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  1. Thanks everybody for the feedback! @GXPaycheck Thanks for mentioning the pipe insulation. I was going to ask if anybody is scared of any accidents. Just seems scary to put something so harsh so close to paint. I have an SUV, and I always have to open the door and use it as my step stool. But I have not had to polish yet. I have been imagining how difficult it would be to try to polish up there. I guess this would be the solution. I still wonder if I will be able to reach far enough even with the step stool lol.
  2. Are you talking about rinsless wash? Yes you can dilute it into clay lube. Dilute it into a spray bottle, I think the ratio can be as low as 1:64 for claylube and I would put in a spray bottle instead of a bucket to dunk in. Use the bucket method with a dilutions ratio of 1:128 ish and some Adams double soft towels and use that to actually wash your car. Dunk, wipe, flip towels and I tend not to put those back in the bucket, but use a new towel when the first one is soiled
  3. Yes! Hey I have a recommendation for you for December to February. Take a look at Rinseless Wash.. it’s really a great product. And again the ceramic waterless wash!
  4. Great questions- so your layering sounds like you did it right. One thing I want to point out, is to wait at least 4 hours after applying CSC before layering anything. Also the CWW is really really great. I don’t know if it’s fully necessary to use it as a “layer” after CB2, but it works amazing as a quick detailer and as a drying aid. in terms of HGG, it works better over a paint sealant than it does over the Ceramic Coating. I think you would want to use CB2 as your topper about once a month ish. Or that’s what people here seem to prefer. however I’m a huge fan of HGG it’s one of my favorites! It protects so well and looks so dang good!!
  5. Welcome to the forum! Feel free to ask the question here too... but yes I do believe I have seen some Adam’s Polishes answers
  6. I haven’t had any issues with Adams leather conditioner on my ventilated seats. No clogs or anything
  7. I noticed the new step stool was released. Is this the preferred method for roof cleaning/detailing? Just curious About people’s preferences!
  8. http://www.adamsforums.com/topic/27546-pro-tip-dilution-ratios/ this is for yhe old all purpose cleaner which should be a good guide still for the new one, until somebody takes a look and updates it.
  9. From my experience that a little bit of ceramic boost will go a long way. And I’m terms of dry/wet application. I think it’s a personal preference. The bottle has directions for both. i prefer wet to skip the drying step. And I apply once every 4-6 weeks. If you’re interested in a quick detailer that you can use every time you wash as a drying aid on a ceramic coated car, I would recommend Adams Ceramic Waterless Wash.
  10. I agree with @tlbullet ive has an awesome experience and it can get you started on a variety of products. Check out the mystery box page to see more mystery box testimonies! Awesome which ones did you end up ordering?
  11. That's really exciting. Please give us your thoughts on it!
  12. Speaking of... the Foam Cannon Kit is a lightning deal on Amazon
  13. Cant lose on this one. Pretty much get free gallon of shampoo and a Wash pad! Heres the link Also showing Iron Remover will be lightning deal at 3pm EST, I believe.
  14. I got a bottle of the All Purpose interior Cleaning Gel, but haven't used it yet. Have you found the cleaning gel effective on interior navigation screens? I have tried a few different things including DS because I think I remember a video where Adam recommends it. I still haven't found a very good product for the screens. My owners manual recommended glass cleaner, but it feels wrong to me. Any recommendations if the gel won't work for this?
  15. You're welcome. depending on your vehicle size and condition. This could be done in like 3 hours or so. Meaning if you skip the polishing stage, I think that will save a lot of time.
  16. Yes I think that the models are the MTM hydro (the cheaper one) and the MTM PF22 (the uniquely shaped, more expensive one) if you're interested in looking into them.
  17. I was under the impression that they were the same foam cannon. Manufactured by MTM just branded with Different logos i could be wrong
  18. Hi Car Geek. It takes a good bit of prep: using a clay bar and chemical decontamination and, likely polishing. and then you'll need to do a simple surface prep wipe down. Then the coating. I took about 7 - 8 hours to do two vehicles. Then that doesn't account for letting the coating cure for 24ish hours (meaning keep it untouched in a garage). This included thoroughly washing and cleaning the wheels, tires, trim, paint, and glass (Also, it was raining all that day so I was going much slower than normal). When I looked at prices they were wanting to charge about $800 - 1200 for the process and the coating. I probably spent $150 - 200 on all the products I used... AND I enjoyed the process. Adam's Ceramic Spray Coating is probably the easiest to apply Ceramic Coating on the market. and the Cure time is only 4 hours. I can find a post where I listed out my process...
  19. Hi There! Welcome to the Forum! What are you detailing? That's a good start! Did you get it from Amazon? my favorite chemicals from that kit are probably the detail spray and the H20 GG. Detail Spray is what got me started detailing. It's very versatile and leaves a very nice finish. Now I believe that every product on Adam's line has a place and a purpose. But I can try and point you to my most used/ most versatile products. Interior Products - Cleaning Interior Detailer is great, except its not the most powerful cleaner. So if you keep your interior pretty clean to begin with, you should be set. But if the interiors you work on are very dirty, I would suggest to use either the Leather and Interior Cleaner, or the All Purpose Interior Cleaning Gel. Both can be diluted, so I keep mine 1:1 with water. That way I save some money. If you have cloth seats, then I definitely suggest the Carper and Upholstery Cleaner Protection After I clean the interior, I like to follow up to add UV protection. Interior detailer has protection in it so you're set - I would follow up with Interior Detalier after the cleaning! There are other products on Adam's line for interior protection as well. Exterior Products - Cleaning Your car shampoo in the kit is extraordinary. I have found that sometimes when I'm in a pinch, or if its raining and my vehicle needs a clean, one of my favorite products is Rinseless Wash. RW can be used when you don't have access to water, so it was perfect for me living in an apartment. Also like I said above in a pinch, this takes like 30 minutes from set up to putting my towels in the washing machine (dependent on size of vehicle). You can use it as a spray waterless wash, or a clay lube, or a bucket rinseless wash, or a presoak before washing. There's a list of dilution ratios dependent on what task you need to accomplish. This is great for road trips! If you ever see some crazy build up of brake dust on your wheels that your Eco Wheel Cleaner or Eco All Purpose Cleaner won't take care of, I suggest Wheel Cleaner - Very powerful cleaner and will change color to show you the reaction with brake dust. I also dilute this one 1:1 to save some money. Protection You already have the H20 Guard and Gloss, which is one of my favorite products. It will seal your paint and glass, and leave your car with incredible gloss. Use it about once every 3 washes or 4-6 weeks, and it will protect your car very effectively. Also! Use it on your wheels to protect and shine your wheels! If you feel like you need something more, then take a look at Adam's Ceramic Line. (Ceramic Waterless Wash and Ceramic Spray Coating are my favorite) I do suggest you read through this write up (bottom of my post) to help you understand the different types of protection and what may be right for you... But honestly, I don't think you can go wrong with the H20 Guard and Gloss. If you read through to this point, thanks for sticking with me, and I'm excited to see your results!
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