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  1. Brilliant Glaze works great for interior windows around the home, same as on the inside of the windshield of the vehicle.
  2. My vehicle is ceramic coated but after experiencing mild streaking with CB 2.0 on dry paint, I now only use it after a wash as a drying aid, applied on moderately wet paint, and I no longer have an issue. I do use a cordless leaf blower to blow off some of the water and get it out of cracks and crevices, but I find the extra bit of water left behind doesn't affect its 'boosting' effectiveness and considerably helps avoid streaking. I use Ceramic Boost around once a month now and all the other washes in between are dried using Detail Spray.
  3. Yeah, it’s probably best they don’t advertise that it has sio2 content as it’ll just help to confuse.
  4. Not really as it would detract from the characteristics of a ceramic coating as HGG has no SIO2. It’s not ‘mandatory’ but it’s best to use sio2 products with a coating.
  5. I was kind of considering doing your original mention Jeff; Once I use up all the detail spray I have, which isn't a small amount I'll admit lol, I am considering just using the new Ceramic Waterless like a detail spray and continue to use my Ceramic Boost once a month after a wash as the drying aid. I find it easier to apply/remove Ceramic Boost after a wash while the paint is still wet and I’m drying the vehicle. I find it has the propensity to stream far less applying it this way and it kills two birds with one stone. I also apply it to the rims the same way monthly.
  6. IMO, it’s never a sin to use them but that’s coming from someone who uses their Limited Editions. I buy them to enjoy their scents while using them so once they’re used up I still have the bottle which is the main attraction to displaying them. If I want, I’ll just fill them with another companies concentrated detail spray that’s purchased concentrated very cheap and is white. I’ll then add food coloring until I get the original Adam’s LE color for that particular bottle. Since I wouldn’t be looking to sell them, I don’t care if the contents aren’t original at that point, they still display nicely. I actually did this with the Black Friday detail spray once I used it up.
  7. I just noticed this morning that there are only 7 more bottles of the Cars & Coffee Detail Spray left in stock. It's been around a while and most of us who wanted it probably have it already but I figured I'd mention it if there are newer members who may still want to get in on it before it's gone as I don't know if it is a regularly stocked item.
  8. I’m also looking for a cinco should someone need a 300k, if anyone wants to make that trade after 67’s gets his.
  9. No problem guys, I was glad to see it this morning and like you mentioned falcaineer, it should be something they eventually integrate into the Adam's site as I think people will find it helpful. One thing I just noticed that could be important to some people is that the ceramic liquid wax is safe on all exterior surfaces whereas the ceramic paste wax is not. I've always personally preferred paste waxes but it's good to know to be extra careful when using it around windshield cowls etc. as I've got to think I'm not alone in wanting to tape off trim while applying things like ceramic paste wax.
  10. I just saw this new 'chart' on Amazon listing SiO2 percentages for some of the new ceramic products and some are a little different, not much, from what we've seen elsewhere. It shows the Ceramic Paste Wax as 5% more than the liquid ceramic wax and that the paste offers a little but longer protection, but minimal. It also needs to be updated to show that the Ceramic Waterless is 7% and not 10%. It is also interesting to see that in this chart, Ceramic Boost now gets a percentage attached to it. In the end I agree with falcaineer and feel it's more of a personal preference thing, does one prefer applying a lotion/liquid wax or a paste wax. Here's that chart for the heck of it:
  11. Spray wax can be used on wet paint so I’d use it while drying whenever you wash the car. I’d replace the spray wax with the G&G once a month. And then use the BG on top of either the spray wax or G&G if you want very temporary extra gloss. If you’re pressed for time after washing and won’t really be driving around a lot where the extra gloss will be appreciated, skip the BG, no big deal. BG isn’t really for protection at all, it’s primary function is adding short term, like 2 days of superb gloss. They say spray wax wax lasts a month or two but from experience that’s all so dependent upon outside kept/garage kept, the season one is in and temperatures at the time, sun exposure etc etc. If you’re washing once a week or every two weeks and using spray wax as a drying aid after each wash with G&G thrown in as the drying aid once a month and have paint sealant as a base under it all, you’ll IMO always have some decent protection going on. No problem and let me/us know what you think of using the BG on the inside of the windshield as time goes by. And if you’ve never used a glass sealant before on the exterior windshield/exterior glass in general, it is something you may want to also consider. I began like many using rain-X nearly 20 years ago and eventually switched to better glass sealants and once every two months or so I boost exterior glass protection with Adam’s glass boost and I find the water beading glass sealant offers invaluable in the rain.
  12. I hear you and don’t blame you, use what you have and ceramic products can be something to consider down the road as you use up existing product and need to begin resupplying. Guard and Gloss would definitely be a good thing IMO to pick up and use once a month while drying the car. It’ll offer better protection than the spray wax when used once a month and extend the paint sealants longevity. Then, in-between the G&G applications, you can use the spray wax and BG. I could be wrong but I ‘think’ it may be best to use spray wax first with brilliant glaze on top of the spray wax. Spray wax I think offers better protection so you’d want that down first and then the glaze just adds even more pop on top of that but lasts just the weekend/literally a few short days. If I’m wrong, please, someone in the know correct my line of reasoning. Edit: and if you haven’t seen it mentioned on here before, definitely consider cleaning the inside of your windshield with brilliant glaze. It seriously cuts down on that haze forming on the inside and makes cleaning the inside far easier in the future. It also works great on the inside of windows in your home/apartment. I just did my vehicles and home windows a few weeks back after seeing the recommendation on here and have been quite impressed with the results thus far.
  13. Just me but since it’s parked outside exclusively, I’d consider going with a ceramic coating and upkeep with using the new ceramic waterless as a drying aid after each wash and ceramic boost after a wash once a month. Ceramic will provide you with the best protection long term on an outside kept vehicle. When you do want a little extra pop, BG will come in handy for just a weekend. It’s best for adding quick short term ‘pop’ with little protection so it shouldn’t affect the coatings hydrophobic properties long term. Great looking car BTW, I had a Black 2000 Camaro SS many many years back and miss it at times.
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