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  1. Devon527

    Big thank you to Adam's for the ceramic spray

    This is by far the coolest Camaro I have ever seen! I wouldn't change a thing!
  2. If any dealers on here have one I'd also just buy one outright...
  3. I have an extra blanket that I could let go of if you're still looking?

  4. This is an impressive project! Good work!
  5. I actually found them on Facebook and messaged them. No go there either. Looks like I’m just gonna have to hope they make more this year sometime around the holidays lol
  6. I tried to message him and it says he cannot receive any messages 🤔
  7. Bump... even asked Adam's if they will have more soon and they said no. 😢
  8. Devon527

    Official Garage or Detail Shop Picture Thread?

    Moved into my first house back in May, took a bit to get this all done but for now this is how it sits. I still need to drywall the ceiling and get some actual cabinets and a bench in there. But for now it works!
  9. I have done that and unfortunately it seems like everyone likes their blankets too much to give them up lol. Thinking I should have just bought one
  10. Anyone willing to trade??
  11. They sold out today on the site otherwise I would be ramping myself up to buy one
  12. It came out a few weeks ago on Canada’s national maple syrup day. It’s ultra foam shampoo but smells exactly like maple syrup.
  13. Like the title says, wanting to trade for an Adam's blanket. I cant justify spending the money on one but I will gladly trade products I already own. I have quite a bit of product, including the Canada car syrup, the black friday detail and interior spray with towel, and plenty of other things. Let me know if I can make a bundle of products to add up to the blanket and make a deal.
  14. Devon527

    What Did You Wash, Shine, and or Polish Today

    @Wy_detailing what does that thing get for fuel mileage?
  15. Devon527

    What Did You Wash, Shine, and or Polish Today

    I really like these things! I hope to get one for a commuter this year and retire my little ford ranger i've had the last 4-5 years