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  1. What is the difference between Ceramic Paste Wax and Ceramic liquid wax besides the price?
  2. Has anyone used Adams Ceramic Wash and Coat? What was your experience with it? Worth it or not?
  3. Well I didn't make this up. If it happens again I will provide you with a picture to show you its not impossible.
  4. Its not streaky anymore. I went back and hit the areas agin with a MF. This product makes the coating so smooth and the shine is unbelievable. I thought ONR was good. this tops it. I only wish it came in gallon sizes. Hint Hint Adams!!
  5. I just tried Adams Ceramic WW and my SUV and it turned out beautiful . I did notice on the hood it was streaky. What did I do wrong to get the streaks? These are the steps that I did 1) Spray small sections of the vehicle, 2) wipe with a adams WW towel, 3)went back over the area with a double soft MF. Did I do something wrong?
  6. How long between applications of Tire Armor and how do you know when to re-apply?
  7. Should ceramic coating be clayed and if so how often and what do you suggest to lubricate the surface?
  8. Is HGG meant to be applied over a coating? If so what is the difference between applying HGG and applying Boost 2.0? Are they used to achieve different results?
  9. Is HGG H20 Guard and Gloss?If it is I didn't know you can apply that too ceramic coated vehicles. Is W&W waterless wash or Wash and Wax?
  10. Chris you mentioned the ceramic WW is moving into you top 5 adams. What are your other top4 adams if you don't mind me asking?
  11. Thanks Chris. Is it safe to say that the regular WW would be followed up with Boost? Does ceramic WW have any boost in it or does it need to be followed up with boost?
  12. I currently have ceramic coated vehicles. Can someone explain the difference between the three products Waterless Wash, Rinse Less Wash and Ceramic Waterless wash? Which ones you would use when? Which one you would suggest for my ceramic coated vehicle? I would use it for light cleaning of the vehicle and wipe downs between washes.
  13. What products cannot be left in the garage during the summer? My garage is heated during the winter so that isn't a problem.
  14. What is the difference between Boost 2.0 and the new Ceramic Boost or are they the same product in a newer bottle?
  15. Thanks Chris. Just hit the engine with both and closed the lid. We shall see in the morning how it turns out. I've used Meguiars hyper dressing before by spraying and closing the hood. Thanks for your help.
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