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  1. Ya know I’m sure the first time I do it the quandaries in my head 😫 will be answered 🤯 LoL I just figured why do even a small load?!?!
  2. Anyone hand wash their towels with warm water the MRB (do I even need suds??) I may be ignant as I have not done a load yet, (I only have 4 or 5 towels)but why not just hand wash in a bucket and then throw them over a line??? I realize some heat is needed to break down the wax particles in the towels, but if using appropriate warm water..... Thanks!! VolvoNutt
  3. I’m wondering if we might have a fore gleam of what will be on sale :-)??? Sorta of an amuse-bouche 🤤 if you will, to wet our appetite for those of us who might need some encouragement to get down to you. Just curious
  4. Ok, Ya I’ll let you know if I can make it happen!
  5. Holy Smokes I need to look into that!! Thank you soo much!! Absolutely worth a hour drive south to check the HQ out! Will call today, thank you so much!
  6. I don’t know where the appropriate place would be for this question, so I apologize if this is the wrong forum. I am new to your products and am looking forward to a long time of use. But as I get started, I am left pondering whether a Swirl King or really any DA polishing machine would be rentable by someone? Seems like a good idea, guys like me who would buff only once or twice a year could start their first time by renting the polisher. Would be happy to buy all the supplies/ pads, then have the supplies to use when you buy the same size machine next time. Am I crazy? Or just bite the bullet and buy the SK? I have an old school 10” buffer, the kind that uses the cotton bonnets. Wondering if I should use that on my black single stage 1984 Volvo?(until I can get a real polisher!) She has been garage kept her entire life, besides swirl marks the paint is outstanding in my opinion, for as old as she is!!!! I have owned her for one year and never waxed her, so the time is now!!
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