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  1. Okay, good to know... Honestly I'd much prefer to get new clay vs something thats reusable. Good tip on the rinseless wash as well. So seems like for the glass getting the ADAM'S WINDSHIELD PROTECTION´╗┐ KIT and adding the Glass Sealant might be the way to go here.
  2. New Tesla Model 3, a lot of glass on this car. No sealants or glass prep has been done yet. Tesla says don't use rain-x on the windshield because of possible chatter (I wouldn't use Rain-X ever) but was looking to seal/protect the glass all around (including the windshield) Trying to make sense of the options from Adams: ADAM'S NEW CLEAR VISION GLASS KIT Adam's Tough Glass Towels Adam's Clay Mitt Adam's Aerosol Glass Cleaner Adam's 8oz Glass Boost ADAM'S WINDSHIELD PROTECTION KIT Glass Cleaner 16oz Glass Boost 8oz Microfiber Glass Cleaning Towels (2) Visco Clay Bar Refill Packet Seems like the major differences here are the clay mitt vs the clay bar.. Then there's the ADAM'S GLASS SEALANT which seems like it should be used before the boost but after the cleaner/clay... So in my mind, the order is: Clean/clay with either the mitt or the bar Sealant Boost And probably then use the boost during regular washes? Questions are: Kit with the mitt vs the clay bar -- worth the $25 difference My order of operations seem right Is there a kit I'm not seeing that has the Cleaner/Clay/Sealant/Boost/Towels all in one Thanks, Bill
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