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  1. so go with BG on top of coated vehicle instead of detail spray? or buttery wax on top of coated vehicle? I have actually been using HGG on my truck till I get a day or 2 to properly prepare for the ceramic coat.
  2. Thanks guys! maybe catch some of you "locals" at a show this year.I usually take my 87 Mazda B2600 but will probably show my Ram as well
  3. my wifes car is clay bar'd and contaminent free I was just using the CB way to much.
  4. how about following up with regular detai spray on top of WW like when at an all day show for a quick touch up?
  5. my wifes 18 Edge has the ceramic spray coating done about a month ago.I was using the Boost more like a detail spray I will stop doing that and go back to quick detail for my daily routine.thanks much
  6. Should I only be using Boost about once a month or as a daily detail spray? Bit confused as wether I should be using detail spray as my everyday detailer or maybe even go to ceramic waterless wash.I usually use my california duster then detail spray at this point however in another post I got lots of streaking with CB 2.0
  7. I used CB 2.0 on my wifes 2018 Ford Edge metallic blue and it is very streaked on the hood this morning....
  8. Just checking in from central Pa. My name is Jeff,57,have had my "Adams addiction" for about 2 years now.
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