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  1. Being a hero is fun, but I almost cried when we were standing in BestBuy looking at TV's and she said "are you sure this one is big enough?"
  2. So much this. I was blown away at the difference that the finish polish made on my black Lincoln...
  3. The level after that is when she starts asking you why you didn't the Pumpkin Spice kit while it was on the Flash sale...
  4. I used APC on mine. Followed with interior detail spray...
  5. The whole ceramics section is a moving target..... Every time I've gone there it's been different. Must be some A/B testing. That makes more sense.
  6. The pricing is... um... odd... 1 towel will cost you $4 A pack of 2 towels will cost you $10....???? and a 6 pack of towels is $18. I'm guessing that one was supposed to be $5, 2 $8, and 6 $18. But hey. So either get three singles or the six pack. Pretty affordable for applying ceramic.
  7. So much this. It's called detailing for a reason. I spent two hours Saturday just cleaning two steering wheels... It's kind of like painting the Golden State Bridge. Once you get to the end you start over...
  8. I always have and always will love chrome. Looks awesome!
  9. &*&^%*&^%*%%R$#$%^&* Missed it. Congrats to those that snagged them up.
  10. You can send them to Texas... I promise to keep them shiny.
  11. The fact that I can be the first to review tells me all I need to know... What you can do for a lot less is get a whole house filter from Home Depot for a lot less and get similar results.
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