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  1. I like using the All purpose interior cleaning gel. If Im reading this correctly, you're saying its a microfiber steering wheel? If so, I may consider using Microfiber Revitalizer?
  2. I have not replaced fully. I still really like Car Shampoo and Mega Foam... I also like Rinseless Wash alot, but I use Ceramic Waterless Wash very very often. It's one of my favorites. I use it as a waterless wash, I use it after a rinseless wash, and I use it as a drying aid after a normal bucket wash. You've got Ceramic Boost, and I would highly recommend Ceramic Waterless Wash, but I don't necessarily think it's vital for you to fully replace either of those products. Both are great and work well with ceramic coatings. All this to say, I don't think it's necessary to do a full discard and replace. Although, if are wanting to try out the new products, @falcaineer 's suggestion is a good one so you don't have to spend more money, just find somebody who is willing to do an even trade.
  3. Agreed with @TheWolf it’s great standalone protection. So you should have no issue. It has tendency to build up if you use it too often, so I normally keep it to about once a month. Also remember you can use it for your wheels to give them a bit of protection.
  4. Not a great picture but Air Force One made an appearance today at the office
  5. I have used it over ceramic spray coating and it worked well. I treated it the same as I would have if I were applying over sealed paint or bare paint
  6. It's highly recommended to decontaminate with clay bar and Iron remover, then polish to what level the vehicle needs (Revive Hand Polish is great is your finish is near perfect), and then Surface Prep, and then Ceramic Spray Coating I would recommend having multiple pads. Also with black paint, many people find it especially beneficial to follow the orange Correcting Polish with the white Finishing Polish and white pads.
  7. Hi Bret! Welcome! A good way for people to start and get new products to try out is to buy a mystery box. Currently Amazon has 5 to choose from. Essentially, you buy a box and don't know what you're getting, but Adams promises to send you More Retail Product Value than you paid for. https://www.amazon.com/Adams-Killer-Polishing-Detailing-Mystery/dp/B078475PHD?pf_rd_p=dd4f5b57-ba5b-418b-a348-64ec62df14cc&pd_rd_wg=OFMgt&pf_rd_r=TN1QKDWZR5WER1RH7TQH&ref_=pd_gw_cr_simh&pd_rd_w=1Po8j&pd_rd_r=6a60ac92-50a9-4db6-9df9-db528802689f&th=1 If you're looking for specific things I recommend starting with reading the threads posted above by @falcaineer and @stalebreadjr. Getting on Adam's youtube channel and watching some of their tutorial videos. A good started kit would be to have a good soap for cleaning (Car Shampoo), a good mitt or sponger (Microfiber Wash Mitt), some protection (H20 Guard and Gloss), and you can never have enough good microfiber towels (Towels). https://adamspolishes.com/products/adam-s-wash-protect-kit < That's a great starter kit.
  8. Great looking car. I'll hop on with the advice of going for the Ceramic Spray Coating. You also asked what to do after you polish for protection? Ceramic Spray Coating!!
  9. The Microfiber Pad will probably be the most bite you can. Also, if you don't have any luck by just switching the pads, you may need to step up your polish to the Heavy Correcting Compound or Sprayable Compound may be necessary. Unfortunately, it will probably just be up to you doing a test section, since your paint is unique to your vehicle and environment. @Dan@Adams May have some good input with his experience.
  10. I agree with both @SgtLip and @falcaineer You'll need (at minimum) a true decontamination step (IronRemover+Clay) and surface/coating prep step before applying the coating. Don't be afraid to use it on your glass or trim either!
  11. My father in law just bought an F150 and the dealership claimed that the paint was baked, which means it's ready for LSP. If you're accepting input, I recommend getting into the Ceramics. Ceramic Spray Coating is amazing and easy to use.. Especially as a trial before you commit to a full blown Ceramic Paint Coating. By the way congrats on the truck!
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