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  1. Buttery Wax H20 Guard and Gloss Spray Wax Detail spray Regular Waterless and rinseless washes Can these be applied on top of the ceramic coating? Or do I NEED to use the other ceramic products?
  2. Its definitely on my list once I use up all of these products in my list. 😁 What ceramic coating did you use? Durango looks clean af👍👍. Anyone else wanna chime in on the best use of the products I bought above?
  3. I know the Leather Conditioner does for sure,I've done that. The Leather Cleaner tho? I'm not positive atm but ima say most likely. Seems like Adams individual products always serve a double purpose lol. I'm sure someone will chime in soon..
  4. Inside - Interior detailer Pumpkin Spice on most everything. Leather cleaner and then the Leather Conditioner for all leathers. Window cleaner on all glass. VRT on all the door trim seals. Cycle some Odor Neutralizer through the AC.
  5. So I've got a brand new vehicle,last one was Tboned and totalled a couple months ago. It came with a factory sealant so my washing routine was based off of that, established and good to go. With my new vehicle I opted out of the sealant this time because I wanted to get more hands on with Adam's various products and do more myself. So needless to say with the basic paint and clearcoat now, my washing and mostly exterior protection methods will be totally different and I need some opinions on the directions I should take now. I'll list below the products I recently purchased and hopefully you guys n gals will chime in on what's the best options for layering products,upkeep ect. Overall I wanna experiment and see what produces the best protection and shine! Thanks. Ceramic Paste Wax V1 Ceramic Boost Brilliant Glaze Buttery Wax H20 Guard and Gloss Spray Wax Pic of my new ride 2020 Dodge Durango GT Plus
  6. Strawberry detail spray scented ones are legit. Got grape coming as well. Hopefully they will release the leather Conditioner scented ones again. Another fav of mine is Chemical guys Stripper scent
  7. Quick question I bought some of the CPW V1 from the current Tent sale. Was thinking about buying one more. How.long will these be good for,how should I store them and any idea how much of the container would I use for a midsize SUV?
  8. LC is one of the most amazing scents,always look forward to using it. Bring on the air fresheners!!
  9. Picked up a bunch of grape,would love to try a leather one. Do they smell like the leather Conditioner?
  10. Okay thanks! I definitely would of bought that package if it were the Hydro. I'll jump once I can get it at 25% off as well as the power washer sprayer handle.
  11. Is the Foam cannon and mega foam package the same quality cannon as thier newest one Hydro pf22 just with a different bottle attachment?
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