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  1. Its ultimately up to you - What process you like best. I encourage you to try them out and see wehat you like. When I was doing research, I found it very popular for the people in other countries, they like to do things in different orders than I've typically seen from people here in the US. (ie, foam first then rinse then bucket wash... another example is I saw in the UK somebody likes to do the body of the vehicle before the wheels and tires. That's opposite to how I like to do it and how the majority of detailers do it here in the US). I have been using a foam cannon for many months now, and I do it consistently the way you're saying all in one step. I foam the vehicle wait like 2-3 minutes, then I use my mitt which is in a bucket with car shampoo, and I hand wash.
  2. Lol I’m sorry! Just like to share the love. It’s a fun hobby. Also you don’t have to get it all at once get it in phases. But while you’re at it, check out some mystery items. Those are fun! either way is fine, I prefer to have the car foamed for extra lubrication. And I still do a bucket wash sometimes Two sometimes one depending on how dirty the vehicle is.
  3. Hi Josh! welcome to the forum! Let us know if you have any questions!
  4. Ray that looks great! Great pics and great job with the restoration Also, how good does it feel to make the owner happy enough to trust you with their new vehicle??
  5. Yes that should be fine. I put my hand in the stream of the pressure washer before I put it on my paint to get a feel for it. you should look into getting a foam cannon and some mega foam. It makes the experience so much more enjoyable and it’s safer on your paint by adding lubrication and allowing the initial foaming to remove dirt from the surface
  6. John, that looks like a great plan! Remember to take your time when polishing and do test spots with products before you go for it just to be sure you are happy with the results. and about your softener. That can make a huge difference in your washes and significantly reduce the risk of getting hard water spots.
  7. Welcome Daniel! Where in NC are you?
  8. I agree with @RayS he made some great suggestions. Door jamba may be a good idea to protect, but I would make protecting the exterior a priority since it’s exposed to the sun and road grime
  9. Waterless wash would be preferable. Because detail spray has a little bit of protection built in, but it should still work fine. Adam’s recommends using detail spray during the polishing process to prime your pads.
  10. Hey John, so what @Sandalwood was suggesting (I think) is using detail spray or waterless wash right before you get to work on the second day before you polish just to get rid of the dust that make have built up and give you a clean surface to polish.
  11. The polishing will depend on the condition of your paint. Always do a test spot (2x2 section on your hood works well) and start with the least aggressive (Revive Hand Polish). If you think you need something more aggressive move your way up (Finishing Polish -> Correcting Polish -> Heavy Correcting Compound) until you are satisfied with the results you're getting. This is to avoid cutting too much clear coat unnecessarily. Since your vehicle is new, the paint is more than likely in good condition, so you probably won't need more than the first two listed. See Adams Polishes youtube channel. They have great tutorials. They especially have great tutorials for paint correction. Yes of course, that would be a great idea! Just so you know you don't want to use Paint Sealant on any of the trim or glass - just on paint. Then you can use H20 GG on almost every exterior surface. I just did a white vehicle this weekend with paint sealant and followed up with H20 GG. It's going to look better than when you bought it. Here are some pics:
  12. Yes Clay/Polish/Protect is still applicable! So, I would recommend You buying one of the starter kits, something like this . I recommend you search and do some research on what kind of things you'll need but something like this is a good start. It has a bucket your wash media and soap, detail spray (what got me started) which is great and you can use as a clay lubricant with the clay provided, with a few towels and brushes. H20 Guard and Gloss is also included which was what I recommend you use for maintenence washes around once a month. It's truly an incredible product. Anyways, You for the actual process- 1. I always like to do tires and wheels since they are the dirtiest part of the car. and they make a big difference to keep shiny. 2. Wash thoroughly with the car shampoo 3. Use Iron Remover (This is to decontaminate your car, you'll be surprised all the junk that ends up embedded in your clear coat even with a new car. It's especially evident in white paint) 4. Use Clay bar with Detail Spray as lubricant 5. Polish if you choose to. Use Correcting Polish with Orange Hex Grip Pad or Finishing Polish with Orange Hex Grip Pad. Or use Revive Hand Polish 6. Apoply Paint Sealant
  13. Hi John! Welcome to the forum! You came to the right place! I agree with the Chevrolet dealership! Adam's is my favorite for sure. I want to recommend you looking into Sealants (Paint Sealant topped with H20 Guard and Gloss look awesome on white) or Ceramic Coatings (these look awesome on anything). Since you have limited time, it may help in the long run, since the protection is more robust and has much better longevity as compared to wax. I personally prefer ceramic coatings, I think they are the best protection on the market. They make future washes much easier and quicker, and its pretty simple to keep your car looking great! The only thing is the initial application will take effort and time, from then on, washing will be quicker because dirt and grime dont like to stick to the surface of a coating, and drying will be quicker since water also doesn't like to stick and will be flying off the vehicle like crazy. Please feel free to ask as many questions as you have, people on here are very responsive and willing to help! See the write up below for better information to help you decide what you may prefer.
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