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  1. Apparently, security isn't a big priority since it hasn't been fixed.
  2. I've been having the same problem, and I found that although the sign-in window specifically says to enter your display name OR email address (both in the normal sign-in window and the error page that pops up telling you that your password is incorrect), it will NOT work with the email address. It will only work with the display name. Also, it erroneously suggests that it's your password that is the culprit, when the password is fine, but rather the email address is to blame. They should edit the sign-in screen to remove the misleading prompt for email address.
  3. So, I already have a Porter Cable 7424 (the old school USA made one, as well as a newer Mexico made one), but couldn't resist the Cyber Monday sale on the red Swirl Killer mystery box, so ordered one (well, two actually😉). Anyway, my question is what to do with the PC. Should I use both machines for particular purposes? Are there some tasks that are better suited to the PC and some to the SK? I know both take the same pads, so that is a huge plus. I understand that the PC has a tighter orbit -- would that be a benefit in finish polish, or would it just take longer to achieve the same result?
  4. Hi all, I don't recall exactly how I came across Adam's products, but I think it was a YouTube video about a guy doing a no-touch wash on his black Mercedes in full sun with no spots. He was using the Foam Canon and Car Shampoo, along with a Metro drier (albeit the small handheld one). I already had a Metro Air Force Blaster that I use on my motorcycle, but I was intrigued by the shampoo and Foam Canon, so I went online to the Adams website and placed my first order for almost $200 worth of stuff. I was officially bitten by the Adam's bug. I then followed that order up with another several orders, and then some more. All in all, I've spent almost $2k with Adam's in the past few months (a big part of that was their Landa commercial electric pressure washer to replace my gas powered one -- I wanted the same volume/pressure without annoying my neighbors with the gas engine noise each Saturday morning). I can't give enough props to Adam's customer service -- there have been a (very) few hiccups with orders, but they've always gone far above and beyond in making things right (and then some)... Anyway, Adam's has another customer for life!
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