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  1. Niiiiice,Leather Conditioner is my favorite Adams product,keeps my seats in excellent condition and smells so damn good. I use it on the leather headboard of my bed too,good ****!
  2. Use the Jumbo Gray Double Plush towel and a ultra plush for touchups on my Black Durango every wash and its been perfectly fine,no scratches or anything. Both are excellent towels.
  3. Definitely watermelon,it smells decent but damn the grape would have smelled so much better.
  4. Awe crap I didn't! Guess I'll give my girl those two. Why watermelon and not grape??
  5. Grabbed a few of those air fresheners as they are my favorite scents,now if we could get a tire shine scented one I'd be ecstatic.
  6. Okay thank you. Is there anything i can do to get that crud off without removing the sealant?
  7. Thanks for the information in here. Quick question if u may. My vehicle came with a sealant from the dealership. Is it true claying it now will rub that sealant off. I noticed lots of debris around the bottom of my car when washing today. Needs a good claying for sure.
  8. Would diluted VRT work for all my door/hood seals and exterior plastic trim? Or should I stick with full concentrate?
  9. Thanks! It does resemble Bruiser in the pics hmmm. It's called Crystal Black or something to that effect. It's got shiny little specks in the paint when you get up really close. Funny tho because it was between this one and a bruiser grey which has a very unique color. I chose this because It had all the features I wanted,if the bruiser had the same I would have bought it.
  10. Thnaks! Youre right,it feels great,grime be gone!.I almost look forward to it getting dirty as much as I like it clean as washing it is so fullfilling.
  11. Finally got to wash my ride after a long long winter. It hasent been properly been washed since last fall so I was excited to get er clean. This was my first time using Adams products and a pressure washer and I am just amazed to say the least. Thanks for all the info on here and thank you Adam for the great products. For the interior I used ID,Leather Cleaner and Leather Conditioner,waterless wash for the door jams. The exterior I used the blue shampoo,Detail spray,tire/rubber cleaner,wheel cleaner and tire shine and VRT for all the exterior plastic and door seals. I also sealed the windshield with Adams Glass sealant and cleaned all the windows with his glass cleaner. For towels I used every Adams towel to see what I liked best and for what. All worked really great. My neighbors saw me out there cleaning my ride so they started cleaning theirs. Anyways I saw them out there with new cars but using cheap towels,paper towels,dish soap ect. I offered one to try my Adams products but he refused, the rag and dish soap and his one bucket was all he needed on his brand new truck. I snickered,okay then. He cleaned the interior,tires,wheels,exterior and engine bay....but all with the same one rag and a bath towel to dry. Yikes. Needless to say Im the new wash king on the block,thanks Adams! Anyways here are some pics.. Before After MONEY SHOT
  12. Thanks for the compliment and input! Since I paid for it Ima let it ride for now,and I think it looks good personally. Looking forwards to it wearing off eventually so I can try Adams exterior products.
  13. Hello all Im pretty new to the forum and detailing in general. I got a new vehicle not to long ago and figured Id journey into the world of detailing it fully on my own. I have a few questions about detailing the exterior of my vehicle. SO a few things about my vehicle that will help you guys and gals direct me in the right direction on how to care for my SUV (Dodge Durango GT). First off when I purchased it I had them install/add their Mopar Mastershield Treatments which included a "clear bra" on the hood and door jams(to help prevent door dings), Mopar Mastershield Paint Sealant, and their Undercoat which covers inside the wheel wells,looks like gray "blanket"type material. I was told by the dealership not to use wax on the sealant and in 3 years I can get another recoat of the sealant free of charge. Im not sure why wax wouldnt be okay with this sealant. Anyways the few questions I have are 1.Do you guys think I could add any of the Adams exterior products in conjunction with this sealant of theirs and it be okay? Like the waxes,glazes,G&G ect... Link for sealant I believe ->https://www.amazon.com/Chrysler-Genuine-82212075-Paint-Sealant/dp/B00G6F6U84 2. How do I go about cleaning the clear bra parts. Wash and dry as normal,but can other products be used on them safely? 3. Being a new car I have read there is no reason to clay the vehicle yet. This true? And would it damage the sealant in question if I did? 4. Any tips for maintaining a black vehicle? And maintaining my sealant coating? Pics of my ride. Nothing applied besides the factory sealant. Shine and beading seems okay for stock. Do i need to apply anything more?
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