already to switch as well. Have more coming by heres what I've got so far!
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