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  1. His was black with white stripes down the hood. And thank you for your service
  2. No one threw up in it thank God, I would've had to teach them a little lesson haha. He sure does I wish he still had his '69 Chevelle that thing was beautiful
  3. Thanks man! Honestly I don't think she would have cared had we driven the Camaro or my truck (see previous picture I posted). I'm sure she definitely enjoyed flying around the backroads at 12am though lol, I know I did
  4. Appreciate it Ray!
  5. He was very impressed thank you
  6. My grandfather recently let me borrow his Camaro to use for the trip to and from prom. It hadn't really been driven in a few months and as a result it had accumulated a layer of dust and grime that needed to be removed before my OCD would allow me to take it out in public. I began by attempting to remove as much of the tire browning that I could by spraying an ungodly amount of TRC on them and then scrubbing the faces with the tire brush and the white lettering with a nylon brush, which left them presentable but not perfect. I followed by washing the car and subsequently claying some areas that had noticeable contamination. I brought the Camaro inside and prepped and went around most of the car doing a one step polish with a DA and topped with LPS and Americana Wax. Next it was time for the interior which was vacuumed and cleaned with the interior scrubbing mitt and a leather and interior cleaner followed with leather conditioner. (I apologize in advance for the lack of photo documentation)
  7. Thanks man I like to think it looks pretty good too for being almost 13 years old!
  8. Cleaned up my truck today since it was the first time I had a few hours free for the first time in a while. Still needs a lot of work though...
  9. Hello, I recently received my first car just over a year and a half ago (2007 F150) and, being a self labeled "perfectionist," quickly began to want to spend all the money I had to keep it clean and maintained. So, soon after, I came across Adam's and purchased my first quality car care products in the Daily Driver Detailing Kit. Now a year later it seems like I'm addicted but by judging some of the post in other forums (like the mystery box one for example) it seems I'm just getting started.
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