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  1. This is March 15th outside my parents condo in PA. Now at the beach March 15th the trees are in bloom and the daffodil's and the dogwoods are blooming. NO THANK YOU, been there froze in that.
  2. This is a picture of Devils Tower with my wife Susie and I on a motorcycle trip we took a few years ago. I think there was a movie made with it in it, not sure.
  3. I knew there was a reason I liked Dan (besides he owns an SS). I was born and raised in PA. Left as soon as I could to someplace that did not have snow on the ground 5-6 months a year. Love the beach ⛵
  4. It will be a couple of years but that was definitely on my travel list of things and places to see. I want to meet Dan in person since he has been a great help to me guiding me in the art of extreme shineology and another SS owner.
  5. Same here. Most of the US I have seen has been at 40,000 feet flying to another country.
  6. Hopefully I am retiring next year and going to see more of this wonderful country. Wife wants to see the Grand Canyon and I told her there is no hurry to see it since it is not finished yet!! I want to drive up Pikes Peak with our SS. Still so much more to see.
  7. If you liked that one I have more. Lower Falls, Yellowstone.
  8. Once you can accept the universe as matter expanding into nothing that is something. Then wearing stripes with plaid comes easy.
  9. Mabry Mill is a watermill located at milepost 176.2 of Blue Ridge Parkway in Floyd County, Virginia
  10. I love Brilliant Glaze. I think it is one of their best products💗
  11. Who said white is boring? Not me! Not RayS! Nice Ray
  12. When doing a complete detailing on a very large vehicle, do it over two days. Your body will thank you and trust me it will look better when finished. when you get tired you will get sloppy and start to cut corners just so you can finish. If you know you are going to take two days it turns out much better. For goodness sakes watch the video's. He made them for all of us that think we know how to detail😁
  13. I would really like to take all the credit unfortunately I have to thank Adam, his videos and his products.
  14. The thing was that the truck still ran good, had good oil pressure and never gave me a bit of trouble the entire time I have owned it. So why get rid of it because it was getting a little worn looking. $7,000.00 later a I had a brand new looking truck. No car payment, no increase in personal property tax and a really good looking truck. It was a no brainer to do.
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