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  1. The coating turned out great. It was just a pain with the static charge and fibers being left behind. I was a little worried about the fibers marring my fresh correction. But the end result is great. Just was curious , thought I was doing something wrong. I never applied anything ceramic before.
  2. I did a full paint correction and used coating prep before applying, my question is Why was there so much static charge while buffing off? I used new prewashed single soft towels and after awhile I even tried new unopened single soft towels. It was leaving towels fibers all over paint.
  3. It’s definitely through the clear coat. I was just gonna try to make it look better for him. I never wet sanded before, and don’t feel comfortable doing it on someone else’s vehicle. I’m just gonna hit it with the finishing polish to blend the best I can. If he wants I can use the orange polish when I comes in.
  4. Thanks much appreciated
  5. Ok thanks. It’s a red jeep. I was only going to use the blue compound on the spot where the tree branch hit, then finish the entire door with the white Finishing polish. Can I use the microfiber cutting pad with the white polish first instead of blue, or will it be a waste of time?
  6. I have a small patch to correct on my neighbors car, I was gonna use the blue polish and then the finishing polish. Can I skip using the orange polish? I just placed an order for some. Would it be better to use a white pad for the blue polish to start?
  7. Thanks. I wasn’t sure because this was the only 19 on the lot with this. The rest has resonaters.
  8. Anybody know why Chevrolet has these mesh inserts on exhaust pipes from the factory. It’s a 19 Silverado 1500. Is it some sort of baffling in the pipe?
  9. This is the before tire armor picture. I’m just looking for the satin black finish.
  10. 3 coats of tire armor. This stuff seems to go on easier after the first coat.
  11. Just picked up this red beast on Saturday. It’s gonna need the works, looks like the dealership washed it with sandpaper.
  12. Can the red 5.5 inch brilliant glaze pad be used for applying wax, paint sealant or finishing polish? I have 2 and don’t plan on applying brilliant glaze to my finish.
  13. First time I took free shipping. It shipped smart post. Usually it’s been taking about 10 to 12 from the time I ordered. It sat at Adams facilities for 5 days before fedex picked it up, then 2 more days at fedex before leaving Colorado.
  14. My order on 10/3 delivery date has now changed to 10/18. I was gonna order a mystery crate, but I can’t wait until Christmas to receive my order. My order didn’t even leave Colorado until 10/10.
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