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  1. Referring to Pan's video, though I have seen other videos on the CC with the same results You're correct on a premature conclusion, I'm not going to buy any product without seeing reviews on longevity
  2. After seeing that Bead Maker (composite sealant) holds up just about the same as Adam's Ceramic Coating for a fraction of the price.. Has anyone layered CB over it? (No offense Adams )
  3. Ahahaaa! That's funny, darn thief 😂😂
  4. Update: The Ceramic Boost smells like maraschino cherries!
  5. Hey if it's eco it can't be that bad 😉 Hesitated for a second but it didn't kill my nostrils when I got near it so I went for it haha!
  6. Pistachio huh 🤔 Interesting, doesn't smell like it but I'll roll with it 😂 l can already feel the detailing addiction overcoming me! I was hesitant to smell the Ceramic Boost, I thought it might be like the the CSC haha!
  7. I joined the Adam's detailing family with the most recent clear mystery bucket.I've been wanting to get some of their products for quite some time; I've just been waiting on some better weather. However.. Upon waking up at 6AM on a Wednesday morning, to an ad on the mystery bucket I couldn't not hop on it! Ordered it right then and there, albeit the site was going under maintenance and my card didn't process.. Didn't realize till 4 o'clock 😂 Reordered, getting the cheapest shipping.. And here it is Friday afternoon! And yes, it's been snowing nonstop. So much for waiting for better weather! So.. Here are my first impressions. Mystery Bucket: $69.99 + $6.51 Shipping It included: 5 gal Clear Bucket Snap-On Bucket Seat Lid Ultra Plush Drying Towel Interior Scrubbing Mit Single Soft Polishing Towel 16 oz. Eco Wheel Cleaner 16 oz. Eco All Purpose Cleaner 16 oz. Interior Detailer 16 oz. Ceramic Boost 16 oz. Car Shampoo 16 oz. Detail Spray x5 Spray Nozzles Now for the fun part, how it smells 👌🏼 The Eco Wheel Cleaner: Smells exactly like play doh. I just happen to like play doh. Eco All Purpose Cleaner: Not quite sure what it smells like but it definitely smells good. Kind of smells like some shampoo I got from Hastings years ago lol Interior Detailer: I think it smells like a minty Windex. Still smells good, it's intriguing.. I believe Adam said it was Eukalyptus Mint, though. Ceramic Boost: I have no idea what it smells like but it smells very familiar. Someone help me out! 😂 Car Shampoo: It smells like that Blueberry JellyBean shampoo. Also got that from Hastings, no regrets. Smells fantastic. Detail Spray: Probably the most well known smell on here that is arguably one of the best: Strawberry Banana. EDIT: Here's some pics
  8. Thanks Dan! Followed ya back!
  9. Thanks! We all know how much black loves dirt, can't wait for it to stop snowing! 🤣
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