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  1. Strange question, why doesn't Adams offer the Detail Spray in any of the Limited scents in a gallon, or larger size? Many of the LE's smell better than the stock one.
  2. Sounds good Dave, I don't know what mad me think of it yesterday but I thought I would ask. I'll take the 8 am Saturday spot, so IRS ready for Celebrity Judging 🤣
  3. Anyone know how much it is for a detail at the show? Tom M
  4. Good write up🤙 I wish I had taken pics/video when I did my sons car with the Adam's kit.
  5. 67's


    Looking to trade products fro Gallons of Detail spray, ID, Waxes, Girt cards. Ie a couple DS's for a gallon, etc
  6. Are we allowed to trade Limited for Gift Cards? I'm done with the limited editions, and would like to be able to get what I want.
  7. This weekend is this years time, might try some new products.
  8. 300K and a couple of double softs for wax
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