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  1. I’ve gotten a few new stickers to trade, looking to see what’s out there!
  2. Now to decide which color to go with... I think that white is growing on me.
  3. I know it's a long shot, but I'm looking for a new, Red Corkcicle Canteen from the 4th of July release. I was able to pick up one of the light blue canteen's, but missed out on the red ones. I would prefer to trade over buying. I have shirts, sweatshirts, limited editions, waxes, microfibers, towels, regular products, and more. I'm open to trading my blue canteen towards a red one. Let me know if you're open to trading and what you would be looking for in return!
  4. Adam’s made a post about it this afternoon. They are testing out the beta version and currently offering a $25 off $50 or more purchase!
  5. Yup, the 1st Sunday of every month at Perimeter mall in Dunwoody, 8 am to around 11, but it starts to get pretty busy around 7 with everyone showing up.
  6. Hey Greg, Awesome, that sounds like a plan. I broke down and ordered a TOMB on Friday, but I'm pending shipping information. Oh yes, I'm familiar with Flowery Branch. That's just right up the road from Smyrna! I haven't made it out to the last few Caffeine and Octanes unfortunately. It seems something is always coming up last minute. I am hoping to make it out there for July. I heard the June event was a huge turnout. I agree, there's really not many reps there, just a few local places. If Adam's had a local rep, this would be an awesome event for them to setup at. Guaranteed they'd be a hit!
  7. Navigate to the Adams website, but make sure you are not signed in. Do not add anything to your cart, but click on your cart to view it. It will take you to a page that says cart is empty, continue shopping? Click that link and you'll be redirected to a page that seems to contain a lot of past sales/promotions. Most of the stuff appears to be sold out/out of stock.
  8. Bump! Updated photos of items to trade. Also have some T-Shirts & Sweatshirts not pictured. Looking for Canada Detail Spray, and last years Untamed Detail Spray & Interior Detailer.
  9. I'd be interested in something like this as well. You can never have enough air fresheners!!
  10. Bump still have everything for trade.
  11. At the moment I'm looking for Canada DS, car syrup, & Cinco de Mayo (cars & coffee label), but I'm open to others as well.
  12. Have some extra products from mystery boxes I’m looking to trade. Everything in photo is for trade. I also have 4 ultra plush drying towels available and some borderless grey plush towels. Open to any offers - looking for: Limited Editions, stickers, or air fresheners. Also open to Ceramic Boost, Coating Prep, Ceramic Paste Wax, Ceramic Spray Coating. Photos Updated 6/1
  13. I'll have to check that out, it might be my best option. Thanks!
  14. Bump - Still looking for one of these. I have products to trade or $$ to send.
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