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  1. Was about to order till I saw Watermelon. Those small bottles dangling on my mirror would look giggly but I want grape lol
  2. I have tried diluting some RW to use before. Mainly used it to prespray some stubborn gunk before wash. It worked well but I didn’t wash whole panels with it. Does diluted RW really work as well as WW? Cause the price difference would be huge.
  3. Cool video 👍 I had that sliding problem after I put Americana the first time. I still have a lot of Americana so I’m not sure if I should use Ceramic waterless.
  4. @falcaineer @blcksilv08 Sounds like I need to add a gallon of waterless on my next order. Not sure exactly what the dust is, it just builds up when I park at work. Just an ordinary small town. But is Ceramic Waterless worth using if I don’t have Ceramic on my car?
  5. What does everyone do to deal with dust on Car day or two after wash? Spring is coming and while my car is inside garage at home, at work it’s under a metal tent thing it has cover from top but not sides or front.
  6. I have unopened 16 oz CB. Would you trade Spray Wax + Glass sealant for it?
  7. Never tried the old one. My first bottle was from the Drip MB so it was new one I think.
  8. I realized that too late about the hose under water. By the time I realized, I barely had any water, just foam 😂 I didn’t know the new HGG could be applied dry with dry towel. I’ll give that a go next time. Thanks for the tip 👍
  9. It didn’t feel smooth last time I tried it(after HGG was applied). Maybe I need to strip it off first. I washed my car and applied Spray Wax today, it felt slick again but didn’t try bag test.
  10. Before Wash Pictures #1-2 Had to take a 2 hour round trip in the rain couple days ago and car got filthy. Fortunately the weather cleared up today I could do a proper wash. Previously the only wash I did was RW. But the weather was sunny 70°F today so I decided to try the Two bucket wash with Ultra foam shampoo. Picture #3 shows me messing up with the UFS I think. I put Grit guard in empty bucket, tossed the Microfiber mitt then squeezed quite a bit of UFS then I used the hose to spray water in. It foamed a lot as you can see it overflowed and the water didn’t turn purple so I squeezed some more in then sprayed more, resulting in just MORE FOAM. Decided to just start washing instead, the process wasn’t hard but I for some reason prefer RW I feel it is less messy than foamy buckets. After wash, I dried using Microfiber towels then parked car inside garage so I could try the new Spray Wax that I got in the Clear MB. I gotta say I love the SW I like it more than HGG since I can apply dry with dry towel. Plus after applying it I got the slick feeling I had when I first clayed the car before. It is definitely thicker than Detail spray, smells as good but it does dye whatever it touches. My hands and Double soft towel ended up very pink. I liked it so much I think I’ll replace HGG with it. The wet towel + dry towel wasn’t my thing. First time using a Detailing stool today as well. It really saved me from the pain on the knees. Unfortunately I have a sloped driveway but using it inside the garage was still great. Pictures #4-5 show the stool, it is bigger than I expected. I didn’t install the cup holders as it doesn’t hold Adam’s bottles very well. I just toss the stuff on the tray. Sun was setting so I couldn’t get really shiny pictures but it looked great when I finished up.
  11. Yeah I thought sealant goes on first to bond to paint and didn’t have Americana when I applied HGG. How does it work for you if you apply HGG every three washes? Do you strip wash every 3rd or?
  12. Last step product lol I’ll go back and fix that.
  13. I guess it’s been about two months since I started learning and detailing. Back in early January I decontaminated my car with IR and Clay. Afterwards I did RW and applied HGG on the same day. A week later I applied Americana, not sure how great it applied. First time using wax and it was cold, I applied it thick. Now it’s been almost 2 months, I feel my car is still beading and water goes flying off when I drive but it doesn’t feel anywhere as slick as it did the day I decontaminated and applied HGG. I don’t know how long the HGG + Americana combo lasts in the winter in Southern US, it hasn’t snowed here yet, couple days saw below 20°F. I washed my car using RW about every week. I’m posting this thread to get some suggestions and ask some questions about what to do next. With spring coming soon I’m thinking of applying another layer of product which raises the first question. 1. Assuming 3 months after HGG + Americana, should I strip wash then apply Last step product or should I strip wash and clay bar then apply Last step product? This question has been bugging me for awhile. I read it’s normal to clay before applying a layer of product but I also read we supposedly only clay 1-2 times a year. On the Clear MB a purchase I scored a CB and SW which gives me 4 options now compared to previous 2! I’ll be honest here, applying HGG was super easy compared to Americana but using a damp towel and dry towel was kind of bothersome and it wasn’t as satisfying as applying paste wax and wiping it off. As for CB I been reading other threads about how it streaks and it’s frustrating to work with but it doesn’t require water like HGG. My car is not ceramic coated and I don’t plan on coating yet because I’m not confident in polishing my car yet, hopefully I will later this year. 2. Which product lasts the longest on daily driver, HGG, CB, or Americana? 3. If I don’t mind applying Americana would it be enough to apply Americana alone every 3 months while using Spray Wax as drying aid when washing? For some reason I’m shying away from Ceramics. I think it might be because my car isn’t coated yet or polished. I’m thinking I should try my luck trading the CB away in Garage sales.
  14. Your crutches looking awfully dull for something with Adam's on it, maybe polish it shiny 😂 Jokes aside hope you get better soon.
  15. You have balls to smell Wheel cleaner, even if it's Eco lol I started in similar way as you few months ago with the Black Friday Mystery Bucket which got me hooked! I found the APC to have shampoo/detergent smell as well. It's the first product I ran out of and end up ordering a gallon. You'll find it useful everywhere. I mainly use it to clean buckets, equipment and towels after finishing. Also used it for tires before I got Tire and Rubber cleaner from a MB. Looks like your Bucket came with a good mix of stuff to get started. If you enjoy that bucket, in the following months you'll spend a lot on Adam's.... Haha
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