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  1. I was just on the Facebook page and it seems to be a toss up whether you got one, the other, or both. Hoping my package that was delivered today has both the sweet tarts and the card.
  2. Not really sure a MOD should be making these kind of comments?! But seriously... its 2019, let's all be better people this year!
  3. Good to know! I ordered a few when the Valentine DS dropped. They should be here Friday, so I'll have to pay attention if they are in the box or not.
  4. The Air Fresheners are IN STOCK on the Adam's website
  5. Yeah I ended up getting one of the 3'x5' banners off Detail Giant.
  6. Looking at it from another view/a different idea - Given that currently the website doesn't display items as back ordered (only out of stock), it makes sense that they ship what they can and then ship the remaining item(s) later as they become available. If they were able to have items show as back-ordered on the website, I'd be ok with my whole order being held for shipping until everything is available. I'm sure not everyone would be on board, but I feel like it could help reduce unneeded shipping costs on their end and decrease some confusion/issues with people receiving their order and an item or two not being present. I know the first time I received an order and an item was back-ordered, I didn't see the note right away and was thoroughly confused as to where my wax was.
  7. If they have a schedule of what shows the trailer would be at, I'm sure we can find someone willing to grab some. If it makes it way down to the southeast I'll gladly grab some for you.
  8. Following, I'd be interested in some as well. Did they give a schedule of where to find the show trailer throughout the year? Maybe we can find some forum members who will be close to a stop and score some that way?
  9. I’m going to grab one from him. I just wanted to see what else was out there.
  10. I saw those end yesterday, a few went for $100+. I thought this may be a good platform to see if there's any others out there that someone is willing to trade.
  11. I’m looking for Adam’s banners or signs. Let me know what you have. I have old label bottles & gallons, limited edition bottles and gift sets, and regular products/micros I can trade.
  12. I've seen it noted a few times that their Wash & Wax goes well with Ceramic paste wax and ceramic coatings. It has SIO2 in it.
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