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  1. Dan - Thank you! That is very helpful. I met you a couple of years ago at the Adams tent while at the NCM BASH. You were helpful then and you’re helpful again. Hope to see you guys there next year. Tell Adam to make it! πŸ˜„
  2. Brewder - I was a long time user of Zaino as well. I find Adams products to be as good, if not better than Zaino. Check out the YouTube videos that Adams have for some great advice. Welcome to the world of ceramics, too!
  3. I've been an avid Adams user for years now and I thought there used to be a lot of products to understand. It's one thing to understand what a product is good for, but another thing to find out what products are compatible with others, and are best when used together, etc. Now with all the new ceramic options, it's getting even more complicated. I think there are a lot of Adams customers that would love a guide on what products are best for various situations and what can or should be used with others. For example, I bought the Adams Ceramic UV coating kit (right befo
  4. I have a similar question, but let me take it a step further. I ceramic coated my car last month (used the "old" ceramic coating, as a month after I bought that kit they came out with the Graphene coating ). I recently purchased both the Graphene Ceramic Spray as well as the Graphene Detail Spray. Could I put a coating of the Graphene Ceramic Spray coating on over the current application of the previous Adams ceramic product? Would it be similar to just using Ceramic Boost? Or would you suggest not? And if so, could I then just use the Graphene Ceramic Detail Spray ongoing af
  5. I hope you guys at Adams are now only using the better supplier!
  6. Thanks, RayS! This is great information, with some new ideas I hadn't thought of before. My cars are relatively new so I don't think I'll need the more drastic approach, but good to know. I'd also like to see what everyone is doing for the inside of the windshield, if there are any unique ideas that work, as well. Thanks!
  7. I know there are a number of detailing experts on this forum so I thought I'd ask these questions to get your best recommendations on glass! Given all the available products to do different things for glass cleaning and protection, I'm sure many of you have tried various plans of attack and have found your "go-to" method. I realize that glass cleaner and claying no doubt will be the foundation for most things, but then what? Rain-X (ha)? Ceramic coating? What type? Maintenance? Q #1 - What is your recommendation for the best way to keep glass (mainly windshield) clean and pro
  8. OK, guys and girls. Spent all day Tuesday washing, decontaminating, polishing, prepping and then coating my car with Adams UV Ceramic coating. So far it looks great. Its been 48 hours - do most people put on a second coat? I've got 2/3 of the bottle of coating that says to use it up if opened over 30 days. Advice? Thanks in advance!
  9. What do you guys recommend to keep the engine bay looking clean and (somewhat) shiny?
  10. Last year I went through the process of prepping the car for an application using Adams ceramic paste on my car. The results were ok. This year I bought the new UV ceramic coating application and want to see if the results will be better. My main question is given my ceramic paste application last year, what would you recommend the prep process to be for the new coating? I'm guessing that the best would be to start all over, by stripping the old coating with dawn wash, polishing, claying, prepping the surface and then coat. But I wanted to hear from the experts on your thoughts. Fire aw
  11. I just bought the Adams Leather/Interior UV coating and finished the cleaning process and am ready to apply the coating. My question is whether there is a problem with applying the coating to perforated seats that are supposed to function as heating and cooling for the butt factor. I don't want to block the holes if that is what this product may do. I know its good for most everything else, but not sure if it will block the holes. I tried the 800# but no one answered and the mailbox was full. Any help would be appreciated!
  12. BRZN - you raise some good points, but your comment on Brilliant Glaze stripping off the ceramic has me concerned. I haven't had any rain since I've applied it so its hard to tell. I'll keep you guys posted when it does. But my next step may be the Glass Boost - any other suggestions?
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