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  1. I think the same currently holds true for the VRT as well. The stand alone gallon under the flash sale has a better price then the BOGO gallon & 16 oz.
  2. Bump... I have limited editions and regular products to trade for ASSC spray nozzle.
  3. They are the same style as the black ones, but have a Pink collar, trigger, and nozzle/tip. I'll try and find a picture.
  4. It's a longshot, but I'm looking for an ASSC Spray Nozzle if anyone has one they are willing to part me? I've got regular products and limiteds for trade.
  5. Blankets are LIVE right now on the flash sale. 9 in stock.
  6. Been there as well! Logged in and went to checkout, entered card information, and on the final review before confirming payment I magically had a bunch of stuff in my cart from 2 weeks ago when I was browsing on the website. Almost had a very expensive purchase.
  7. I spray it on, buff it a bit and allow to haze and then do a buff/wipe with a clean microfiber and all done. I think I'm going to try it on the insides of my house windows this weekend - I haven't tried that one yet.
  8. Brilliant Glaze works great with a spray nozzle. I highly recommend giving it a try on bathroom mirrors.
  9. I have an almost empty 32 oz I’d be willing to trade. *Disclaimer, it’s had a rough life before I got it. I think there was a crack towards the bottom of the bottle that was glued back together.
  10. I was just on the Facebook page and it seems to be a toss up whether you got one, the other, or both. Hoping my package that was delivered today has both the sweet tarts and the card.
  11. Not really sure a MOD should be making these kind of comments?! But seriously... its 2019, let's all be better people this year!
  12. Good to know! I ordered a few when the Valentine DS dropped. They should be here Friday, so I'll have to pay attention if they are in the box or not.
  13. The Air Fresheners are IN STOCK on the Adam's website
  14. Yeah I ended up getting one of the 3'x5' banners off Detail Giant.
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