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  1. I agree they have detail spray as a regular price of $18,99 for $10.99
  2. Someone has to have a inside peek.....
  3. Ok thanks, I did put a boatload of conditioner on them last week, will try steam
  4. 67's

    The two word game.

    I think you broke the chain
  5. 67's

    The two word game.

    Van Gogh or Van Driver
  6. Still looking for the ones above. Cinco is 2018
  7. First one is the Passenger(dogs) seat.
  8. Is there anyway to remove wrinkles in leather seats, covers aren't that old, but drivers side is wrinkled. I am going to flop seats from side to side, but wondering if there is a way to get the wrinkles out?
  9. Any idea what the prime day specials will be?
  10. Wanted to trade 300K for a wall mount 6 bottle organizer
  11. I just use the Matt cleaner, but you have to get from a dealer.
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