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  1. CoonHound693

    Red foam pad

    Thanks. I’ll use it for the wax.
  2. CoonHound693

    Red foam pad

    Can the red 5.5 inch brilliant glaze pad be used for applying wax, paint sealant or finishing polish? I have 2 and don’t plan on applying brilliant glaze to my finish.
  3. CoonHound693

    Get. More. SPICE!

    First time I took free shipping. It shipped smart post. Usually it’s been taking about 10 to 12 from the time I ordered. It sat at Adams facilities for 5 days before fedex picked it up, then 2 more days at fedex before leaving Colorado.
  4. CoonHound693

    Get. More. SPICE!

    My order on 10/3 delivery date has now changed to 10/18. I was gonna order a mystery crate, but I can’t wait until Christmas to receive my order. My order didn’t even leave Colorado until 10/10.
  5. CoonHound693

    Get. More. SPICE!

    Update, very disappointed. Finally got an estimated delivery date of the 16th. 14 days after my order was placed. I’ve ordered stuff from China that came in that time frame.
  6. CoonHound693

    Get. More. SPICE!

    Mine is still at Adams, hasn’t been pick up yet. My shipping label was created Saturday afternoon. I guess I will have to use the ceramic boost. Haven’t tried boost out yet.
  7. CoonHound693

    Out With The Old, In With The New (To Me)

    Nice ride. I saw one last week with a supercharger on it. It sounded great.
  8. CoonHound693

    Newbie checking in

    Welcome to the great Adam’s community. I’ve learned a lot here and very happy with the quality and results of Adam’s products. I, like you wish I found them sooner.
  9. CoonHound693

    Pumpkin Spice

    I’ve used the PS detail spray and interior detailer so far and I think they smell like a sweet creamy pumpkin spice pudding, which for me is great. Also the PS air freshener smells the same. I’m sure the Black Friday sale will be more focused on new/limited products, with the added 15% off. I could be mistaken though.
  10. CoonHound693

    Doubting Eco Wheel Cleaner

    I think the eco wheel cleaner is great. Spray on and very little agitation and spray off. I bought a gallon after using it one time. I would never expect any spray on wheel cleaner to do all of the work without a little agitation.
  11. CoonHound693

    Get. More. SPICE!

    My appliances are white, and it’s made them a little more shiny, they don’t get to dirty no kids for us.
  12. CoonHound693

    Get. More. SPICE!

    I did the fridge, and microwave. I have large glass sliders going out to the pool area, I clay barred and cleaned them with Alcohol, then used gg. My dog’s nose prints wipe off much easier. Does the gg have any uv protection?
  13. CoonHound693

    Get. More. SPICE!

    Yes I do have quite a bit to hold me over. Im just hoping to have it by Thursday, so I can use h20 gg, before I head to key west on fri morning. I’m out, I used the rest of what I had on wed on my atv. I went through 2 bottles in 5 weeks. I’ve been gg’ing everything in my house. I even did the air conditioning unit out side, and my pool equipment.
  14. CoonHound693

    Get. More. SPICE!

    Hopefully goes out today, otherwise it wont be until next week. Still processing so not looking to good.
  15. CoonHound693

    Get. More. SPICE!

    Anybody’s orders from Wednesday ship yet, mines still showing processing. I literally had my order in as soon as they went live with the new products.