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  1. 67's

    Looking for Mostly LE DS's

    Awesome, let me know.
  2. 67's

    Looking for Mostly LE DS's

    Adding a red wheel wast mitt
  3. 67's

    Winter Prep already

    Clay mitt is a game changer
  4. 67's

    Looking for Mostly LE DS's

    updated trade pic Looking for Cinqo St Paddys and Wax
  5. Mostly looking for limited editions, not International. Time to get rid of MB items that I have too many of, or don't use. Also looking for wax, foam cannon.
  6. 67's

    What Did You Wash, Shine, and or Polish Today

    Unfortunately, we know snow is coming soon here. Hi was 82 yesterday, long range shows snow next thurs.
  7. I had a problem recently with a TOMB, where I had spillage. Emery went waaaay beyond what was expected to make me whole. They are hands down best customer service. I read on the forum where someone went to warehouse and got a red bucket MB well after the sale was over. I called today and got one. How many other retailers would honor a special a week late?
  8. 67's

    What Did You Wash, Shine, and or Polish Today

    Took a little personal time this morning 😎 Since its 80 here in October, last ride for the fall, its Hockey season so I am swamped. So I washed, and BW the car to get ready to put it away.
  9. 67's

    Random Thoughts

    I feel bad for people down south that haven't had Tim Hortons coffee
  10. I hope they respond soon, still havent heard anything.
  11. 67's

    garage sale forum

    you need 50 posts to post for sale ads
  12. no answer at customer service today, and no one on chat, must be a vacation day, yes I had to put the box outside iron remover smells horrible. The FedEx guy didnt like it either.
  13. In my TOMB, the Iron remover and DS were both emptied, will either of the them ie the Iron remover hurt the TO?
  14. 67's

    Random Thoughts

    why do people associate the smell of Pine Sol and Clorox, nasty chemicals as clean?