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  1. You guys have some great garages! I'm really new to detailing and just started to figure out what I need in March. So far this is what I have chosen for a set up. All I have been detailing is my truck, my wife's car, and my motorcycle. Between Youtube and this forum I've been learning lots. I use my garage as my workshop for various projects and it also has my gym in it so everything competes for space haha.
  2. Trevor


    Finally took some pictures after my latest wash yesterday. Snowing again this morning hahaha.
  3. Trevor


    For sure, I just need to wash it first. We had snow a couple inches of snow yesterday so its dirty again 😕
  4. Trevor


    I'm from Canada so it takes around 2 weeks for delivery. If I got it in days then I'd really be in trouble haha
  5. Trevor


    Hi, My name is Trevor, (Obviously haha). I'm new to Adams and detailing as a whole. My last truck had a Ming clear coat on it so I couldn't wax or polish it. Well, as it turns out Ming doesn't work and I had a bunch of rust through on all panels which ultimately made me sell it. I bought a new Midnight Edition Titan last month and am excited to keep it looking great. After a bunch of research I finally decided to choose Adams because of the reputation for quality and more importantly, customer service. That's already been put to the test when I was missing a product from one of my orders but they made it right in just minutes! I worried about my new addiction though, Ive already made three orders in just under a month haha
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