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  1. Taming the Dragon (318 turns in 11 miles) on our BMW R1200RT.
  2. Good looking car with amazing shine! People just do not believe what a product like Adam's can do for the finish of a vehicle. HELL, I DID NOT BELIEVE IT!! But it is true. If you use the right products in the right order you will constantly be questioned on the paint. I have heard it all. "That's not factory paint because white paint does not have depth. You cannot fool me, that's a custom paint job." Yea sure, go buy some Adam's products and come back and see me.
  3. I have to agree with the above. We are 6 for 6 in car shows and Adam's definitely has played a part in our success. This is from the show we attended last November. One of the spectators walked up and was looking the car up and down before asking, "Is that special paint? The car did not come from the factory with that paint did it? I have never seen a white car with depth in the finish!" I proceeded to tell him about the great Adam's products and that he should try some on his ride.
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