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  1. Ok appreciate the help. Had never seen a wax like that and was expecting more “paste”. I sill used it and the truck turned out awesome. Just checking...👍
  2. Just curious if It is normal for the Americana paste wax to become solid during storage? I bought it back in November of last year and just got around yesterday to using it. When I opened it it was solid and not what I’d have considered for a paste. I had to rub the applicator pad around the top of it a lot and it kinda started to become moist and then started to become flaky. Is this normal or is mine bad? I made sure to keep it inside of our house and not in our garage as it said store in a climate controlled area. Thought I’d ask and see what everyone else thoughts might be.
  3. Ok, appreciate the feedback. We want them to look good and be protected as long as possible. Thanks..
  4. I’ve been looking at the ceramic wheel coating for my truck for a while now but was curious if it was recommended or a good idea to use it on a new set of chrome trailer wheels we just picked up. We want to keep them looking great for a long time but obviously being on a trailer it won’t see regular use and spends lots of time sitting at our house. We only use it when we go on trips with our cars or like this summer we are helping my aunt move from Illinois to Florida. If it is recommended do we put a good coat of chrome polish on them first and then coat over that or does the surface have to
  5. Yeah I haven’t told her about those possibilities yet. Still stuff I wanna try first...lol.
  6. Yeah I hope to get some time off here soon and try out my new Americana wax and swirl killer I bought a few months back. Should get to see how they come out with what I have planned to do.
  7. So, I have been a long time lurker and been using Adams products for a little over a year now. I love most of them so far and have only had a couple I didn’t like. This is my ram and my wife’s charger. She thinks I’ve lost my mind with all the cleaning stuff but she still gets outside with me and helps me and has actually been leaning some proper techniques herself..lol.. Just thought I’d say hello and thanks for all the info while I’ve been lurking..👍
  8. @stalebreadjr First off truck looks amazing. 👍 Just a quick question. With that step stool were you able to reach the center of the roof, windshield, and back glass? I have to stand in the door of my Ram to get to them and really hate it. I can’t get in my bed either as I have a tonneau cover and can’t even reach the center of it against the cab. Just curious seeing as you have one what your experience was with it.
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