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  1. I guess they really got a lot of wheel cleaner in stock they need to clear out 😂
  2. GolfR


    Hey Tom, sent you a PM.
  3. I have a new unused 16 oz and also a gallon of Ceramic Boost. Did you have anything else to trade besides the patriot wax & detail spray gallon?
  4. Bump for the sticker thread!! I have the stickers below available for trade if you see any you need!
  5. I’ve got some extra products for trade that I’ve gotten in some of the recent mystery items. All bottles and gallons below are for trade. I also have Americana wax, grey applicators, single & double soft towels, borderless grey towels, waterless wash towels, and ultra plush drying towels to trade. Things I’m looking for: 4” or 5.5” pads, stickers, triple soft towels, shirts/sweatshirt (L or XL), Air Fresheners, Bug Remover, Sprayable Compound, Limited Editions, Billet Coin Top Patriot wax (new or used), ceramic paste wax (new or used).
  6. Air freshener Mystery Boxes!! Maybe come in packs of 3, 5, 10, or 25?
  7. Hoping to see the Cali DS on the site Monday as well, but not gonna get my hopes up lol
  8. I had the white in my cart, because I missed the black at first. Luckily I was able to go back and add it before it was out. Those shirts went super quick. I have heard on the facebook group that the Large's were running a bit small on these shirts, so I may have two shirts up for grabs. lol
  9. I bought a white large, but I'm still waiting on delivery, should be here by wednesday. I'd be open to trading it for some limited/stickers I don't have or selling it.
  10. Looking for one of the new Local Colorado stickers. Would trade stickers or Air fresheners for it.
  11. I’ve gotten a few new stickers to trade, looking to see what’s out there!
  12. Now to decide which color to go with... I think that white is growing on me.
  13. I know it's a long shot, but I'm looking for a new, Red Corkcicle Canteen from the 4th of July release. I was able to pick up one of the light blue canteen's, but missed out on the red ones. I would prefer to trade over buying. I have shirts, sweatshirts, limited editions, waxes, microfibers, towels, regular products, and more. I'm open to trading my blue canteen towards a red one. Let me know if you're open to trading and what you would be looking for in return!
  14. Adam’s made a post about it this afternoon. They are testing out the beta version and currently offering a $25 off $50 or more purchase!
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