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  1. Trevor


    For sure, I just need to wash it first. We had snow a couple inches of snow yesterday so its dirty again 😕
  2. Trevor


    I'm from Canada so it takes around 2 weeks for delivery. If I got it in days then I'd really be in trouble haha
  3. Trevor


    Hi, My name is Trevor, (Obviously haha). I'm new to Adams and detailing as a whole. My last truck had a Ming clear coat on it so I couldn't wax or polish it. Well, as it turns out Ming doesn't work and I had a bunch of rust through on all panels which ultimately made me sell it. I bought a new Midnight Edition Titan last month and am excited to keep it looking great. After a bunch of research I finally decided to choose Adams because of the reputation for quality and more importantly, customer service. That's already been put to the test when I was missing a product from one of my orders but they made it right in just minutes! I worried about my new addiction though, Ive already made three orders in just under a month haha
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