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  1. Devon527

    What did you do today?

    I decided to take a sick day (cough cough) yesterday and did brakes on my commuter truck and shined up my new to me mower. $250 I couldnt pass it up and it looks brand new now!
  2. Devon527

    What Did You Wash, Shine, and or Polish Today

    Will I get laughed at if I cleaned up my lawn mower?? Got it last week from a buddy for $250 I couldn't pass it up. Now it looks like it should be on the showroom floor lol. Used all Adam's products of course!
  3. Devon527

    New Member from Indiana

    It's an addiction for sure, I got bit hard right away!
  4. Devon527

    Adam's HQ Sticker Wall!

    Just threw a couple in the mail this morning! Hopefully I'll see them on the wall in a week or so!
  5. Haha I live in Washington, I search craigslist, offer up, and Facebook Marketplace like crazy for them. I'm cheap so I always find things used instead of buying new lol.
  6. Yep and a few weeks before that I bought a different kranzle for $200 dang near new. The deals are out there lol
  7. Devon527

    Pressure washer hose

    I bought the Adams snub nose pressure washer attachment (MTM makes it) with the swivel built in. It's a game changer for sure. Hose doesnt kink up at all now.
  8. I had a cheap greenworks for over two years that did the job. Just recently upgraded to a Kranzle 1122tst which some say is the holy grail of electric pressure washers lol. They are expensive new, but i was able to find one used at a pawn shop near me for $40 believe it or not. IDK how I get so lucky sometimes 😂
  9. Devon527


    Welcome! I like the way you have that cabinet set up!
  10. Devon527

    Shaving Cream Foam

    I can tell you it has alot to do with the pressure washer. I had a cheap greenworks pressure washer and I thought it worked great. Then I bought a Kranzle and that alone gave me a ton more foam with the same foam cannon.
  11. Devon527

    Pressure washer hose

    What kind of pressure washer is it exactly? Some have special connections on them. I know my Kranzle pressure washer I can only use the hose that comes with it as far as I know...
  12. Devon527

    Lifted truck undercarriage

    All good suggestions, thank you! Picking up some ceramic boost on Friday hopefully and gonna try that out. I do like the undercarriage to pop, and I have tried griots undercarriage spray and it did seem to look better but it also attracted a lot more dirt...
  13. I know most of you on here seem to have cars, so this question is for the few who have lifted trucks. What would you recommend using for the undercarriage of the truck as far as cleaning and also maybe putting some shine on my powdercoated parts? About every other wash I get under the truck and clean, and have been using undercarriage spray where I felt it could use it. Yes I know my wheels and tires aren't for everybody, but thats fine with me lol.
  14. Devon527

    Garage signs

    Idk how I got lucky and scored one a few weeks back but I did. I had been searching for weeks on ebay and on here, happened to look up who my local dealers were and called the closest one to me. I asked him if they kept in stock and if he had any signs. He had a sign and gave it to me for free when I got there! Obviously bought some product from him to return the favor and will now be going back there from now on!
  15. Devon527

    Need New T-Shirts

    Another vote for more shirts! Been checking the website for shirts and hats every few days hoping something comes out lol