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  1. TMAN

    Mini Polishers update ?

    Hopefully there back in stock.I ordered one a few weeks ago.After not receiving it with the order.At that time it was a 2 week wait
  2. Any ideas when the mini polishers will come back in stock ?
  3. What.This was for anything or just certain items? ?
  4. Ok say you had a special on the higher end more than average car.You we’re trying to preserve its value and make it look it’s best and preserve the paint.Yes it’s a garage queen but will be driven some.How would you pro’s preserve the paint job.Again to help keep its value and make heads turn as it goes bye.Just wax or ceramic coating?I do like peaceful time in my life cleaning it.But hot Texas sun does exist A LOt .No salt water around but car did come from Florida.It feels pretty abused on paint by feel or bag test.Also leather just soaked up conditioner like a sponge.Any tips would be great.Here is a pick of her Randy
  5. TMAN

    New Member

    Awesome man
  6. TMAN

    New Member

    The front end of that car just looks mean as hell
  7. TMAN

    New Guy

    Thanks everyone yes it’s a SLS
  8. TMAN

    New Guy

    Hello y’all not a pro detailer just a guy that finally broke down and bought his dream car.Pretty inpressed with adams products.Just did a clay job and ceramic wax on this baby.Got to say it came out pretty nice.Got to tip my hat to you guys that do this for a living.Its a butt kicking and a back breaker.But I enjoyed every minute of it.Thanks Adams nice products.Even had a bottle that leaked out during shipping.They made it right and shipped a new one right out