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  1. I am curious about applying tire shine or VRT after coating my clean tires with the new Tire Armor. I understand about how clean the tires need to be in order for the armor to stick properly. I am also aware of how long the application last. Also what should I use to clean my tires after the tire armor has been applied? Thanks in advance.
  2. Just the typical dust. The rear hatch is a little greasy. I will use APC and some cheap microfiber towels from Home Depot.
  3. I have used interior detail to clean them. Most of the time they are just dusty. Its the rear hatch that gets nasty. I'll probably go for the all purpose cleaner in that area. Thanks.
  4. What would be the best Adam's product to clean door jambs?
  5. For a new car I would start with not letting the dealer put their "$250 paint protect" that is really just a spray wax that last for a few weeks or a drive through a rain storm or a really good wash job. Next I would use the iron remover to get all the over spray and rail/transportation dust off the paint. Start next by washing the wheels/tires/inner fenders. Next give it a good 2 bucket and foam cannon wash. Dry the car using a big microfiber towel. You could seal the windshield now if you wanted. Next use the clay bar/clay mit with detail spray (the pink product) to remove any further containments. Now get the Paint Sealant which you could apply by hand or machine. Coat everything including headlights and plastic trim parts. Coat your tires with tire shine. The paint sealant should last for several months depending on the conditions you drive in. For the washed in between paint sealant coats (I call them maintenance washes) wash your car the same way as above minus the iron remover and clay bar after treatment. However this time when drying the car use the H2O Guard and Gloss using 1 wet microfiber towel and come behind with a dry towel. You can save a little if you wash your car weekly like I do by using the Guard and Gloss every 3rd wash. If you really want a boost shine in between you can always use the detail spray after a wash. When not using the Guard and Gloss I use air to dry my car, however you can still dry it using a great white microfiber towel. Just remember the whole main goal when cleaning is to avoid scratches. Hope this helps. Happy cleaning.
  6. Thanks. I'm actually ordering some tomorrow.
  7. That is awesome. Looks like very little effort. Thanks for the tip.
  8. Just read this article. Even though its 2018 this information will be used wisely. Thanks for the clarification.
  9. Thanks. I have a bottle of H2O Guard. I'll look into the ceramic Past Wax and paint sealant.
  10. I used butter wax on my cars last week. Applied with a machine buffer. I noticed after driving trough a heavy rain the surface of the cars lost their "slick" feel. Is that usually what happens during a heavy rain? And if so is there a better Adams product that holds the "slick" feel longer? Thanks in advance
  11. Great. Currently I'm living the Brilliant glaze on interior windshields. Results are better that factory clean.
  12. Those results are awesome. Thanks for the help
  13. I'm looking to see if the Multi-Use foam spray will work.
  14. Best Adams product to spot treat stains on cloth seats?
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