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  1. I hope you're not serious, it's a joke lol 🙄 Unseen Circumstances
  2. Are we talking one even mist on the towel per panel or?
  3. My paint has water spots and sounds like sandpaper when I run my fingers across it. Heavily contaminated. What do you recommend I use to fix that?
  4. 12 replies and still no combos for me to try 😂 Sorry city boys I'm sticking with Subway for now
  5. I'm in a small town so the only subs we got are Subway, Jimmy Johns and the Delis in the grocery stores haha
  6. My new go-to: Italian Herbs & Cheese BMT Provolone (Not toasted) Lettuce Onion Black Olives Sweet Onion sauce
  7. Referring to Pan's video, though I have seen other videos on the CC with the same results You're correct on a premature conclusion, I'm not going to buy any product without seeing reviews on longevity
  8. After seeing that Bead Maker (composite sealant) holds up just about the same as Adam's Ceramic Coating for a fraction of the price.. Has anyone layered CB over it? (No offense Adams )
  9. Update: The Ceramic Boost smells like maraschino cherries!
  10. Hey if it's eco it can't be that bad 😉 Hesitated for a second but it didn't kill my nostrils when I got near it so I went for it haha!
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