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  1. 300K and a couple of double softs for wax
  2. Have other LE's also
  3. Ok, so where was the steak resturant?
  4. 67's

    Food Thread

    Well, I am holding a beer in the pic, but I didn't take it 😎
  5. I did talk to Adam briefly on Thursday, he told me my tires needed TRC. 😂
  6. Any reason not to use the one step pads with finishing polish, instead of one step polish?
  7. I would think with the right you could sand the Sheetrock and polish car with a SK, I used a DA on drywall, now the floor, you might just want to rent a machine to do it correct.
  8. Bob, It was one of the Days inn's https://www.corvetteforum.com/forums/c1-and-c2-corvettes/4302581-corvettes-at-carlisle-motel-warning.html
  9. Dan, if i remember, will you take Mystery boxes and recycle them? i have a few of them and didn't want to just get rid of them.
  10. Josh, people that park in the Funfield get a driver and passenger admission included. Check with friends, or others at your hotel for a ride in. tips: Hydrate sunblock BYOB 😎 Bring a couple of those folding chairs in a bagWear a hat (again....no shade)Sunglasses are a must.Comfortable shoes! Plan on being there EARLY! If the weather is good, the parking will be filled by 9:30. We're always there by 6:30 on Friday, 6 a.m. on Saturday.The fairgrounds serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner.Bring $$$$
  11. Rich, I will let you know after Carlisle.
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