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  1. No problem, so glad you were able to get one! The second I saw them in the flash sale I thought of your post seeking one for a while now. 👍
  2. Just coming to say this as well, @Devon527, blanket is in stock right here, 6 as of now in stock, $60 sale price.
  3. If you don't already have a slew of other Adam's products you need to use up and since you already have the Spray Coating, I think you'll be happy doing all the necessary prep work and then applying the Spray Coating and doing the following: If you don't have tons of detail spray already, consider getting their new Ceramic Waterless as a replacement to DS for use as a drying agent on wet paint while drying after a wash. I'd use that every wash while drying instead of Detail Spray. Once a month, I'd replace the Ceramic Waterless while drying with Ceramic Boost. It's only an early guesstimate but I think doing this, you'll still see great beading and protection after a year if not a few months more from the spray coating. Sure you'd do even better with CPC but since you have the CSC I think this regimen will still make you happy. Also, I didn't mention their new Ceramic Wash + Coat but once you use up all your existing car shampoo, switch to the Wash + Coat. And hey, if all else fails, try trading the CPC in the trade forum for some Boost 2.0 and buy the CPC when it eventually qualifies for a discount. Then you'll have some CB 2.0 ready to go after you apply the CPC.
  4. My main thought on the new Ceramic Spray Coating is it involves the same prep work that one must perform before applying Adam’s Ceramic Paint Coating. Decontaminate, correct and prep all surfaces. The whole preparation process is key and IMO more difficult/labor intensive than applying the actual coating. So, once all that time is taken, why not take a small amount of extra time and apply Adam’s ‘regular’ Ceramic Paint Coating? Maybe I can see the CSC being good for someone who already has Adam’s CPC on their vehicle, it’s a year or more old and has some minor swirls that someone would like to correct. They decontaminate if they want, use a very light polish to correct once again, removing some but not all the coating and then freshen up the coating with CSC. That’s just my take on where CSC would maybe fit in for me. I say maybe because my vehicles are coated and with cautious washing methods and using good maintenance products, I’m plenty happy with where my finish is. I should probably decontaminate by this point, but overall, it looks great and the very few swirls that got imparted are not really noticeable especially after washing the car and while drying, misting some detail spray on the still wet paint.
  5. I'll google and read more about it. I know people who had 3M Crystalline put on the inside of their windshields and it made a big difference. I had Crystalline on my side windows in a past vehicle and it definitely worked better than traditional tint, even ceramic. But it was quite expensive to do the windshield with it so I passed.
  6. Is this the stuff that goes on the outside of the front windshield? Obsessed Garage did a video, or some I forget, where he had it installed on one of his vehicles. As good of a job it seemed the installer did, he still had to be]ring it back in.
  7. You're about 4 weeks late V_Shine 😉 Keep an eye out though, I'm sure they'll have another contest eventually
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