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  1. Hi Marcus! This will be a great place to learn!
  2. That's great, you just saved me a step and like 20 minutes. lol Haha well we both learned we can skp that step. Good luck, I'm excited to see the finished product.
  3. Ahh I see, Thanks! Is there any concern for waterspots? Or does that just not matter since you're polishing anyways?
  4. This is a great thread. I just came across it. I have mainly been using RW diluted 1:15 also for a waterless wash. I think the smell is nice, and I love the results of wiping down after the initial wash. I havent made time to try it as it's intended rinseless method, although I hope to one of these days. Does anybody have any input to using this on a ceramic coated vehicle?
  5. Pretty good overall plan. A few suggestions: I have always rinsed after clay stage, and you probably will want to dry the car before applying finishing polish. As a general rule, be aware of how long your leave the vehicle with water on it. Water spots can show up so quickly and easily. I say this because I learned the hard way.. and am still learning the hard way lol I also have no experience with applying finishing polish. So I don't know if there's anything to watch out for when prepping or protecting on top of that. But my guess is that everything should be fine regarding that. Another general rule, if you're going to clean/protect wheels, make sure you do the cleaning of the wheels as the very first step in your whole process. And later in the process (probably after clay stage, if you decide to dry the car) you can use Ceramic Boost as a drying aid on the wheels (takes like 1/2 a spray per wheel) to get a nice shine and layer of protection on them.
  6. Welcome, Dan! The forum has been a very helpful tool for me. People are very nice and willing to help with any questions you may have.
  7. I'm curious if anybody has noticed any negative effects of using Ceramic Waterless Wash regularly. Any build up or high spots or hazing or anything weird.I'm thinking of transitioning from regular WW to Ceramic WW as a regular quick wash. The reason I ask is because I've read that it can be overkill or become redundant to use Si02 products on a surface. My experience so far with the Ceramic Waterless Wash has been only positive. I have used it regularly for about a month. Meaning, I probably averaged 1-2 Ceramic Waterless Washes per week, in between traditional washes on my coated vehicle. There was only one time that I found a small amount of streaks or high spots, which I blame on myself because I was in a hurry, and didn't go back over that spot with a clean and dry towel. So that's a user error. Also, they were easily removed the next time I washed my car. Otherwise, I have seen no negative effects of using it regularly - only quick high gloss and great waterbeading... but I wanted to hear anybody else's experience before I make the transition. Should I still keep both the regular WW and Ceramic WW and alternate them, as to avoid the risk of build up or redundancy?
  8. Totally understand. I like @shooterjgs suggestion of Ceramic Liquid Wax and Ceramic Boost, this is what I have been wanting to do to my wife's vehicle. Although when I was in your spot - interested in protection for the first time - I started with H20 G&G just by itself and was blown away by it. It's very easy to apply, and it works very well. Just be prepared to apply it Once every 3 - 4 weeks or so.
  9. Normally, use the glass towels that Ray posted to wipe off the glass sealant, glass cleaner, and the BG. There have been a few times where my glass towels were too wet or dirty, and I used https://adamspolishes.com/shop/accessories/microfiber-towels/adam-s-edgless-utility-towel.html to wipe off the BG from the inside of the windshield. That worked just fine.
  10. Yes! Correct thanks for clarifying. I meant those three (CC, PS, and CPW) are options to have as your base layer.
  11. Thought on Car Shampoo? Blue Berry or Berry something? Mystery DS ? Smells like skittles to me.
  12. Nice! So if you're expecting F11 Top coat like the all in one type of thing, you definitely want to take a look at Adam's Ceramic Waterless Wash, and get the half gallon. This product is amazing. However, I agree with Nick. Ceramic Waterless Wash will work best on a ceramic coated surface. See link from @Falcaineer. I would highly recommend a serious base of protection - Ceramic Coating (probably the most effective and most durable), Paint Sealant (should work nicely with good durability), Ceramic Paste Wax (If you can't quite get yourself to do the full ceramic coating process, this makes it a little easier and has decent duravililty).
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