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  1. Well.... My delivery just went from "out for delivery" to "no delivery scheduled". I'm guessing the FedEx truck smells really good.
  2. The truck is nice but I love the other SS in that reflection!
  3. Watching that vid reminded me of one of the most deflating details I've ever done. We went to a picnic with my wife's friend/hair dresser. She drove a black 4Runner that was all destroyed. White paint scuffs from getting too close to the garage door etc. Because my wife loves me and knows how much I enjoy fixing disasters she offered up my services in trade for a cut and color... I spent 8 hours getting that thing mint which was a total pain because it had at least three different paints that all took completely different combinations to get good results. All the swirls, scratches, and scuffs came out. It was beautiful. When they came to pick it up the ONLY thing they talked about was how good the plastics looked on the running boards. Even when my wife went to get her hair done that was all that she heard about. So moral of the story, the trim really makes an impression. Can't wait to see this end as a happy story. Good Luck DanIDT.
  4. I missed that one completely so can't compare it...
  5. It's supposed to smell fruity... I bought this release and the midnight release. That one smells like cologne. This one smells like... a fruity cologne.
  6. My wife picked something like this up for her makeup brushes. It's brilliant. Unfortunately it doesn't work for my brushes... Anybody seen anything like this for detail size brushes? Doesn't look too hard to engineer but don't want to reinvent the wheel...
  7. Absolutely. Especially since it proves that you did your job. Can't wait to hear the feedback on the coatings.
  8. It's never finished... just stop at some point and move on the next step... and there is always a next step... and then back to the start. That's one gorgeous Camaro. Keep sharing the journey.
  9. I'll let the experts go into more detail on how to fix this but water spotting is actually common with ceramic coatings...
  10. Thank you sir! I don't remember ever seeing the blue waffle pads. Good to know how these new ones compare.
  11. We didn't have blue pads before, unless you count the layer under the microfiber... Orange, White, Black, and Red. Just wondering how the blue compares to orange.
  12. $67.49 with discount. My total wasn't pretty either but it's all stuff that's either new or I'd be been holding off getting.
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