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  1. DaleH

    Big thank you to Adam's for the ceramic spray

    Watched the livestream. The vid made the car look like a chrome wrap! Not bad for a bowtie!
  2. DaleH

    The two word game.

    session override
  3. Yup... just finished. It's beautiful. Made the black nice and deep. This is after polish before coating.
  4. Drivers side fender... Hard to take pics of black. Biggest problem I had was prematurely hitting the power switch on the Swirl Killer sending sling all over the car and the garage. Tire armor should be here this week to clean up the messy wheels.
  5. DaleH

    The two word game.

    correction fluid
  6. Yes, yes it is... Pic 1 - first sticker on my new toolcart. Pic 2 - reflection of said sticker and toolcart... Passenger door paint corrected in anticipation of ceramic coating this weekend.
  7. Blue oval lovin' Canadian living in Texas. I bought a Black Lincoln and the rest, as they say, is history.