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  1. How is it not a scam, there was price on the site stating that the original price was 29.99. Where did that number come from is my main question. Because it doesn't even add up to the price of the towel and the detail spray combined. What would you call that O.o
  2. I find it weird that Adam's has these loyal customers and continues to scam them with these so called "deals". If you pay close attention, this combo's original price is 29.99 and is on sale for 27.99. The price for a double soft towel is 14.99 and the Valentine's detail spray is 12.99 by itself. If you do the math 12.99 + 14.99 is 27.98. With that being said, where did they get the number 29.99 from and how is it a sale if you can literally purchase both the towel and the detail spray for 1 cent cheaper than the 29.99 combo sale price? Really opens your mind to some questions like what else are they doing this with and did they really make only 2,000 units.. They launched this detail spray on a Monday and it is now Wednesday night. On Tuesday mid afternoon (a day after launch), they posted something on their instagram story claiming that there were only 500 left.. 1 full day later and its literally still on website up for grabs. I don't know guys... seems like they care more about our money rather than customer satisfaction and price point
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