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  1. No I had to use two of the Ultra Plush towels. I'm going to use the Jumbo one today and see how that goes. The SUV is ceramic coated so it does sheet off a lot of water, but I still have to use two Ultra Plush towels to get it completely dry.
  2. Hi, I purchased the limited (now discontinued I'm assuming) Jumbo Gray Double Plush towel and am wondering how good/safe it is for vehicles? It just arrived and I'm going to test it out and in the past I have been using the Ultra Plush towel for a while and it has worked great, but for my massive SUV I have to use two towels all the time to make sure it is completely dried. Just want to know if it's as soft and safe as the Ultra Plush or even better (I know it's a lot larger and that's fine as it will be used to dry large panels and I have smaller towels to work around emblems and door handles). I follow a strict two bucket wash method, I start with pre-rinse and then foam cannon with Adam's Ultra Foam Shampoo and after washing I use a detail spray prior to any towel touching the paint.
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