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  1. This is a close up of my convertible top after Ceramic Spray. Looks pretty close to 300 degrees... - Oh, and this is with car turned on, V8 rumbling away.
  2. Yup... You've successful identified a clear bug in the system. They should send you a check - or at least a Cinco DS or something.
  3. Exactly. Even some of the Detail Sprays smell better spraying that straight out of the bottle.
  4. you left out wash and wax... Now that I'm coated it's my preferred. Love the peachy smell.
  5. Dang! Love that Camaro! Welcome to the forum.
  6. DaleH

    The two word game.

    crashes website
  7. DaleH


    Another beautiful blue oval!
  8. Got a new toy... Shined it up... Then this happened, less than five minutes later....... God Bless Texas! But hey, check out those contact angles!!!
  9. https://www.instagram.com/p/BxbI0X4l0Vi/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link This one...
  10. Posted on Instagram is a video showing a convertible top that has had Ceramic Spray applied. In the very limited discussion it appears that the application involves just spraying it on and using 7-8 ounces for what looks like a regular sized top. One response said that they had tried it on a customers vehicle but didn't get the same result. (My guess is that they didn't connect the 7-8 oz info from the AdamsUnderground post but I could be wrong...) Any thoughts on what prep should look like before application?
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