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  1. I use my Sidekick to blow my car off, then use WW in a hand held pump pressure sprayer to spray the area down and MANY WW towels to finish it off. My car is a garage queen.
  2. Check to see if it needs clayed using the bag method. Stick your hand in a plastic grocery bag and rub it over the car (CLEAN CAR) and if you feel bumps, it needs clayed, if not, I'd do a IPA wipe down of the paint and seal it.
  3. Chewy

    Paint Correction Question

    It could be the oils in the products. Did you try some IPA on a MF towel?
  4. Chewy

    Who Makes It?

    Barrett Jackson has some nice cars, but IMO they're one of the lower end auction houses compared to MANY others out there. IMO, they're the WalMart of auction houses. Successful yes, but not the best quality.
  5. Over time yes! I too use shampoo diluted in a spray bottle
  6. Chewy

    waxing a gel coated camper

    Any Adams product will work! Just FYI: Stay away from anything containing silicone. MANY OTC products use it. This is why you'll see Marine specific products. They don't contain silicone. Thankfully, neither does Adams which are MUCH better than the OTC Marine products. Oh, Silicone will cause the gelcoat to turn yellow. No matter the color, it'll turn it a yellowish color. White of course is the worst.
  7. It's funny, but from the look of it, it's the exact same pump that's on my hair shampoo! I've used them for years and they've NEVER leaked.
  8. Chewy

    Cordless Drill

    If money is NO object, Metabo has the largest milliamp battery on the market by a large margin. They also have a great warranty.
  9. I use deep cleaner once a year, in the spring. THAT'S IT! I have NO need for it any other time of the year. I commonly use Adams Car Shampoo diluted in a spray bottle, but will use APC if I have a greasy or oily wheel. IMO, DWC is MUCH too expensive to use every time I wash and it's not needed in my instance.
  10. Chewy

    Edges from Old Vinyl Stripes

    Does your nail get caught in/on it?
  11. Chewy

    What did you do today?

    Met up with some friends for C&C and then some breakfast on Saturday. My cars 2015 maiden voyage. 32ºF, extreme summer tires and 500HP at the wheels makes for some fun times!
  12. Come up here in the winter and do it for me then!
  13. I like the whispering "soap soap" during the video! Nice touch!
  14. Chewy

    2009.5 G8 GXP Progress Thread

    A few more things completed! Installed the new chrome free arrow heads from gtog8ta.com and primed up the plugs to fill in the holes left behind from removing my front license plate. Just need to pull out the Flex, correcting and finishing polish and hit the spot where the plate once was and then I can put the plugs in. That's it for chrome on the car. It's now chrome free other than inside the head lights. lol Next, I have to install the hidden plate under the front. No need to draw any MORE unneeded attention. When at the car shows, I can tuck it back under the car and BAM! Clean lines once again! Chris
  15. I go though the local coin op touch washes with our DD's. Screw it... I don't have time to mess about anymore. My G8 gets ONLY the best treatment and is fully corrected, but my truck is gone after three years lease so I could care less. As long as it resembles the color white, I'm good. That being said, I AM amazed at the lack of swirls or fine scratches I'm seeing. I think it helps that it's only blow dried at the end so you don't have the 16 year old rubbing dirty cotton towels over the paint. It's by NO means as good as a two bucket wash, but it's better than nothing too.