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  1. All Adams soaps are pH neutral so they are safe on paint/wraps/decals. And you absolutely can wax over them or use any coating you'd like.
  2. I would not recommend ceramic coating them. Polished aluminum will still oxidize underneath and it will end up being more work to get the coating off, and then shine the metal up again. I'd say just hit them with some aluminum polish right before the show, it will repel the water just fine.
  3. There is no way Rubber mat and liner cleaner "Faded" to burnt orange like TRC. They may have similar jobs but they're not the same
  4. Definitely do the trim restorer before ceramic coating
  5. Just a FYI, all King Ranch trucks come with leather interior, thats kind of the main reason its called that is due to it being a saddle type leather which is why they are so different to clean and treat than most leather seats.
  6. Gonna bump this back up to the top. I've tried and expelled all my options at this point, I've got products to trade and will make it worth your time and effort.
  7. This is only a one car garage as well, and no vehicles parkin it, so I decided to make it cool lol
  8. There are far too many people with opinions and experience to have one definitive step-by-step I feel like. The more research you do, the more you question it and have to decide your own steps. Also, each vehicle is different so that comes into play as well.
  9. I'm a little over the top for most people lol. The oakley case holds all my chemicals, and towels are in the lower cabinet section of it. Up front is all my other supplies.
  10. This will be hard to find lol
  11. Welcome! Sounds like a busy life but a good one!
  12. I did now! Looks like they were testing them long before they decided to sell them on the site lol
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