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  1. I LITERALLY just bought one of the old ones last week and wished it had a hole to hang it with... of course now these are coming out....
  2. Squeaky wheel? Lol Yeah the discount code worked on it! I couldn’t say no to that price! Thanks for thinking of me too when they popped up for sale.
  3. Thats great! Guess my persistence paid off trying to get one and it showing up in the feed. Thanks again! They're sold out already lol
  4. I got one!!!! Gotta say i love the Adams community, between this and a few people on the Facebook groups I would have probably missed them cuz I'm at work. So thank you @Parad0x and @GolfRfor your help. Great deal on them too!
  5. Hey I appreciate the try! And that’s cool! Glad mine kinda sticks out on that wall lol
  6. Thats actually exactly what I do and it works great. Have a few in each center console of my vehicles.
  7. Saturday I applied two coats of tire armor on my truck. Could not be happier with it. I put 1 coat on my daily Ford Ranger and that is definitely a matte look compared to this.
  8. With the decent weather we had this weekend, I was able to finally apply Tire Armor to my tires and I couldn't be more impressed with it. This is 2 coats which looks perfect.
  9. Here's some new products I'd offer up in trade. Obviously not all of them but willing to make the trade in favor of the person with a blanket
  10. Love that color! and the accent on the seats to match
  11. Bought my first house last May at the age of 26, and I realized quickly how much I enjoy taking care of my yard lol. I also enjoy woodworking, and wrenching on my vehicles. I'm kind of a jack of all trades and enjoy them all.
  12. Finally after the past few weeks or snow and freezing temps, I raced home yesterday after work to wash the truck! It was really bugging me... I used strip wash because I'm going to hopefully correct it here in the next week or so.
  13. Bump for anyone who might be going to a show soon... Like stated before I will pay for shipping no problem if someone can grab me a few of these!
  14. Same here. Been getting snow off and on here in Washington, and every time I think its time to wash my truck it is either way too cold or the weather says its gonna snow. I just want summer back lol.
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